EXCLUSIVE: Neena Gupta on Me Too: Why single out Alok Nath? Many names have come

Neena Gupta speaks to Pinkvilla exclusively and shares her views on the Me Too movement. Read on.
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Neena Gupta, who is currently basking in the glory of her latest movie, Badhaai Ho, is the next to support the Me Too movement. However, her opinion on the same is slightly different from others. Neena says that while the movement will be instrumental in bringing about a change, she doesn't think the power tussle is ever going to change. Speaking to Pinkvilla exclusively, Neena said, "My take is, Me Too has been happening for the longest time in the whole world and will continue to happen."

"The power tussle will continue, whoever is in position will use the power. But whatever has happened in our country, it will be difficult to prove eventually but because of that what has happened is there is fear, people will think before making such offers," she added. Elaborating further, she stated, "'I should be very careful', they must be thinking. Plus, the girls will feel emboldened to speak up. So, I think whatever is happening is good though a few misuse it but all good things are misused at some point. But, I think it is a good thing because people will be scared now."

One person who has been facing a legal case right now about the same is Alok Nath with whom Neena worked in the show Buniyaad. When asked about the allegations levelled against him by Vinta Nanda, Neena expressed, "I have only worked in Buniyaad with him but never had a scene together and hence never really interacted. Why single out Alok?, there are so many people na? There are so many people who have been named. Let's see what happens. But Vinta is my friend and I will always be with her."


So name them and Shame them.
Don’t give sory excuses for Alok

As a viewer and audience we should ban to see these criminal people show

You not a friend of Vinita that's for sure reflects on your interview. Alok nath raped her and misused his position. Let's start by punishing him first others will follow soon.

out of all the allegations so far, alok is the gravest of the crime.

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