EXCLUSIVE: Birthday girl Madhuri Dixit opens up on being a mother and life with her sons

Madhuri Dixit has ruled the roost in the '90s with her million dollar smile. On her 52nd birthday, here's presenting the other side to our lovely dancing diva.
Madhuri Dixit talks about her relationship with her two kids Birthday girl Madhuri Dixit opens up on being a mother and life with her sons
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Madhuri Dixit has played several roles with aplomb on screen. But the one that's closest to her heart is not a character she has played on screen, but her real life role of being a mother to her two sons Arin and Raayan Nene. The Bollywood diva is not only a true testament to how a fantastic artist should be like, but she's also a great example to all mothers out there. Today, as she turns 52, she discusses her life with her two kids and how she tries her hand at being a modern day parent. 

She tells us that she and her sons are more like 'friends'. "We discuss everything - from what happens in school to what's going on in their lives. We talk about everything under the sun. We're more like friends to them, but I have always maintained that I'm a mother too. One has to be open for a give and take. You need to listen to them to understand what's going on." Arin and Raayan also love the classic movies that MD has been a part of. She smiles, "That day, my kid was telling me he wants to learn hip hop. 'Have you done hip hop?' he asked me. I asked him to watch Que Sara Sara and they found it really cool. It was nice. They keep watching my films as and when they get time and it's on TV. They have a few favourites which keep changing each time."

Now that they are both teenagers, we are curious to know if they also have an opinion on the kind of projects she takes up. Pat comes the response from Mads. "My kids are too young to ask them about what films I should be doing. Something had happened and I was thinking maybe I shouldn't because I thought what if I can't pull it off. But then, my younger one said, 'Mom you're an actress. You should be able to do any kind of role'," she giggles. The Kalank actress adds, "They are also very open and educated. Kids know so much nowadays and it's amazing to see the kind of information they have. They will sit and analyse a whole movie. They would say things like 'Why would they do it?' and 'There are too many sub plots'. When we were kids, we would just go and watch a film and clap. Today, thanks to my kids, I know I'm catering to that kind of audience who's much more informed. You need to keep up with the times." 


Dr Nene is working anywhere? Heared there was a legal suit against him in the US also madhuri wanted to act in movies.

Did your teenagers kids watch the DAYAWAN show them then they will sit and analyse a whole movie because they are open and educated

She has given so much to Indian Cinema. Actresses these days do not have the same jhalak as Madhvi. Happy Birthday.

She made the right move at the right time by leaving Sanjay. Regardless, she deserves happiness and peace.

The husband is smart. Bollywood still pays far more than a renowned doctor gets paid in the US. More so, he can practise anywhere bringing international experience with him. She can only act in Bollywood, at the end of the day, it's a win-win for everyone. They have access to luxury in India that they can never have in US mainly when it comes to helpers. They can afford drivers and 20 helpers in India but will have to do everything by themselves in US.

Its depends if you want that kind of lifestyle. Some people may not like having people around and prefer doing their own thing, not everyone cares about living a lavish lifestyle, nowadays the concept of minimalism is on the rise where you only have basic things with you to keep life simple

Nice analysis. Could you tell me how cheap drivers and helpers are in India. Like the cost of employing them. Cos its not possible in my country

she got really lucky in the family department. Dr. Nene sounds like a keeper.

Wish you very happy birthday Madhuri !!! Keep Shining..

At least she did not steal somebody’s family to build her familylife, like some actresses from Bollywood

She isn’t a saint either! She was with Sanjay Dutt when he was still married to Richa Sharma and she sick. MD conveniently dumped him after bomb blasts case. #pot kettle black!

Ha ha well said!

Happy birthday gorgeous madhuri dixit

poor kids and husband uprooted from Colorado to Mumbai--- for what
to relaunch her acting carrier. selfish.

Probably to enjoy her wealth, perks that come with being celebrity?

She moved to India as her parents were growing older. I’m sure it was a family decision and opened new opportunities to learn and grow for them all, and to take care of her parents. Why so judge others decisions? Even if they’d moved to India for her career, what was wrong with it?

Actually her husband was happy to come to India and during growing up years of the children many NRIs prefer to be in India to be closer to parents or extended family..

So amazing!

Gorgeous, charming and graceful

Gorgeous woman

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