Jessi Plastic Surgery: Here Is Everything You Need to Know

Take a closer look at the journey and experience of Jessi's plastic surgery. Discover why she took such a huge step and her statements about cosmetic procedures.

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Jessi Plastic Surgery
Jessi Plastic Surgery

Jessica Hyun-ju Ho, aka Jessi, is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter based in South Korea. Apart from her singing, this K-pop sensation is famous for her gorgeous, charismatic looks. While her musical journey and unapologetic attitude have been a topic of conversation, there has also been speculation and curiosity surrounding Jessi's plastic surgery and physical appearance. In South Korea, many people, including celebrities, often get plastic surgeries to boost their features and overall appeal. Even though some don't talk about it, Jessi is one of the few famous people who have openly spoken about her cosmetic surgeries and procedures. The actress has been upfront and truthful about her own experiences with cosmetic procedures, a topic that's often kept secret in the world of glamour and entertainment.

In a TV show, this New York-born rapper has addressed misunderstandings people have about her looks. Here, check out all the deets, speculations, and truths that revolve around this artist’s transformation. Let’s take a closer look at Jessi's journey in plastic surgery.

Who Is Jessi?

Jessi, whose full name is Jessica Hyun-ju Ho, is a New York-born singer and rapper. This K-pop sensation is famous for her music and often appears on TV shows in South Korea. Born on December 17, 1988, in New York, USA. Jessi has a solid and confident personality and is known to talk about any issue or matter openly.


The rapper started appearing on varied television programs, and that’s when she first gained fame in South Korea. Her participation in reality competition shows like Unpretty Rapstar boosted her presence among the audience and helped her build a fanbase. In October 2020, Jessi joined a girl group created on the TV show Hang Out with Yoo. Also, she used to be a member of two hip-hop groups called Uptown and Lucky J.


Over the years, her talent for creating music styles like hip-hop and pop has taken her towards stardom. Apart from her music career, Jessi has been a frequent guest on South Korean variety and talk shows. The rapper has also performed in various international events and concerts. Her unique style and confidence have made her a prominent personality in entertainment and television. 

K-pop Star Plastic Surgery: What kind of Procedure Did Jessi Undergo?

In an interview, Jessica Ho clarified that she underwent rhinoplasty, i.e., a nose job and double eyelid surgery. She also stated that she looked horrible after these cosmetic enhancements. In an episode of MBC's Radio Star, she said, "After the surgery, my face broke my heart. I instantly asked the surgeon to get rid of the stitches. After about a year, the swelling naturally settled down. Some asked me whether I had another surgery to tone down the swelling."

In another interview, the Korean celebrity further clarified that she took this big step when she moved to South Korea. This K-pop idol who had plastic surgery was living in New Jersey before she decided to undergo cosmetic procedures. However, after the surgery, she had many regrets. “I honestly regret undergoing plastic surgery. Before I debuted, my face was not photogenic at all. So, my management company suggested that I should get my eyes and nose fixed. But when I first saw my new face, I cried because I looked like a monster,” quoted from Allkpop. 

After a while, she revealed her procedure; Jessi again opened up on the same matter and said she is now pleased with her looks (without using fillers). She stated that people have been commenting about her physical appearance whenever she appears on TV or shares a picture of herself. To tackle fans' reactions, she said that getting older is one of the causes of her ever-changing looks. Besides that, the influence of plastic surgeries that she underwent in the past is yet another major reason for this. She had lip fillers five years ago and is trying to eliminate the same because it was just too much. She mentioned that she's tried different things before but now likes how she looks without them. She also acknowledged that no one is perfect, and neither is she.


K-pop Jessi’s Before And After Plastic Surgery Images

After Jessi shared her honest story, netizens went crazy and searched for pictures of Jessica before plastic surgery. They were surprised because when Jessi started her career, she looked very pretty and had a gentler and softer appearance compared to her current strong and bold appeal. Check out the photos to see and compare how much she has changed over the years!

Jessica Before Plastic Surgery

Jessica After Plastic Surgery

How has Jessi's Plastic Surgery Impacted Her Life?

The Jessi K-pop before surgery and her after looks are mind-blowing, and it seems complicated to believe that the person in the pictures is the same. When she started appearing on TV shows, she explained that she felt pressured to have these cosmetic enhancements because her career wasn't making headway. Her management agency wanted her to look more attractive. She hoped that her new look would bring success, but after the surgery, she felt disappointed and cried a lot. During the conversation in the interview, the 34-year-old singer said that now she keeps makeup as the 5th thing on her priority list. She has learned new techniques to make her lips appear fuller and plumper because the audience doesn’t like her lip augmentation process. Even though Jessi has discussed surgery before, people keep bringing it up when they speak to her. Especially even though she said she doesn't want to have more surgery, she's still getting some work done, and Jessi never hesitated to talk about it.


Fans And Doctors Reaction on Twitter to Jessi’s Plastic Surgery

Jessi’s plastic surgery quest and story have sparked various responses on Twitter. Some people admire her bravery in sharing her journey, mainly because not many actors or actresses discuss this topic. On the other hand, some were surprised by her transformation and thought she looked great before her surgery. However, others offered their support, saying she was beautiful before and remains so. Some even criticized her doctors and the procedures for her current appearance.


After all, Jessi's plastic surgery rumors have always been a hot topic in the entertainment industry. No matter how many times she has slammed the rumors, it seems like online trolls keep on trolling and brimming social media with a variety of comments. Her openness about her experiences with cosmetic procedures has shed light on the complexities and pressures faced by public figures in the entertainment industry. While the opinions and reactions of the fans and other famous personalities differ, Jessi’s newfound respect towards her physical appearance and her decision to never go through plastic surgery is much appreciated by her admirers. Make sure to be gentle with yourself, especially regarding your appearance. Jessi’s story inspires us to be confident in our skin, looks, and personality and carry ourselves with self-assuredness. 

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Does Jessi undergo a lip filler process?
Yes, she once took the lip augmentation procedure

Why did Jessi choose to get plastic surgery?
Jessi decided to have plastic surgery to enhance her appearance and also because of her career.

Has Jessi ever said that she regrets any of her plastic surgery procedures?
Yes, she was very disappointed with her looks after the surgery. She even cried for hours and got rid of the transformation as fast as she could.

Did Jessi notice any significant changes in her appearance due to plastic surgery?
Yes, there are noticeable changes in Jessi's appearance after the plastic surgery.

How has Jessi's plastic surgery impacted her career and public image?
Jessi's plastic surgery received a mix of responses from her fans.

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