EXCLUSIVE: Ha Yoon Kyung talks love line in See You in My 19th Life, Extraordinary Attorney Woo role, more

Ha Yoon Kyung spoke to us in an exclusive chat about her recent role in the fantasy romance drama alongside Ahn Bo Hyun, Shin Hye Sun, and Ahn Dong Goo.

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Ha Yoon Kyung: courtesy of Studio Dragon
Ha Yoon Kyung: courtesy of Studio Dragon
Key Highlight
  • See You in My 19th Life's Ha Yoon Kyung talks about relationship with on-screen sister Shin Hye Sun
  • She reveals her thoughts on love for Yoon Cho Won in the show

South Korean actress Ha Yoon Kyung, is your neighborhood, friendly bear- in more ways than one. Taking on roles like that of Choi Suyeon in Extraordinary Attorney Woo who is a level-headed, good friend, alongside being a steadfast hardworking colleague, she’s moved on to the character of Yoon Cho Won in See You in My 19th Life who is a heartwarming and in need of a supporting shoulder herself. She has quickly obtained the favor of the internet over the last year thanks to her acting and wholesome personality, with many rooting for her great success.

Ha Yoon Kyung in See You in My 19th Life

The star essayed the role of Yoon Cho Won in the Studio Dragon-produced See You in My 19th Life. Yoon Cho Won is a landscape architect, in the fantasy romance drama led by Ahn Bo Hyun and Shin Hye Sun’s Moon Seo Ha and Ban Ji Eum respectively. Her character was the younger sister of Ban Ji Eum in her previous life when she was born as Yoo Joo Won. Over the course of the series, the two reconnect and figure out what life has in store for them this time around. Ha Yoon Kyung’s character also harbored a romantic interest in Ahn Dong Goo’s Ha Do Yoon who was not only Moon Seo Ha’s secretary but also his best friend and confidante. With the initial inclination towards a love triangle and the eventual reunion of the main characters taking place, we dive deep into Ha Yoon Kyung’s own thoughts on this complex storyline.


See You In My 19th Life poster: courtesy of Studio Dragon

Ha Yoon Kyung’s Interview

The See You in My 19th Life actor spoke to us in an exclusive chat post the premiere of the show and dished about being compared to her previously widely celebrated role of Choi Suyeon in Extraordinary Attorney Woo and her off-screen relationship with Shin Hye Sun.

What do you think about the concept of reincarnation? Have you ever personally felt that you were connected to someone in your current life?

Ha Yoon Kyung: I have never thought deeply enough about reincarnation in the past. But while preparing for this project, I had the thought that if reincarnation actually existed, it might serve as an opportunity to resolve some of the regrets we might have after living a short life and departing.

I don’t think I have ever felt connected to someone, but I tend to believe that even the lightest connections are all fate. That's why I cherish the connections that come into my life. In fact, I consider my current life and the people I love right now to be important, and I strive to be faithful to them. So, I've even imagined what kind of relationship I might have had with someone in a past life. (laughs)

If you were to describe Yoon Cho Won as an adjective (example ‘Spring Day's Sunshine’), what would it be?

Ha Yoon Kyung: She can be described as ‘Vitamin’. There are those people who make your day better and lift you up when you are down and exhausted. Cho Won is one of those people. She is generous and positive, and she fills you up with good energy, like vitamins.

While taking on this role were you at all worried that it would be compared to your previous roles? What made you choose this script?

Ha Yoon Kyung: Acting roles are often subjected to comparison, and while it's a natural part of the profession, I try not to dwell on it.

When there is even one reason to join in a project, I go for it. I chose this script because I thought Cho Won was a lovable, sweet character, and also an amazing director and many amazing actors joined in.


Ha Yoon Kyung: courtesy of Studio Dragon

From playing a doctor to a lawyer and now a landscape architect, what would you say has been the toughest to learn about? If not for acting, would you have picked one of these as your career?

Ha Yoon Kyung: Playing a doctor was most challenging. Medical terminologies were hard to memorize even after knowing the meanings, and there were also scenes of actual surgeries, which also made it difficult.

Dealing with human life feels like an enormous responsibility, so if I had to choose, I would go for being a landscape architect. Just having a single plant at home can change the atmosphere, and I think it would be truly enjoyable to engage in gardening and create transforming spaces through plant arrangements like in a terrarium.

The sibling relationship has been deeply touched in this show. What has your relationship with Shin Hye Sun been like?

Ha Yoon Kyung: We both have easy-going personalities, so we always shared our opinions honestly and enjoyed shooting. On the days we shot together, our hearts felt at ease, and just locking eyes with each other brought forth a tender affection. When we had emotional scenes, we would cry so much that our eyes would become swollen. (laughs) 

See You In My 19th Life poster: courtesy of Studio Dragon

While Ban Ji Eum is off to find her love, do you think Yoon Cho Won would also have a chance at finding someone she feels a deep connection with?

Ha Yoon Kyung: Cho Won is a person who is not calculative, and brave enough to express her feelings entirely. Some may think people like her are foolish or too sentimental, but I believe that the expression of unconditional love is what moves the opponent’s heart in the end. If someone were to miss out on Cho Won, wouldn’t that person be the foolish one? (laughs) I am certain that Cho Won will meet someone wonderful and experience a happy love!

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