What Is the Role of a Husband in a Marriage to Make It Successful?

What's the role of a husband in a marriage to make it ever-lasting? Here are the duties of a husband, he should take care of to keep the marriage blissful.

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 Role of A Husband | Duties of A Husband To His Wife
Role of A Husband | Duties of A Husband To His Wife

Bonded by vows, the relationship between a husband and a wife is very pious and sacred. Their bond is inseparable, and true love always gives a couple a sense of security, respect, and affection. A husband and a wife share a very deep connection that needs to be worked upon daily to keep it strong. In a successful marriage, the role of a husband is equally important as a wife.

Gone are the days when men used to be the sole wage earners of the family, and women would manage household chores. But, in modern times, there are no clear-cut gender roles. 

As a husband, you have the responsibility to love your family unconditionally and protect them in all situations. If you are married or about to be engaged, it is best to know what is expected of you. Keep scrolling to know more!

Marriage is all about committing fully to your partner, supporting your beloved through thick and thin, and carrying all the responsibilities of this pure bond with love. Just like wives, husbands too have an important role to play in a marriage to make it successful.

There are times when they have to lead while sometimes they’ll have to take a backseat and let the woman of the house take the lead. Knowing the responsibilities of a husband can help you get into your married phase with ease. Below we have listed the various duties of the husband towards the wife to help the marriage run smoothly. 


The Role of a Husband: 15 Responsibilities He Should Take Care of

1. Take Lead

Take a lead as a role of a husband

As said above, husbands were considered to be the leader of the family in the earlier days as they used to be the breadwinner. They alone handled the financial responsibility of the family. Now women are also standing shoulder-to-shoulder with men in every field. But that doesn't mean that a man should not lead from the front at his home. One of the most important roles of a husband is to take charge of his responsibilities and do his duties religiously.

2. Have Patience

Have Patience as a role of a husband

A primary role of a husband is to be patient with his wife. Patience is the key to a healthy marriage, it is a virtue that will help you not only have a successful married life but achieve great heights in all spheres of your life.

After marriage, there can be days when your wife may be feeling low or nagging you, or maybe you don't like something about her. If you want happiness but have your mind filled with negativity, it can harm your bond with your wife.


Talk it out with her to know how she is feeling, and understand that she is an individual with her own set of unique characteristics, likes, and dislikes. Be considerate towards her feelings and avoid criticizing her in front of others. Be patient in your approach whenever and wherever possible.

3. Know Her Needs And Fulfill Them

Know Her Needs And Fulfill Them as a role of a husband

No matter what culture you follow, one of the important wedding vows is to fulfill each other's needs and wishes.Yes, the modern woman is independent and able to fulfill her needs and wishes, but as a husband, it is important that you know her dreams and wishes, and help her fulfill them.

For example, if she wants to build a career in architecture, and wishes to get enrolled in a course for better work opportunities, support her, and help her make her dreams come true.

4. Give Her a Sense of Independence

Give Her a Sense of Independence as a role of a husband

Yes, husband and wife are two bodies, one soul, but having a sense of independence is good for everybody's mental health. Some 'me-time' is always required to rejuvenate oneself and boost happiness. So, don't nag if she wants to go out with her friends, on a solo trip, or wants to be alone reading a book at home. One of the most important roles of a husband is to understand the wife and encourage her to be both emotionally and financially independent.


5. Be with Her Through Thick And Thin


Be with Her Through Thick And Thin as a role of a husband

Another crucial role of a husband is to always support his wife. Remember promising each other to be there in sickness and in health? The vow means that the husband and wife should be available for each other, in both good and bad times. It is often seen that after a few years of marriage, husbands start taking their wives for granted — the little things they used to do at the beginning of the relationship to keep it alive, they stop doing it.

If you too are doing something like this, avoid doing so and your relationship can blossom like never before. Whenever your wife needs you, be there for her.  Also, appreciate the efforts that she makes for you.

6. Maintain Work-life Balance

Maintain a Work-life Balance as a role of a husband

Work-life at times can become very hectic, but try not to bring your office problems home, or vent work-related anger at your wife. You can always talk about problems you are facing at work with your wife so that she understands what you are going through. 

Apart from that, once you have a kid, spending quality time with your spouse may sound like a tedious task. Couples are bombarded with so many roles and responsibilities when they become parents, that it is natural to focus more on the kid than your relationship with your wife. But, as time passes by, these feelings might result in loneliness and lovelessness. You must maintain the right balance between being a good husband and a father. 


Little things always make the difference in making your personal life happy, it's necessary for you to have to go out to make your wife feel special — plan a candlelight dinner at home, watch your favorite movie together and cuddle, and make her a meal.

There are various ways to rekindle the romance in your marriage after having a kid and giving time to both the baby and the wife.

7. Lend Her a Helping Hand

Lend Her a Helping Hand as a role of a husband

It is important to help your wife wherever and whenever necessary because it creates a sense of belonging, and also strengthens your bond with your wife. One of the duties of a husband is to help his wife with anything she needs. If she is late from work, tired, or sick, the husband should take the load off her.

A couple should divide their chores to ease out everything, and help each other out. Once your child is born, understand the child is your responsibility too, share a load of parenting, and then you'll not only be a great husband, but also the best father.

8. Communicate with Her

An important role of husbands is to talk with their wives regularly, because effective communication leads to more trust, builds a deep understanding, and helps a relationship to prosper.


Many times, it is seen that a couple stops talking to each other, as they are highly busy with their lives, and have a mundane routine every day. But, that doesn't mean you should stop communicating with your wife.

If you won't talk with each other, how will you know how the other person is feeling? You can talk about how your day was at work, what you had for lunch, etc., or about any random thing. The motive is to engage in communication and strengthen your bond with your wife.

Create an amicable environment where you can talk about each other's needs, duties and responsibilities openly with each other. Doing this will help you establish a relationship on a scale that you have never imagined.

9. Be Romantic

Be romantic as a role of a husband

Daily monotonous life can rob you of romance and happiness in a marriage. One of the major duties of a husband to his wife is to make her feel special from time to time. There are various romantic gestures you can try to make her feel loved and cherished — write down something for her, cook her a meal, take her out for a movie night, go on a trip with her, give her a massage — the list is endless.

These romantic gestures will pull you two closer together, and make you both fall in love with each other all over again.

10. Treat Her with Respect

Treat her with respect as a role of a husband

Another major role of a husband in married life is to respect his wife. You must understand that your wife is an individual with her own set of likes and dislikes. Even if you both have a difference of opinion, talk it out with dignity and avoid speaking in a negative tone.

It is okay if you want to go out, and she wants to stay back at home, respect her choice, and try to understand her point of view.  Moreover, your relationship with your wife is a private affair, so do not share your problems with others

It is the duty of a husband to treat his wife with dignity, both in private and public. Fights are part and parcel of life, but one should refrain from using harsh words and/or disrespecting each other during an argument. Your wife's dignity is a responsibility of yours too, give her respect and make your bond more lovable with each passing day.

11. Shower Her with Love

Shower with her love as a role of a husband

This goes without saying — without love, there is no relationship! Love, trust, and loyalty lay the foundation of marriage. Loving your wife unconditionally is one of the primary responsibilities of a husband.


As people say, love cannot be defined in words, yet, there are things you can do to make her feel loved — value her, respect her, make her laugh, praise her, help her with household chores, leave her a love note, there are infinite things you can do with your daily actions to make her feel loved and pampered.

12. Appreciate Her Efforts

Appreciate Her Efforts as a role of a husband

A relationship starts going downhill when the couple stops appreciating each other's efforts and starts ignoring everything their partner does for them.

'Thank You' is a polite word that's taught to everybody because not only does it make someone feel good, but saying it also builds trust with one another. Don't wait for a major thing to happen to praise her, appreciate her for the little things she does.

Is she great at baking a pie? Did she get appreciated at work? Praise her for anything and everything, and that will not only make her happy but also increase her love for you.

13. Value Her

A value her as a role of a husband

An important role of a husband in a marriage is to value her wife and be sincere in the relationship. Lies, manipulation, disloyalty, and disrespect can wreak havoc in your relationship. A good husband is always gentle with his wife, and never thinks of hurting her in any way. The way you behave with your wife speaks volumes about how much she means to you. Appreciate her presence in your life, and value everything she does for you for a blissful married life.

14. Take Note of Her Opinions

Take Note of Her Opinions as a role of a husband

Yes, marriage is a joint venture, but as a good husband, whenever you make any decision, you must take her opinion as well. She has an equal say in matters that concern you, your marriage, and your kids.

Even if you disagree with her thoughts, be a little considerate, and tell her why you think her way of thinking might not yield good results. But, make sure to give her opinions consideration, this shows that you value her and respect her.

15. Be There for Her Family

Be There for Her Family as a role of a husband

The role of a husband in married life is not just to take care of his wife, but also to be there for her family. Your wife's family is equally important as yours, make sure to be with them whenever they need you. Call them regularly, send them a gift on birthdays/anniversaries, and meet them to keep your wife and her parents happy.


What Are the Responsibilities of a Husband Toward His Wife During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a difficult time for a couple and a husband’s duty during this phase is to provide all support and care to his wife. 

First things first, it is important to educate yourself, knowing all about morning sickness, body aches, mood swings, etc. to understand what your wife is going through. Only when you get to know more about the process, you’ll be able to empathize with your wife and show her support and care. 

If your wife is going through morning sickness, be with her. Also, during this emotional and joyful phase, try your best to create a happy and positive environment 24*7. Encourage her to give time to her hobbies and do things she loves. 

Understand that this is the time when women need full support from their husbands in all matters — so be a little flexible and be at home whenever she needs you. 

Shower her with compliments to make her feel pampered. Last but not least, lend a helping hand to show her your support — cook for her, and lend a hand in household chores to take the burden off her. 

Remember, you don’t need to do out-of-the-box things to make your beloved feel special and cared for — just be a good listener, be there for her, and care for her to make her realize that you have her back always. 

What Is the Role of a Man as a Father?

Fatherhood comes with a lot of responsibilities and because parenting is not an easy task, you should be aware of your role as a father to make your child feel blessed and create an amicable environment at your home. 

As a father, you have to support your entire family. From making your child learn how to walk to helping them choose their majors — you have to be there for your child to help them make the right decision.

While kids should be pampered, as a father, you’ll have to understand that drawing a thin line between pampering and spoiling your child is important. As a father, you’ll need to build trust in your kids so that they can share everything with you while disciplining them. Remember, patience is the key when handling children — shower them with love and teach them good moral values to make their future bright and prosperous. 


Ways a Husband Can Show Love to His Wife

There are various ways a husband can show love and care to his wife, such as:

1. Communicate with her regularly to let her know you are there for her. 

2. Be a good listener — pay heed to what she is saying and remember little details of the conversation. 

3. Share cute love quotes with her to start her day with a smile. 

4. Thank her for everything she does for you. That will let her know you cherish her a lot. 

5. Support her ambitions and encourage her to do better — that will motivate her even more and she’ll feel blessed she has a hubby like you.


The role of a husband in nourishing a healthy relationship is pivotal. Actions speak louder than words — make sure to show your emotions and love towards your wife by respecting her and pampering her. Having said that, you should not overdo anything and become overwhelmed with the idea of being the ideal husband and a doting father. If you have any concerns, boundaries, or needs, that would help you raise a happy family, communicate it openly with your partner. True love can pass any hurdle, put in your best efforts, and they will for sure reflect in the relationship.

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What are a few things a husband should never do?
A husband should not abuse his wife, demotivate her, humiliate her, or demean her.

What are the expectations of a wife from her husband?
While everyone’s expectations from their spouses are different, most wives expect their husbands to be supportive, loving, caring, and loyal.

What are the characteristics of a disrespectful husband?
A disrespectful husband is one who humiliates his wife, yells at her, doesn’t listen to her, has no empathy, and isolates her.

Should husbands give money to their wives, especially when she is a housewife?
Yes, husbands should give money to their wives to take care of household and personal expenses.

What are some common misconceptions people have about the role of a husband?
One of the biggest misconceptions about the role and responsibility of a husband is that he always has to be the sole wage earner of the family and the decision maker. In modern times, the roles have changed and a wife can also be the bread-earner and decision-maker in the family.

What are the ways husbands can balance responsibilities as a spouse with other roles in their lives?
They should create a balance by communicating with their spouse, prioritizing their duties, and helping their wives whenever necessary.

What are some ways for husbands to manage stress?
They should eat a healthy diet, exercise, meditate, and give time to their hobbies to manage stress.

How can husbands resolve conflicts in a marriage in a respectful manner?
Conflicts and disagreements in a marriage can easily be managed by having direct communication, sharing your thoughts, and being open-minded without blaming your partner for anything.

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