EXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut reveals she rejected Sanju and Sultan and the repercussions that followed

The Manikarnika actress reveals that she had said no to Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan, and had also got a call from Aditya Chopra who told her he won't ever work with her. All these and more revelations in this exclusive video; watch inside.
EXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut reveals she rejected Sanju and Sultan and the repercussions that followed
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Kangana Ranaut is clearly the Queen of Bollywood. After delivering a mammoth success like Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi last year, she's clearly at the top of her game. She's fierce and fearless at the same time, but she did have a time when she had to battle her own vulnerabilities, and financial woes. She also discusses how she's completely changed the game being a feminist, talks about not giving in to play small parts to her male counterparts. 

In fact, she reveals she rejected Ranbir Kapoor starrer Sanju, Salman Khan's Sultan after which Aditya Chopra apparently told her that he 'would never work with her'. "Ranbir Kapoor had come to my house and offered me to do Sanju. I didn't like the role much. There wasn't much for me to do in the film, so I said no to him. Imagine which other actress would say no to him? But I have always believed that I'm not here because of the films I did but because of the films I didn't do. I was also approached for Sultan which I didn't do and I remember after I said no, Aditya Chopra called me and told me 'I will never work with you again'. So yes, all that has happened with me."

When a user asked her what she'd love to play on screen, Kangs revealed she dreams of playing Madhubala with Aamir Khan essaying the role of Dilip Kumar. "I have always admired Madhubala ji so I'd love to play her on screen and have Aamir Khan alongside as Dilip Kumar." When prodded further, she also revealed that she was earlier offered to play the same role in another film. "Anurag Basu had offered me Madhubala's role in the biopic of Kishore Kumar he was planning with Ranbir Kapoor. That didn't happen then. But now, I'd like to portray her life on screen for sure." 

Watch the full interview right here:



Gosh this woman is as legendary as Frieda Karlo Lovely look from style diva!

Kangana is just too talented and bada** for jhandu men. Many men and women love her for her guts.

Even her haters love her

Good she rejected both scripts. She is in a league of her own.

Kangana percieves herself to be as some sexy and classy person who everyone is dying to be around. Hahahahaha! But funnily enough, it is all in her mind and wishes. There is no truth to it. They are like unclassy, tackier and poorer version of Kardashian sisters..lol..no..are you mad..haha..I meant Rakhi Sawant. Pv post! Stop taking money ( which she earns by sleeping around with ugly fat men while phantasizing Hrithik and Ranbir..lol) from this pscho unclassy desperate Kangana. Show some class!

"All in her mind and wishes", unclassy, phantasy, sleeping with men, psycho, rakhi sawant -- all this is too predictable. Very classy Bhojpuri English! Sounds familiar like jaadu dialect but where did he come from in this?

'It is all in her mind and wishes'?? Learn English you classy person. Get some chauvinism detox too. Rakhi Sawant is more classy than Jaadu. Where did he come from?

The only actress of Bollywood who is the hero of her films. Her closest contemporaries deepika and alia does a women centric film once in a 5 year and then they sign so many big budget flicks incase their women centric film gets flopped but kangana signs one after the other like a lion.

She has a right to choose like everyone. I dont understand why effete men get so hurt when a more talented woman says NO!

Today nobody cares weather the films of sridevi or rani mukherjee were hits when they released or what was their box office collection.10 years down the line kangana would have become a legendary actress with most number of female centric films.

These sisters will be in a mental asylum soon.

Where they will find many men of bollywood with their puppets

She has a right to say no, but its a disgrace to speak about the films she refused. why talk bout it? what does she want to prove? These sisters lack dignity and grace. Kangana is a great actress, but its her personality that drives everything down the drain.

Ye lo disgraced people of bollywood giving their grace and dignity lecture. Had bollywood women lacked both, there would have not been me too!

In that drain are Bollywood puppet men where useless men trash them. So no, she’s right off screen too most of the time!

Kangana did the right thing by saying no to both

Flop Ranbir is nobody to offer cameos to a talent like Kangana. If she has so called flops, he has many more.

Seriously- that’s how megalomaniac Bollywood men are. To build their own brand and filmography they ask women to do shit roles and adorn their movies. Sanju was a bad movie. It worked because of hirani and not ranbir.

These sisters have to talk negative about everyone in order to stay in news. Why don't they do something constructive. At least do jhaadu like Katrina! Useless...

Well, all the roles in Sanju were kind of cameos. I think they all did it almost for fun. Kangana doesn't do cameos. At least none I can remember. Anushka was great in Sultan, and her and Salman were great together. I can respect Kangana for rejecting movies running solely on the actor, at the same time, her filmography is kind of weird.

once again she has gone crazy and coming up with lies to stay in the news....this is old trick kangana....try something new.

this narrative is not flying you frustrated soul

Manikarnika is not a succesful film its budget is about 100cr

Hi Topsee, it was a success minus your PR army and manipulations. Did 155 cr + worldwide which shit people can only dream off.

Is it just me or is she kind of rude? Some of the stuff she says isn't really about being honest it's about being blatantly rude under the guise of honesty.

Its just YOU. Bollywoods dignified and graceful girl are perfect for exploitation and puppet treatment. Not Kangana.

"Rude" is being very generous to these abusive sisters. They aggressively stalk colleagues & belittle them.. and even attack random people who mind their own business.

And the comment on patriarchy, please get a grip.

Patriarchy cant tolerate women saying no - keep crying and calling fake liar, but she did the right thing

She is rude, both the sisters are her fans will disagree with you because they cannot see beyond her fakeness

It’s just you. Women are used to be devils in Bollywood, there is no one like Kangana who can say NO. It’s your patriarchal conditioning.

Aditya chopra is like any other man in power. He tells new talent when signing them that you have no looks so feel grateful for the opportunity (ranveer, anushka, arjun). Radhika madan said it is all too common. They do this to break young talent's self confidence. A mentor builds you up and not use mind control tricks. and those who dare to stand up to him, don't get another chance (shraddha for ending her 3-deal contract for outside opportunities). Vanni did not have courage and look at what he did to her career.

Chopra is a frusto film maker who makes bad films

Remember that ranveer, anushka et al got that big break.How many would give their right arm for that chance. So let us not bash aditya chopra. Second, it was shraddha who broke the 3 film contract. Put yourself in aditya's shoes.

Her last two films were massive flops. She needs to calm down lol

Ya same as rabbit and terrorist.

oh lord she still making her own stories. KR you are a good actor but pathetic human being. please change yourself for good and stop playing victim cards.

Kangana has a mind of her own and a spine

She has got a big mouth so she can say anything she wants. But she has to remember one thing, if Thalaivi flops her career is over having already given 3 flops in a row.

Aditya Chopra has one big EGO..he said the same to Shraddha Kapoor too when she signed Ashique outside of YRF banner...

i would like to believe her in this


Either people are so stupid they just run with the crow. Salman did say she rejected Sultan but i don't know about Sanju. So what!!

Kangana would make a terrific pair with RK but not with Aamir.

Like she rejected the clouds in her imagination but director exposed her lies that he never offered her the role.

Yeah in her vivid imagination. Haha. World knows kangana was never approached for these films.

Liar . She was never offered sanju and Sultan.

As if getting offered a bogus film like sanju is something aspirational worth Lying about. Good on Kangana to reject trash.

True same like Pappu..

How do you know???if that's not true let the makers sue her...otherwise stop talking nonsense..

Gaybir PR jumping in but the directors have said so on record

Post the video link of Ali saying this

Ali Abbas Zafar said his first choise for Sultan was Kangana. I don't know about Sanju.

Hi Rangoli your flop sister lies are exposed once again. By abusing you cant hide it

post pv

Chamiya kapoors PR will now come down with full force :D

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