Here's how you can text mindfully to strengthen your relationship

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Here's how you can text mindfully to strengthen your relationship

People may deny the power of meaningful texting in a relationship. But this plays a major role for the bond of partners, especially when they are dating in the initial stage. Good texts can help to make a good impression on your partner. It shows your smartness, confidence and style of approaching someone.

Since you can’t see each other’s face and expressions, texts can create misunderstanding between two people. Hence, you need to curate your text meticulously for both conveying your thinking and impressing partner. Here’s what you should know about the dynamics of texting in a relationship.

Texting in a relationship:

Texting improves relationship

Texting nice things to your partner can improve the relationship. A thoughtful message brings a smile on his or her face and can make their day. And this also makes them think about you constantly.

Over texting is a negative sign

While texting nice things is good for a bonding, nonstop texting is a warning sign. It shows that the person is clingy, needy and insecure. He or she needs attention every time.


Some partners may find it useful, but research says it’s better not to do it excessively. In-person intimacy is always better.

Common texting mistakes in a relationship

Avoid these mistakes from now on:

1.Don’t use texting as a way to deal with conflict. This will only make things worse. If there’s a problem, try to converse in person or over the phone so that the partner can hear your voice.

2.Don’t ask too many questions in the text as this may seem as an interrogation.

3.Avoid sending long conversations over text.

4.Never use text to argue with your partner. This will make things more complex. You can simply call hem for that.

Bottom line

If you don’t like certain types of texts from your partner, then talk to them about it. A one-to-one conversation will bring a huge difference and you will get to know your partner’s point of view.

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