EXCLUSIVE: Katrina Kaif opens up on her relationship with Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and more; Watch video

In a tell-all interview, the Bharat actress Katrina Kaif gets candid about matters of the heart and the profession, in equal measure. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.
EXCLUSIVE: Katrina Kaif opens up on her relationship with Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and more; Watch video
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Katrina Kaif is usually known to be quite reticent and hesitant when it comes to discussing her personal life in the media. But recently, the actress seems to have come into her own. Over the years, the pretty heroine has witnessed some huge highs and a few lows too, but there's one thing that's remained unchained - how she's remained as a person.

With Zero, the actress proved her mettle as an actress and she was flooded with praises for her brilliant portrayal of the alcoholic and an emotionally broken starlet in the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer. Ask her what she thinks of the changed perception about her, and she smiles, "There's definitely an acceptance or appreciation for Zero. The kind of feedback I got from my peers, the audience and the media, is special. It's always lovely. You feel wonderful about it. With Bharat so far, the response has been really fantastic. Now, the big test is going to be the release. That's judgment day. I'm looking forward to it but I'm nervous and excited." She further added, "For me, these have come in peaks. There were some ups and some downs. Namastey London was the first film I got really good reviews for. I was on a plane and Akshaye Khanna handed me a paper where the review had come and they said such sweet things about me. It was really nice of him. Over the years, there have been specific films that have been more reviewer friendly -like Raajneeti, New York and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara  Then, there are some films which are more about glamour and action friendly like Dhoom 3 and Bang Bang." 

In a previous interview, she had revealed how her priorities were different when she was in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. Now, that has changed. She tells us, "At that point, there were other things that were sharing my focus. But now, the main thing in my life is movies. So I can focus on that. But there needs to be a balance between the two for sure." 


Back 2 back promotions

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Talking about how her equation with Salman Khan has evolved over the years, she reveals, "I remember the first film I did with Salman was Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya and that was my third film as an actor. I was new and trying to find my feet. There were also a few days on Partner with Salman and Govinda who are the kings of improvisation. I was like, 'Oh Mmy Goodness'. You feel out of your depth there. So now, with Bharat, there is so much for me as a person. Salman was already Salman when we did our first film. For him, he doesn't have the same feedback. When I came on Bharat, I came as a different person because the experience is the best teacher." 

For those who know their bond will also say how friendly they are. Salman can be seen pulling her leg all the time and she says, "He pulls everyone's leg. It's his personality which makes everyone feel comfortable. Everyone smiles around him." But she also reiterates, "I'm not a silent lamb. I give it back when I have to." Salman also said Katrina can never call him a brother. When prodded, Katrina breaks into a laugh. "Of course, he's not my brother. He's a friend but that's also about the humour he is known for." 

Katrina who admits that she's a 'romantic person at heart' says she 'believes in the beauty and sanctity of love'. But she has created an example when she walked in and hugged her ex Ranbir Kapoor at an awards show. Not just that, she also maintains a cordial relationship with Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt, too, at a time when the general perception claims that it's possibly impossible to be friends with people you share history with. But Katrina explains, "I'm taking this as a compliment. But yes, if someone like you, who knows me well, feels nice about my conduct, it's a good thing. I'm not trying to be saintly but it's always easier to just make peace, be friends, to be loving. I'm not doing this to make your life easier. But I'm doing it to make my life easier. It genuinely is more peaceful and you feel more lighter and happier when you don't hold on to any anger or grudges."

A lot of people might think that there's no space for a relationship but she rues, "Who said that? There's lots of space," she signed off.


Seriously, can’t understand why you people say such terrible things of these people, who are just doing their work entertaining you and the public. These actors and actresses are just human. What happens in their personal life should be no concern of anyone because they most important part for to do is be the best at their profession. If you guys feel strongly you should try being them for a day and you see how human they are and I bet you cannot do half the acting these actors and actresses can. Stop being nasty. If you don’t like their work then watch it.

Who nasty? There PR relationships or our comments which say it must be stopped as it shows zero values and self respect? Read Wat rangoli has said.

It’s truth kjo did the whole rankat saga for their fame and brand value. Pointing at obvious is not nasty

She gives so much lecture and life lessons but she’s actually 2 rs lukkii....Wat about days she was laughing and coming out of kjo house and drove away with brand and media sake boyfriend RK when she was and still is in relationship with Salman Khan. The reason she is Wat she is today is Salman khan. Still she was ok accepting to world RK and she were dating and living in.

Katrina is having 10 posts everyday in pinkvilla. And even in her promotional looks post she is getting 100 + comments where other actress don't get even 10 comments.Queen is so popular.

She is so popular here. But what about box office performance she is a flop. Tapsee Pannu Shraddha Kapoor hv given more hits than your queen Kat.

Chill kat. She is getting 10 posts every day because of promotions. Not a single posts consist of her promotional looks gets 100 + comments. Expect those which has Salman and she begging him to marry her. Other actress posts get 100 plus comments on their posts. See their posts of any event. Without using their ex. Kat is a flop queen who is popular because of Salman Khan and Ranbir.
Infact Ranbir Alia's posts get 100+ comments. Now chill.
Post this truth please pv

Hope she acts well in this movie. Will be a tight slap to all her haters including Alia and her minions

apne aap ko aur becho....kjo chamche all of you. no self respect on movies .

DP fans from certain areas will always be angry cuz deep down they know that she ended up with a clown and has lost the coveted Kapoor title.



Kat fans from certain areas will always be angry cuz deep down they know that she ended up all alone and has lost the coveted Kapoor title as well as coveted Khan title. Begging Salman to marry her
Truth should be posted

Kat tried every trick to get back to Salman. But Iulia didn't allow her to enter galaxy. So desperate kat PR begging Salman and his friends and family to marry her. Which is not going to happen. Iulia has kicked her out.

plz stop this lies tat salman is with lulia. salman is very much with katrina and always was. Katrina out of desperation of her flop chapter agreed to lie to the fans tat she and RK are dating. All this told by kjo for creating news. salman is the man with big heart he still loves katrina. but katrina is only here for fame and success at any cost

Salman is with ilulia. Stip lying and imaging that he is with Katrina. Respect others and their relationship. Katrina did dared and lived with Rk which she admitted. Its not kjo so stip blaming ot on him . Salman doesn't loves Katrina but ilulia. He is helping Katrina only.

stop spreading this lie katrina fans and deepika fans. she was neevr with RK. it was a planned cheap show to fool public and create a frenzy coz both kat and RK career was going bad

katrina aunty watever you say and do will not change anything about the 0% self respect and morals you have. because of kjo you agreed to have PR relationsip with RK to boost your brand and publicty to be in news when you always in relationship with salman bhai. shame on you. dont act innocent and like some big perosn. you are 2 rupees person for lying to world tat you in relationship with RK when you actually in love with salman always. shame on you

rangoli has given a tight slap with her words to these nepo gang. rankat....aloobir...varia...sid and alia.....all link up by kjo for branding and nothing else. big LIARS. plz focus on making a good film instead of doing such cheap show with zero self respect

My dear Katrina u deserve all the love, appreciation and respect in this world. U are growing beautifully and gratefully inside out. And we, your fans are so so proud of the woman you've become. U come from far, from that 16 years old teenager to this elegant and mature lady. Je t'aime de tout mon coeur ma plus chère katrina, depuis la France.

Absolutely she has grown from 2013 - 2016 and up until now as a slave to stardom and fame. Giving up on morals for stardom. Giving zero respect to herself and the man who made her life. Cunning no 1

2rs people surely deserve all the respect for lying to public about fake dating RK just for buzz and headlines but actually dating Salman . Only 2 rs ppl can do such ghatiya wahiyat things. French ghaadne se 2rs priceless Nahi ho jaata stupid. Balki 2rs se 1rs ho jaata hai

Hi Katrina

All you haters are just pathetic losers. Why watch her movies and read up posts about her if you really loathe her that much..

I'm literally obsessed with Katrina kaif I can't help it! Ahhh I just love her so damn much!!!!

All you lovers crying . pathetic losers. You earn this hate by hating on other actress. FYI no one watches Katrina's movies at all. Why you guys read other actress posts and spew hat on them when you hate them? its KARMA.

Yaar she is looking like a sucked off mango who just have eaten off thrown out by Ranbir Kapoor sir but Katrina Kaif ma'am never be so helpless just have faith on God he will help you to your mr perfect in your love life soon so don't worry about that remember that love and love stories never ends in this world I think one day somebody will accept you soon as his lady love just don't think so much about Ranbir Kapoor sir and alia Bhatt ma'am let them be together why are you still interfering in their relationship just leave them alone just stop behaving like a stubborn child and just chill out ma'am life never ends there is more to happen

Ranbir Kapoor sir and alia Bhatt ma'am have earned kat's curse which will strike after few years. universe does not spare anyone

Keep on shining Katrina. Your time is now and you’re flourishing like never before. Your fandom has grown immensely and that’s because of the way you’ve turned things around for yourself. Be bold and be great in that gruesome industry!! More power to you. Shine on sister!


Superb interview PV! Katrina is so cool.

Peetrina smelly
even salman said you dont take showers for a w eek eww

post this be fair to all pv

Katrina fans always blame DP fans. What about KAT fans trolling DP for RK and visting his dad or at cannes? You guys are jealous from DP because deep down you know DP has married a lovely guy who you want it for katrina. DP doesn't want coveted Kapoor title but your desperate katrina wanted it but lost the coveted Kapoor title to Alia. Infact kat tried for coveted khan tag but she lost it to ilulia. See how here she is begging him to marry her.

Pv be fair to DP and post.

PV this is sad you are not posting my comments. Just because I bashed alia and KJo ? Don't be biased. Alia and KJo are on fire after seeing Katrina in a good happy and successful phase in her career and life. Deepika , Katrina, kangna, Anushka, Kriti, Wania Hussain, Disha , are there where they are because of their continuous Hard Work. Unlike that cunning witch Alia official hooker of bollywood, who snatch every damn movie that could be offered to other actresses by begging daddy kjo . And Kjo gets her every good movie in the making and gets her awards as well. Please beware people its time to end KJo and Alia dirty nepotism game. Pv pls post this time.

Wow man Queen Katrina every posts 100+ comments within hours whereas some actress like deepika posts don't get even 10 comments even in potential posts.

Lol only those Katrina posts where she talks about her ex pr spotted with ex has 100 comments otherwise only her posts hardly has 10 comments. Shows it's only Rk and Sallu power not Katrina. Deepika posts with Rk name too get 100 plus comments otherwise same 15 comments. Wait her Cannes articles got 150 comments. Dp is Bollywood queen.
Katrina is a flop

She genuinely seems to over RK and is in a good place. Good for her.

Kat is not over RK at all. She cant stop talking about him. Even when she isn't ask about RK and her PR and fans abusing RK and Alia. Bad for her.
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Kat continuously writing comments like salman and kat get married have babies and all that shit.Salman will never marry you katrina as you are an escort .Nobody is going to marry you .Ranbir left you after 7 yrs as he knew that you were a escort and nobody is interested in marrying a escort

Pretty sure Katrina doesn't want to have babies with a 55 year old guy. He will be dead by the time the kids grow up. Salman will be unmarried and childless till he dies.

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Ok kat fan. Who ever said I am not a kat fan os actually her fan. And see that with is used for Alia by Katrina fans.

5 Semi-Hit, 5 Hit, 5 Super-Hit, 2 Blockbuster and 1 All Time Blockbuster

She’s at her peak and has her rivals SHOOK


Envious people in these comments need to enjoy the sunshine. Get your vitamins people.

Hypocrite and delusional people get a life. No one is jealous of this user.

Who has time for these comments, seriously, who’s paying you lol.

Kat is paying them all.

Great article! Awesome work PV! Katrina rocks!

Looking forward to BHARAT! She’s gonna rock!

I’m confused? Where did she even mention RK? She’s not even thinking about him. She talks about Salman a lot and can see a genuine care for him which is sweet.

That’s why everyone in the industry lives her, because she is genuine !

The reason no one likes her because kat is FAKE not genuine. Many people has said it too, Don't be fooled by her fake PR image.
post it

Well is this weired or what I get to read same comments in all articles ...same copy paste stuff...
I don't who is right who isn't ...but Katrina used Mr Khan yet he as true genuine person stood by her I had such wrong perception about him earlier , respect that's why he is still favorite and that's why generations of people are crazy for him

Beggar Katrina is here begging her ex Salman to marry her and make babies.

Deepika fans from certain areas will always be angry cuz deep down they know that she married a clown and has lost the coveted Kapoor title.

Katrina fans from certain areas will always be angry cuz deep down they know that she fail to marry RK and has lost the coveted Kapoor title.

This is called an public image makeover because she has a movie to sell. She has nothing of value to say so the so called private Kat, now talks about her exes -- she knows those stories will midly sell....You can't be arrogant to fans and the public for as long as she was and then disingenuously try to turn it around. Public are smarter than that.

If my dog could smile it would have the same face Katrina has in the article pic.

Salman make babies with Katrina..

Characterless, living on the scraps given by bhai. Bhai's keep.

Yeh bhai ko dhoka di Ranbir ke liye, Ranbir isi ki BFF ko pata ke kachda kar diya iska. Ranbir bantai.


Dear Katrina aunty stop begging your ex to marry you.

Bhai iska June ka rent ready h ki nahi?

Salkat is the most iconic pair ever..

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Salman and Katrina’s wedding will happen soon enough..

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Katrina you are such a pretty soule. U deserves all the happiness in the world. U deserves Salman, his wealth, his movies and most importantly u deserves to be the mother of his babies

Ok Katrina . You doesnt deserves Salman, his wealth, his movie neither you deserves to be a mother of his kids.. get a life
Post this

I'm not salman or Katrina fan but u guys look awesome together and anyone finding fault in this pic is a jealous hater..

I wish Salman and Katrina get married.

Keep wishing kat

Salman and katrina should just seriously get together and get married.Nothing wrong in it

Katrina should seriously get a life. Its wrong to marry your ex who is daying another girl.

Salman and katrina are match made in heaven. Love u both

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Enough is enough. Katrina should leave her alone. Stop begging everywhere.

Katrina fans trolled Alia for posing and dining with Kapoors, her fans shamelessly troll Dp for visiting ailing rishi Kapoor, and abusing Rk on his posts , abusing PC on her posts but here acting like saints. Calling ppl jealous and insecure. Wow.

Click bait alert

Lovvve me some Katrina

She’s talking about her movies

This whole interview was about her movies and her growth NOT about RK and SK

Loved this, great interview but she didn’t even mention RK by name

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Look at these BS comments bashing her when she gave such a great interview. Shameful.

Its shameful for her fans as she is only talking about her Exes. Jobless Katrina

Every films she always talks about her exes. If she was asked she can simply avoid the question. Yet her fans say she is so hardworking and such, I don't want to hear about your love life and equations with whomever. Talk about your FILM!

Ratbir fans can choke

Lol the negative comments are so immature, this article is for grown folk who understand growth

I can see why all those girls are jealous. She’s too classy for them. Carries herself like an adult.

Lol kat you are anything but classy . No one is jealous of you. A woman who cant get over her ex.

A beauty with brains. I love her with Salman they’re too cute together

Plastic surgery queen with a manipulative brain. Salman is way too good for her

Stunning lady inside and out

Ugly lady inside out

The headline of the article is so misleading

Heart eyes for Katrina

I’m still in love with that dress!

She’s come into her own and some people can’t stand it

Love this! What a fab interview

Loooool, who’s this person with these comments? Must be a child because it’s cheesy af to write so much crap about someone who pays you no mind.

Lmao stop acting like a saint Katrina aunty PR. We all saw how you spread hate on Rk and Alia posts.

Anything to be in news.

Publicity hunger.

Katrina has fallen so low for these two men who mistreated her.

Katrina stop it. You are not a nice and a sweet person as you and your PR projected in public.

For how many times will desperate flop Katrina open up about her equation with her Exes?

Katrina fans are hell bent to prove her a dignified, classy, self respect person , who is over her Exes but Katrina is proving them wrong. It's a tight slap on her fans face.

Katrina deserves all the hate she gets.

Hypocrites Katrina fans trolled other actresses when they talk about their ex or even current but have no issues if their idol constantly talking about her exes.

Katrina is such an embarrassment for her fans. Pity them .

Desperate Katrina.

Katrina is trying hard to get back to both of them but they are not interested in her anymore. Poor Katrina. Karma hit her hard.

Katrina aunty is called a PR queen for a reason.

How manipulative woman Katrina is! Gosh. She cheated on Salman for younger lad and Kapoor surname, call him anyone and refuse to pay him and his family a visit when he was sentenced 5 years of jail. She totally ignored him but as soon as Rk dumped her like a trash ,she rush towards Salman ,as she needs to resscuurt her career and stay relevant. Shameless cheaprina

Katrina is NOTHING without Salman. Period.

Is ne sallu and Rk ki jaan ni chordni. Despo Katrina.

Fake Katrina stop acting like a saint.

Katrina is all acting like miss goody good in media. But in real she is cunning, manipulative and arrogant person who has no loyalty and class.

Do u know her personally if yes then speak else jus pass random comments
Ps: i am not her fan but I don't like others saying bad things about someone when they don't know a shit about them......

Do you know Alia,rk or do personally? If no so why spreading negativity about them ? I m not their fans but feel Katrina fans started this. They even bash Dp good gesture to visit a sick person. Dont be a hypocrite.

She wants to sail in too boats.

Katrina has no self respect and dignity at all. Literally throwing herself at her Exes.

Fakerina stop using Ranbir for promoting yourself.

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Katrina is not over Ranbir and Salman.

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Did oyu is Hrithik Hrithik

Disprina kaif.

Padeeka smelly.

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