Is Yona Of The Dawn Manga In It's Final Arc? Find Out

Yona of the Dawn manga has been around for 15 years now, and at last, it seems the manga is gearing up for its ending.

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Yona of the Dawn manga has been around for 15 years now
Yona of the Dawn (PC: Studio Pierrot, Crunchyroll)

Mizuho Kusanagi confirmed on Twitter that her manga, Yona of the Dawn, is in its final arc, following the news that the manga won the Rakuten Kobo e-Book Award 2024 in the Long Seller Comics Division. Yona of the Dawn is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Mizuho Kusanagi. It has been serialized in Hakusensha's shōjo manga magazine Hana to Yume since August 2009, with its chapters collected in forty-three tankōbon volumes as of February 2024.

The series is set in an East Asian fantasy world, notably a fictional kingdom called Kouka, which is made up of various regions and tribes. It is heavily inspired by and takes elements from Korean and Chinese cultures. The story follows Princess Yona, who flees her home after a coup d'état and embarks on a journey to save her kingdom.

Yona of the Dawn manga is in its final arc

Yona of the Dawn, a romantic drama that has been in print for 15 years, is finally preparing for its end. Creator Mizuho Kusanagi has confirmed that the manga's final arc has begun, and fans are eagerly anticipating its continuation.

The length of the arc remains uncertain, but with many loose ends to tie up, fans can expect plenty of exciting drama from the hit series. The creator's dedication to the romantic drama has earned it a loyal following over the past two decades.


Yona of the Dawn (PC: Studio Pierrot, Crunchyroll)

Yona of the Dawn, a popular romance series, began in August 2009 and has been a staple for Hakusensha ever since. In 2014, Studio Pierrot brought its anime adaptation to life, which received positive reviews. However, no second season was ordered. Manga readers hope a reboot will happen once the manga is complete. The anime is available on Crunchyroll, while the manga is published by Viz Media in English. 

The official synopsis of Yona of the Dawn states as,"Princess Yona lives an ideal life as the only princess of her kingdom. Doted on by her father, the king, and protected by her faithful guard Hak, she cherishes the time spent with the man she loves, Su-won. But everything changes on her 16th birthday when tragedy strikes her family! Yona reels from the shock of witnessing a loved one's murder and having to fight for her life. With Hak's help, she flees the palace and struggles to survive while evading her enemy's forces. But where will this displaced princess go when all the paths before her are uncertain?"


Exploring the plot of Yona of the Dawn 

The story of Yona of the Dawn takes place 2000 years ago in the fictional nation of Kouka, which was founded by the Crimson Dragon God. This deity descended from the Heavens in human form, becoming the Crimson Dragon King. Over time, humans forgot about their god and became corrupt, seeking power.

The Crimson Dragon King was eventually forced to fight against these power-hungry humans. Just as he was about to be killed and the world was on the brink of extinction, four other Dragon gods, imbued with dragon blood, joined his side as human warriors and helped him. After they cleared Kouka of evil, the Crimson Dragon King died.

The four Dragon warriors mourned his death and went their separate ways from his castle, leaving the country to develop over the centuries into five tribes: Sky, Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. As countless generations passed, this history evolved into a famous founding myth.


Yona of the Dawn (PC: Studio Pierrot, Crunchyroll)

2000 years later, the story commences with Yona, the sole princess of Kouka, ruled by her pacifistic father King Il under the Sky Tribe. Yona lives a lavish, sheltered life, unaware of the harrowing reality outside the walls of the Crimson Dragon Castle.

Her only friends are her bodyguard Hak, the general of the Wind Tribe, and Su-won, her crush of 10 years and the son of King Il's brother, Yu-hon. Contrary to this peaceful illusion, Kouka is once again on the verge of destruction and about to undergo a political upheaval.

A week before a party celebrating her sixteenth birthday, Su-won visits to pay tribute to her. Upon revealing her intention to someday marry him to her father, Yona is shocked and dismayed when King Il forbids her from choosing Su-won as a husband.

On the night of her 16th birthday party, Yona visits her father's chambers again, determined to change his mind. Instead, she walks in on Su-won driving a sword through King Il's chest, revealing that he has planned a coup d'état and will become Kouka's next King. Yona and Hak become fugitives and are forced to flee to Fuuga, the capital of the Wind Tribe.

Under the suggestion of Hak's adopted grandfather and former Wind Tribe General Son Mundok, Yona and Hak search for a priest who was expelled from the Sky Tribe capital by Su-won's father, Yu-hon. The priest tells Yona about the Crimson Dragon King and the four dragon warriors who unified the nation.


Guided by the founding myth, Yona begins a journey to find these dragon warriors in order to survive and save her country.

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