Roohi vs Mumbai Saga Four Day Box Office Comparison: A day wise breakdown between the two films

A day on day box office collection comparison between John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi's Mumbai Saga and Roohi starring Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao.
Roohi vs Mumbai Saga Four Day Box Office Comparison: A day wise breakdown between the two films Roohi vs Mumbai Saga Four Day Box Office Comparison: A day wise breakdown between the two films
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Mumbai Saga has recorded a 50-  53% drop in collections on Monday as compared to Friday, with collections in the range of Rs 1.25 to 1.30 crore, taking the four-day total to Rs 9.75 crore. The movie will cross the 10-crore mark on it’s fifth day, and the lifetime collections will be lower than expected, and a reason for that is also the spike in cases over the last week coupled with lockdown and night curfew in some parts of the country. Though the critic reviews were on the positive side, the audience feedback that we got was far off from the critic reviews, more on the mixed side and that’s also visible in the box-office trend of Mumbai Saga.

A better audience word of mouth, might have added a crore or two to the four-day total of the film, but that’s not the case. The mixed reports along-with rising covid cases has played a spoilt sport for Mumbai Saga, which might have done better otherwise in a better on-ground scenario. The film has stayed below Roohi during the opening weekend, even if we remove the benefit of Mahashivratri that the horror comedy got. The performance of Saga has put the industry on the back foot, pushing a lot of people to put on their thinking cap of postponing the release of their already announced films. It’s a case of sheer bad luck for the makers of Mumbai Saga, as their key market, Maharashtra has been worst hit by the pandemic. The biz would have been higher if not for the bad on-ground scenario, but one can’t deny the fact that even the film reports from the audience was not as encouraging as expected.

There are already chatters about some films contemplating on taking a direct to digital route, but we feel, it’s yet too early to take a call, as things are not as grey as they are projected to be. While it was a below average weekend for Mumbai Saga, Roohi on the other hand sustained and showed an upward trend at the box-office in its second weekend, collecting Rs 2.50 crore plus in the three-day weekend. While these numbers are no match to the pre-pandemic level, it’s still a signal that audience is stepping out to watch films on the big screen, even in the second week, if they really want to watch it. Ideally, a film like Roohi, would have crashed in second weekend due to competition from a bigger film like Mumbai Saga, but that has not happened.

This isn’t to say that Roohi collections are good or extra ordinary, but as compared to Mumbai Saga, it’s a much smaller film both in terms of budget and star-cast, and it managing to find a ground standing tall against all odds is a commendable feat. The anticipated lifetime collection of Roohi will be around Rs 25 crore, whereas Mumbai Saga depends on where it lands on second Friday, but seems to be targetting the 17 to 20 crore mark.

Day Wise Comparison Between Mumbai Saga and Roohi:

Thursday: NA vs 3 crore

Friday: 2.75 crore vs 2.15 crore

Saturday: 2.35 crore vs 3.40 crore

Sunday: 3.40 crore vs 3.75 crore

Monday: 1.25 crore vs 1.35 crore

Total: Rs 9.75 crore vs 9.30 crore (+ 3 crore on Thursday)

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