EXCLUSIVE: Bharat producer Atul Agnihotri opens up on Priyanka Chopra's exit; Says she hasn't texted till now

Just 10 days before the shoot, Priyanka Chopra had informed Salman Khan that she won't be able to accommodate Bharat in her schedule. Producer Atul Agnihotri gives a detailed account of what followed after...
Atul Agnihotri breaks silence on Priyanka Chopra's decision to walk out of BharatBharat producer Atul Agnihotri opens up on Priyanka Chopra's exit; Says she hasn't texted till now
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By now, Salman Khan and Eid have become synonymous terms. Every June, a Bhai film is what gets the box office jingling with crores and fans celebrating. This year will be no different as the superstar gears up to release his next project Bharat. The first few promos and songs have been unveiled and all of it has received a huge thumbs up from the audiences. Recently, we caught up with Atul Agnihotri, who is the co-producer of the film and has put the entire thing together and discussed about the film, the turmoil they went through when they found out that their lead heroine had walked out of the film. 
The film was initially going to reunite Salman with his Salaam-e-Ishq co-star Priyanka Chopra. Everyone was excited since the two actors haven't been seen sharing screen space since a long time now. But all of it seemed too good to be true. PeeCee decided to stage a walkout from the film, citing personal reasons, days before she was supposed to begin filming for it. From what we hear, it was Priyanka who had spoken to Ali and insisted on doing the movie, but 10 days before the Malta schedule, she broke the news of her impending marriage to Arpita Khan Sharma and then subsequently to Salman and informed them that she won't be able to play the part anymore. 
We happened to be present on the sets the day this news broke, but contrary to how people would think it would have been, the entire crew wasn't stressed at all. Atul recalls the day and tells us, "As a producer, I face challenges everyday. What you have seen or heard of is one of those. Some challenges are small and tiring, while some are big but quick to solve. I can't be thinking that I'll be sipping tea and coffee and everything will go my way. That's not going to happen because we are dealing with human beings who are instinctive and impulsive. It was a part of the movie coming together. But Bharat seemed to have a mind of its own. The way things happened, we don't have any regrets."


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Atul also adds that he was indeed happier when Katrina Kaif was brought on-board. "Personally, my choice for the film was always Katrina, even when we were discussing whom to cast. The director's take was different - Ali wanted Priyanka," he continues. "So for me, when Katrina came back in the project, it wasn't a setback in my head. I felt it was meant to happen. I'm consciously trying to cater to Bhai's fan base and there's a certain responsibility on me because it's an Eid release. I feel with Salman bhai, nobody looks better than Katrina. There couldn't have been a better time than making a film like Bharat. It's meant to be for them. Everything felt like a setback for a few minutes, but we were never facing a big roadblock."

Talking about the Zero heroine, Atul says, "Katrina is a friend of us all. She was aware of everything. It was extremely thoughtful of her to not ask a single question when we went to her for the film. That is true professionalism. She was motivated right from the start and her intention was pure towards the film. She was determined to give a very special performance in the film and I think this is her finest so far."
Has Piggy Chops got back to him? Atul rues, "Priyanka still hasn't texted me. She never spoke to me about walking out of Bharat. It was a message I received on the set. I was like, 'It's okay, yeh ho gaya. But let's now fix it'. The news came to me via people." But the producer who is known to be an understanding person, adds, "I understand she was getting married and was in love. So, it's okay because that's the bigger decision of her life. Of course, it's great to discover and find love and it's even better to marry the person you love. I wish her all the best for her life. That one day, I could have felt a little different, but at the end of it, when you see things from the hindsight, it's fine."
Did Priyanka's walkout hurt, given that she is also a family friend, we ask. Pat comes his response, "It doesn't hurt. But it upsets your planning. It's a Salman Khan film so the timing of the information left us a little unsettled for a bit. But we are fortunate to have friends and supporters who know that our only intention is to make a great film. Whoever saw that and came on-board, their contribution is priceless. It can't be reciprocated in words," Atul signed off with a smile.

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have you seen Priyanka? She is literally a bloated middle-aged woman old enough to be a grandmother

Big fat mamas PR on a roll again here...Lol

God Chopra! Give us a break with your self defending comments here. No one believes in a come back for you in Bollywood. You only can't get over this fact so you have to insult other actresses/actors and directors. All these same dumb comments only confirm your desperation. Take your new career as a scarecrow in the States and leave us alone. Cheers darling!

Salman is forgiven for things that are not even small. And you idiot cannot even a forgive for a text message. Heights of stupidity and ignorance. Double standards, get a life Atul, back off and concentrate on movies rather than this kind of fit for nothing bullsh@@ talk !

The fact that they're harping on and on about Priyanka suggests that they don't have faith in their movie and once it flops they'll blame PC leaving it.

Let it go. These middle-aged men acting like obsessive crazy exes.

Someone as rightly said.. no need for revenge... just sit back n watch those who hurt you screw themselves.. lmao tht is Wht Priyanka is doing rightnow.. keep going team bharat n tht Flopino actor n nobody atul agnihotri. At this point they are just exposing themselves with each IV where they use her name for publicity.. Go on n go off. Tell me wht was atul's career before he married Salman's sister. He shud everyday thank his wife for marrying him cos without her he wudnt have salman in his movies & anyone even receiving his calls in the industry. Also without Bharat, PC is still working and making movies n tht too doing bollywood films. thtz the difference. She has a career without salman while Atul wudnt !! also he can keep waiting for Pri's text but his irrelevant ass wont get any. LOL

What a egoistic moron !!!He needs to move on. Why do u expect a text ! Your movie is releasing, just be happy

oh my God please leave this topic already. and all the haters are nothing and they will be just haters who lovesss to hate priyanka because she is not afraid of salman and why she is getting hate for her affair with shahrukh? i have never seen some one trolling shahrukh khan as badly as priyanka. wo bhi barabar ka hiseydar tha

Whenever kareena leaves out from a movie it is discussed indefinitely by the same people who now support Priyanka Chopra and asks why is she leaving Bharat discussed. Double standards.

Hi kareena. Don't compare yourself and Priyanka. She was in your league 10 years back. After that you were just a 15 mins item girl in khan's films. Priyanka is a global and self made star unlike you who is just doing shitty Bollywood films.

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you people are all dumb with nothing intelligent to say! Priyanka is not done with Bollywood yet, friends!!

Bharat would have done wonders to PC career, she should have got married a little later but no she wanted to compete with DP and Ranveer Singh and take it away fom theor marriage.. WHta a loser PC, Manipulations alwyas dont work, First you got a silly Nick who definitely doesnt look good with you tkae it or leave it. Your Team PC is barbaa, out of work and full of crap.. Go get a life pf your own Team PC. PC doesnt give a damn about you all. An no matter how hard you guys try no one in Bollywood and now in Hollywood like her, Bindi or no bindi

SMH! Katrina was doing the film and them she had to pull out for whatever reason, it wasn't a big deal, Priyanka was then offered the film BECAUSE of ALI. Then Ali came out and said the reason as to why she (Priyanka) will not be able to do the movie anymore. But then yall turn around and make it seem like something it is not. Yall hate Priyanka so much that any thing negative written about her is like breathing for yall. Priyanka is no longer doing doing the film Katrina is, the movie is done, wishing all people involved all the best. BUT MOVE ON!

They take Priyankas name to promote their film? How stupid are you? She is the most unpopular actress in Bollywood. Salman will do a hell of ruining his movie with her name! Thx PV

GOD, these desperate PC fans again. Lame,boring,desperate,insecure and liars all of them.

Salman fans can never digest the fact that a heroine left old Bhai.Be it Aishwarya or Priyanka. Anyday Priyanka is more talented than the whole crew of Bharat. Stop bringing her. Salman Buddha sucks, my foot.

yeah right, why she begged if she doesnt care about buddha salman, and then run away for bachaa

Actress walks out EGO HURT so Bhai will do anything to bring her down.

Move on guys! Things happen...people sometimes change their life path... She had her personal reasons...what's the BIG deal???

Bharat team could ask interviewers not to ask about Priyanka but it’s pretty clear they’re using her name to promote the film. Nothing gets them as much buzz for bharat than Priyanka.

Atul is that jobless jija of Salman right? He’s taking his fake producer tag too seriously. Why would Priyanka call or text him? Lol

Yes .Atul is jobless. Salman feeds him by producing films. Atul is a benami producer.

Priyanka doesn’t care about this stupid movie or you 3rd rate producer. Get over it Atul

Of course, that`s why she begged months on Salmans sister Arpita to get this film. Take your facts right. Glad they kicked her out of Bollywood finally. Now she can earn her money as a scarecrow in the States. Best example was her MET outfit...LOL

Any which way you want to cut it, it was unprofessional of her. Period

So basically either they know the film will be a flop... or they know taking Katrina on was a huge mistake as she literally does nothing out of the box...ever. so film is going to flop let's put the blame on Priyanka in advance. By the way how many hits has Atul had so far!!!

How in the world these men of film Bharat are still talking about Priyanka? They don’t seem to get over her. If they are happy with Katrina, they wouldn’t still talk about Priyanka. Is it the fact that she walked out of Salman is the one they can’t digest or walk out of film? Many heroines walk out of films, but no one seems to be hung up like these people. Salman never misses the chance to poke at Priyanka, nor his team. Guys, get over Priyanka. She may be in professional but you found Katrina. If you are happy with her performance and respect Katrina for filling in at last minute, don’t discuss about Priyanka. We forgot that she walked out of your film, you do same.

It's Priyankas PR who constantly warms up this old crap. Only to bring this jobless woman into the news!

They are STILL yapping on about Priyanka. Interesting how they are all whatever Katrina came in, it's fine WHILE its obvious they were super disappointed with Priyanka walking out. They just cant stop mentioning her name.

Salman Khan is a scumbag and a criminal. He is an obnoxious, arrogant man who deserves no adulation.

Priyanka is a famous hungry woman who destroyed a happy family to get her goal. All alleged "achievements" supported by married men. Same caliber!

Despo opportunist...

Despo homebreaker...

It's Kat not PC.

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