EXCLUSIVE: Imtiaz Ali decodes Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone's iconic breakup scene from Tamasha

Imtiaz Ali explains one of his most intense scenes from Tamasha featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.
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Set in a metro with a coming of the age subplot, Imtiaz Ali, has managed to swoon our hearts through his all heart cinema. His stories are not for everyone but if you connect to it, you will come back becoming one of his characters. Be it Aditya, Geet or Jordan, Imtiaz's cinema will make you fall in love irrevocably.

However, it is Ved [Ranbir Kapoor] and Tara [Deepika Padukone] from Tamasha which continues to stay with cinemagoers even today.

Recently, when we got in touch with Imtiaz, we asked him to decode one particular scene from the movie, Tamasha, which continues to give a chill down our spine everytime we watch it. The scene in question is the conversation between Ved and Tara in Delhi Social just before Tum Saath Ho plays. 

Decoding it for us, Imtiaz says, "I am so glad you point this one out. See, for one thing, it really helped that I had the best actors in the country playing that part. The way Ranbir has played Ved is beyond words."

Explaining the scene, he continues, "I think he [Ved] is mocking her [Tara], himself. It is the best reminiscence of the state of mind he is in. She can feel that he needs help really and he knows she understands. It's like, you know there are people who understand each other so well that it becomes frustrating that a person feels naked and that is something he doesn't want that, he doesn't want sympathy."

"Sometimes, we don't know the psychological reason why we do things certain things but we do it anyway and this was the reason why the scene was like that. And the other reason was that I think in metropolitan cities if I have a fight with a girlfriend, he/she won't be able to take a metro, reach home and cry after 2 hours. A lot of the fact this conversation happened in a public place makes the scene somehow naked," he adds. 

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I agree that I was very disappointed after watching Deepika as Mastani because I thought it will be her career best performance but it ended up becoming her career worst performance. But she nailed it as veronica tara naina leela. No actress could have played this role better than her. She was born to play such roles. Hopefully padmavati doesnt goes mastani way. Till now in trailer and song I havent seen anything remarkable about deepika though ranveer inpressed me so much and shahid was a big disappointment as he doesnt look like a king.

Time and again I could say, DP aces parts where she's plays the modern and complicated girl, like a Tamasha or a Cocktail. She makes the characters relatable and puts so much emotion to it. Period dramas like Bajirao Mastani is not her stronghold at all.

I don't know if iconic is the word, but this scene definitely did create a lasting impact on me, even after watching the film. RK and DP just acted their hearts out, esp DP, didn't expect her to give this much of emotion.

Personally I feel that it was one of RK's best.The enacting of his epiphany was of a different level altogether. I was pretty sure that he will take Way all the Best Actor awards that year. But I guess, people just look at the general phase of bits and flips. So when Bombay Velvet failed, they must have thought otherwise. Personally, I loved him in the latter too though the movie sank.

that song was touching but the movie was far from iconic and as an audience member i felt cheated that the movie was promoted around deepika and we basically got ranbirs same old immature man child routine

Such an underrated movie! This scene is so.. human!

This song was so powerful. RK+DP together can do things no other pair can....theres an x factor. Need another movie with these two

Didn't the movie have an offensive scene where Ranbir forcibly kisses Deepika even though she is pleading with him,saying No over and over again? Ewww...

DP was AMAZING in this scene. just sheer magic but i find she needs a good director. SLB could not delineate Mastani well for her- I think instead of obsessive love, they should have highlighted how mastani and bajirao connected as warriors or something different

she was actually crying for RK in tat scene lol tat came easy to her

Iconic? Lol

Rk rocks haters socks

Tamasha could have been a bit shorter, but it is powerful and absolutely compelling.

Rk is an amazing actor but now he has to do movies wuth good script n directors..n m a ranveer fan..

Why varuns fans crying here lol varun is not even in the catogery of rk...k only rs n sahihd n rajkumar rao came in tht category..

Varun fabs r crying here lol u r still a overactor varun l

Lol it's so funny to see Rk fans pulling their hairs and biting their nails seeing the rise and rise of varun and fall and fall of their flop rk. Accept it loosers that stardom is something which is blessed by God. VD is a very good loyal bf and that's why God rewards him with sucess whereas Rk is a cheap Casanova who is simply using and hurting women. Those women might have cursed him for destroying their life that's why today his career is almost over.

Ya iconic, let's change the definition in the dictionary, because bad things are considered iconic these days

These two look good together

Tamasha is a flop

I did not enjoy this movie....although I really wanted to because it was brilliant in parts, the message was amazing, RK was awesome, DP in her limited role was brilliant too....some of the scenes, like this one right here, are on another level. However for some reason it just didn't come together for me in a cohesive way. Scattered doses of brilliance that didn't gel together in the end.

The prople who think rk is a bad actor that guy needs mental treatement...pv post it

I can watch this movie anything bc i respect good cinema not some bw masala so called actor shit pv post it

I jst want to say to those who cant praise talent go praise ur untalented so called actors bc this is post of bw most talented actor so better get out....bc his fans love him n by ur barking its not gonna change k so haters bark..bark...n also by unliking this comment truth is not going to change got it haters.....

I didn't like the movie Tamasha at all.

I still can’t watch this film all yhday way through.

Imtiaz stop projecting your personal depression and darkness whatever that is on all your characters in all your movies! I did not like this movie that much - just could not understand DP's character suddenly going into depression and acting like RK's character - her character arc just did not exist!

Rk rocks

This movie us a cult classic bc this movie is so pure n honest...n acting by rk in it is tremandous...#masterstock acting

I feel bad for people who call rk a flop...lol even big superstar like srk also have many flops but kya hua pr phr bhi hai toh superstar heh nah bc he desrve it n jst like him rk is a superstr for me for his fans n he dosent need ur fake praising got it for haters....pv post it

Jisko salman or varun keh movies heh toh boh rk or rs or amir keh movie nhi dekh bc its not suit them bc these three actors r the best actir i have seen in my life

Rk is the best product of nepotism got it n he have even guts to accept it n have u seen arjun varun n alia n shraddha n tiger n any other nepo kids accepting nepotism in industry not bc they think tht by nepotism they can anything they want but guy like rk is a pure gem n always talk about nepotism when needed not in iifa or in any promotion like kjo pv post it...

During the song making, Deepika real emotions came out.Poor girl had the worst break up after playing with other guys.

For God sake if RK is a bad actor then who is the good one? Just tell me, coz i don't get it
His performances always are great. I'd rather watch his flop movies than a stupid VD comedies

I agree, RK is tremendous on screen, I love his movies and even his flops are far far better than these so called blockbuster money spinners...but i believe these kind of blockbusters enjoy short lived fame...and people will forget them... where as RK movies will rule forever...he is the 'Guru Dutt' of this generation in the sense that he is way ahead of his time...RK rules man...I'm so glad he makes the movies that he does...as an RK fan I feel proud of him.. I love the fact that he is true to himself and his belief in his craft and himself despite flops... is truly inspiring...keep rocking RK... but Please do more movies...we really miss you at the Cinemas...

iconic? seriously

RK is a great actor.. I wish his sense of choosing movies improves and he gets good movies...

This movie is the best but its our bad luck tht films like this dosent get the praised n box office record tht it desrved

Sare dimag seh acting krteh hai but rk dio seh acting krtah hai....ths called the sign of a great artist.....pv post it

For those who is saying he is not a good actor go watch vedio of channa mereya n pause their when these line andera tere meine leh liya comes.....n see clearly when he moves forward to the pillar to cry ....u will see tht their no sadness in his face wt when u see clearly u will be able to see a pain in his eyes tht shows that he is crying inside but now showing his pain outside....n thts call a #masterstock got it.....n its for those untalented so called actors fans...n by disliking it truth is not going to change got it.....pv post it n its a truth n dont delete it k.

Even in the scene when he turned his head on the table and looked at dp in tamasha there were a gamut of emotions in his eyes . Their acting was raw and brilliant in this scene.

Rk is praised by many actor like amtabh...by amir khan two times...n by presh rawal sir..n also by sanju baba...n even contemporary like rs n arjun neh bhi yehe kaha tht shows how classy n natural actor he is

Rk keh acting aseh hai joh dil koh chu jai or aseh acting amir bhi kartah hai

Rk is my all time fav after amir bc iske acting aseh heh dil koh chuh jati hn

Rk keh acting keh toh ham kyal hn

RK is my fav and it comes also from SRK fan
The most talanted guy

Yeah this scene had me balling my eyes out. DP was fantastic in this scene and RK was brilliant throughout the movie. This movie was so good we discussed it long after coming out of the theatre. Wish more people ahd watched it and understood what was being portrayed in the movie.

The breakup scene was beautiful!

Dp was good in this movie but not upto rk level bc his acting is like reality....even diljit had said it who is also a very good and a natural actor keh jab paji (rk) acting krteh heh toh lagtah nhi keh acting kr rhe dekhne bala bandah kehtah hai keh kitne achi acting kr rha hai.....n its a fact n by ur unliking this comment truth cant be change got it pv please post it bc its a truth

Oh rk luv u n m missing u

overrated couple

This movie was fantastic. Unfortunately the commercial and extremely unhappy with their life type audience dont understand cominf of age cinema.

This movie is my fav bc of ranbir he is such a good actor n its coming from srk fan bc after srk rk is my fav

Rk i luv u where u nowdays yr m missing u baby...

Oh jordan lookinv so handsome here

I loved this movie. Ranbir is such a good actor, I don't care how many flops he has, I still like most of them.

Some movies are slow burn and have longevity...RK's movies usually age well and people start appreciating them a few years after their release...and the other special thing I find about his movies is they get better on repeat viewings...he is an exceptional talent and moves to his own beat...success of movie i believe should not only be measured by box office i think it should be measured by the impact it has on the people who see it and it's longevity...most of RK's movies have become a cult including this gem Tamasha...it's a beautiful film...

Oh rk so handsome lokking

everything is called iconic these days.

Imtiaz is best friends with RK ..... ( RK pr )

Dp now using rk for promotion man

Dp pr now stop it now u r using rk man....leave him alone yr

Imitiaz is close friend with rk

Look at rk such a good actor

Oh dp pr

This is an iconic photograph. Imtiaz adores DP! And it is beautiful.

Lmao iconic..what a joke

Iconic??? HAHAHA

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