Love Matters: Hilarious things men subconsciously do that make their girlfriends insecure

A woman may feel inadequate due to the some of the following things her boyfriend may subconsciously do.

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Despite the fact that women are believed to be rather complex, they only need basic things in a committed relationship. The vast majority of women value the little things. It's not so much about the grand gestures, like bookings made to jet off to Paris or a date on a yacht; even though they are greatly appreciated. Simple things like grabbing her hand in a crowd or nurturing her when she is ill are what it is all about. In a similar vein, she feels inadequate due to the some of the following things her boyfriend may subconsciously do.

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If your gaze strays perpetually

Do you still believe that the eyes are the window to the soul? That is a fact, though. The majority of women are quite picky about eye contact. When you give your girl your whole attention when she speaks, she'll feel respected and think you find her interesting, making her feel close to you as a result. When she is speaking, if your eyes start to stray, your mood instantly suffers. You're clearly not interested in her thoughts, so she's going to stop talking to you about them. If you frequently convey this feeling to her, you're subtly informing her that she's uninteresting.

Taking too long to revert to her worried texts

Any self-assured lady would experience insecurities if her partner never bothered to respond to her messages. She's not wanting you to respond immediately once she sends a text. But do show her you respect her by looking at your phone every so often, especially late at night when you've been drinking. Even if you're out enjoying life with the guys, a quick text will let her know you're still thinking of her. It's a different story, though, if she continues to text you each 6 minutes despite the fact that she is aware that you are busy.

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When you keep gushing about a woman

Your girlfriend will grow envious and a little bit suspicious if you continually bringing up girls, unless you're talking about your mother or a relative. If you haven't been paying her enough attention lately, this jealousy will worsen. Even though you're innocent and there's nothing else to it, this can give your girl some cause for concern.

The answer? Make sure you're paying your girlfriend extra attention if you continuously bringing up a female from work.

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