EXCLUSIVE - Here's why Saif Ali Khan's children Sara-Ibrahim did NOT attend Taimur’s birthday party in Pataudi

Taimur Ali Khan celebrated his first birthday in Pataudi.
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While Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor celebrated their baby Taimur Ali Khan’s first birthday (December 20) in Pataudi last week with an elaborate theme-base and food menu, two people were conspicuous by their absence there – Saif’s daughter Sara and son Ibrahim (from his first marriage to Amrita Singh).

Says a source, “Both Saif and Sara are close to Kareena and are often seen partying with Saif and Kareena at their Bandra home, so when Sara and Ibrahim didn’t attend the birthday bash in Pataudi, it took many in B-Town by surprise. Both were spotted at their gyms the whole of last week as they didn’t fly down to Pataudi. But before people start thinking there’s a rift between the brother-sister duo and Saif and Kareena, they will be wrong. Fact is, Sara was prepping with the Kedarnath crew as she has been continuously shooting for the film for over two weeks now. While Taimur’s birthday was on December 20, her schedule was for the next few days after that and her director had wanted Sara to stay back for some workshops. It's a challenging film and Sara is completely focusing on her debut film now.”

They spent some time with their mother Amrita too. The source adds, “Ibrahim is in town on his Christmas vacay as he’s been pursuing further studies in London and he too decided to stay back with his sister in Mumbai as they are very close and spend some time with her. Both Sara and her brother are very close to Saif and Kareena and adore Taimur so if they skipped the bash at Pataudi there is nothing more to read into it.”

Kareena’s sister Karisma Kapoor with her children Kiaan Raj Kapoor and Samaira Kapoor, parents Randhir Kapoor and Babita Kapoor and cousin Karan Kapoor were present at Taimur’s party in Pataudi along with Saif’s mother Sharmila Tagore and sister Soha Ali Khan with husband Kunal Kemmu and their daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu. Kareena’s BFF Amrita Arora Ladak was also present at the do with husband Shakeel Ladak and their sons.

While Sara and Ibrahim couldn’t attend Taimur’s birthday in Pataudi, both were present at Saif and Kareena’s Christmas gettogether on Sunday night. The couple had thrown the intimate bash for their family members at their Bandra residence in Mumbai. Apart from Sara and Ibrahim, it was also attended by Karisma, Sandeep Toshniwal, Soha and Kunal.


Everyone from Ravi shastri to vinod khanna dumped Amrita, who was quite a player in her times. She didn't get commitment to marry from any. When she saw Saif, she seduced him and Saif needed a mentor to guide him in making a career, so he willingly became bakra. Obviously parents would be upset! I would if my young son marrys like this. Still Sharmila praised Amrita for stabilizing her wayward, good for nothing son.

Get help dear........get help.

Its Mansoor Ali Khan Patuadi's not accepting Amrita right away that created this discomfort for her, her kids forever. The issue's they have is with their father and his family not Kareena........she came into his life way later.

Its Mansoor Ali Khan Patuadi's not accepting Amrita right away that created this discomfort for her, her kids forever. The issue's they have is with their father and his family not Kareena........she came into his life way later.

They didn't arrange the Party in Mumbai just to avoid the comparison and competition between aradhya, adira's extravaganza and Taimur' s regular birthday party...the former two have sprawling bunglows to host grand parties whereas Kareena lives in an apartment...apparently they had to rush to pataudi.....

saba soha kunal sara ibrahim ... all these close members were absent

Seriously!? This is so sad, why do people make issues out of nothing!? These are normal people too and so what if they could not make it to the party?, that's their personal issue. Kareena was NOT the reason for Saif's divorce so there should not be an issue between them but if there is then who cares!? Let them live with their issues and problems and enjoy party of their little one. Maybe things came up and some people could not attend so what!?

Where was Saba and soha? ....why were they not interested in the Party?

If they had an issue with Kareena or Taimur why did they even attend the christmas bash at their place? They could have given it a miss as well if there was any issue.

There's obviously some level of discomfort. The fact that these excuses are being released proves it even more that not everything is as "perfect" as they make it seem.

Too much details in the excuses, lol.

They were least bothered to attend those half brother's birthday party...thr other kapoors pretended ignorance...mallaika and Marita had other plans...which leaves only karishma to grace the occasion...this couple duo doesn't really have much of social life given how even their own family members seem to have avoided attending their party...

Awwww Mira it's you and shahid who don't have much of a social life. Better worry about your life. If you checked the birthday pics properly you would know that both Malaika and Amrita along with their families were present at Taimur's birthday in Pataudi. Kunal Kapoor was there as well. Fact is the birthday wasn't celebrated in Mumbai but in Delhi. It's not a 15 min drive by car that everyone can attend and get back easily. I know you must be dying inside to be friends with Kjo, Manish and the gang but don't get jealous of others.

All this explanation only means that something is wrong. If nothing is wrong, why would they feel the need to tell media about it?

Ok Kareena.. whatever makes you happy.

No one really cares

Lol right,baby T had fun and that is all that matters.

Its simple. Thier birthday's were not celebrated in Patudi palace.Saif became a dad at 22. He was hiding in amrita's house when Ibrahim was born. Mansoor Ali didnt accept saifs marriage for 5 years.

Exactly!! Honestly, Saif didn't dote on his older kids the same way and their childhood memories will always remain. I don't blame them at all for sticking with their mom...she was and continues to be 100% dedicated to them and so they should always be most loyal to her!

Amrita Singh seems like a very strong lady. Sharmila was never nice to her. Now, look at her how she dotes on Kareena. What hypocrisy!

Amrita was 12 years older than Saif . No mom will approve this where bride is 12 years older than groom . Saif was too young at the time too , just 21 . Amrita took advantage of his lack of maturity

So many people marry at 21 or younger. Let's not use that as an excuse. Saif was chasing Amrita cunningly as she was the bigger star. He even said so in his interviews.

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