EXCLUSIVE: Not just Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez also in the race to play PT Usha

Biopics might have become the flavour of the season and after the successful projects on the lives of several sportsmen, it's time to witness the life of athlete PT Usha unfold on celluloid. Two actresses are in the running for the role.
Not just Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez also in the race to play PT UshaNot just Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez also in the race to play PT Usha
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Recently, it was reported that Katrina Kaif will soon step into the shoes of ace Indian athlete PT Usha in her biopic. Katrina, who's high on Bharat's success now, has already signed up for Rohit Shetty's Sooryavanshi that is being headlined by Akshay Kumar. But when we met the actress and asked her what's happening on the PT Usha biopic, she had said, "Yes, we are still discussing it. There's nothing concrete and I wouldn't like to say anything more than that."

Now, we hear the makers also have another actress in mind for the same project. Our source says, "Jacqueline Fernandez too has been offered the part. Jacqueline, who was taking a small acting course, is back to the city and recently met the biopic's director to discuss the film. She had been approached for the project a few months ago." Speculations are rife that the makers behind the hit Telugu actioner Pokiri will be backing the biopic. 

Currently, Jacqueline is also interested in taking up hard-hitting subjects. "Although initially she was skeptical of leading a complete film, Jacqueline wants to experiment with her characters now. She has not only been approached for the PT Usha biopic, but is also in talks for the remake of Arth. In all probabilities, she will play Smita Patil's role from the original."

Apart from that, Jacqueline is currently shooting for her digital debut - Shirish Kunder's Mrs Serial Killer, which is yet another hard hitting gritty thriller. "She has been shooting nights for the web show, since the time she's landed in the city. The schedule will be wrapped up in another two weeks." 



Everyone who is belittling Jacky or katty here needs to realize that nobody is showing any interest in doing Smita Patil biopic. If it was really a top notch project then it would have first gone to kangana then Alia or Priyanka. If these actress are not keen on doing PT usha biopic that means they are not finding it worthy to be portrayed by them. And that's okay because it's all about commercial aspect. Kangana didn't do Manikarnika to pay tribute to Jhansi queen but she knew film will earn money at box office. In that case I think producer should go with any other actress who is ready to do biopic. Atleast in that way PT usha story will come to audience. Casting Katrina or jackeline will cater to a very large audience either on TV or theatres because they are very popular among youth and kids.I don't find a point in casting a brilliant actress in biopic who won't appeal enough to audience that they may not even watch on TV. Because Indian audience have never bothered about talent. They still watch films on names of superstars.

Girls, any role that requires you to wear dark face, IMMEDIATELY say no. Even if it's "okay" now, it will come back to bite you at some point in the future. People decades from now will watch this movie and say how racist instead of actually appreciating the woman's real story.

Everyone is getiing offers left, right and centre but nobody is offering anything to Anushka.

Hi consider kushi kapoor....

Why dont you try kushi kapoor. Give her a start.....it will be awesome.... give space for younger ones.... why not..

Lol why is Deepika pr comparing herself with Priyanka and Anushka and even Radhika. These 3 are supreme actress compared to Deepika. They act very well and naturally. Even kareena is a natural actress. Deepika never ever was a natural actress and never ever will be. Just because there was a phase in which she delivered more hits than these ladies doesn't brings her in their league.
Now alia has already replaced her as box office queen and alia too is a natural actress and far better than Deepika. Deepika should be compared with the likes of Shraddha and Aishwarya. Her acting range is limited.

Shobhita is perfect for this role..she even got curls and the right body type

Have they seen how PT Usha looks like? She is brown. Cast someone brown. Cast Radhika or Deepika or Priyanka or even Sobhita. Don't take white actresses for the film and darken them. Do these people not realize how problematic that is?

Poor P.T .usha .

Only fool who doesnt know about films will invest in these two non actors with zero acting skills.

Both cant act. Cast Anushka, Deepika, tapsee or any other who can act.

Priyanka or Tapsee Pannu would be good choice to play PT Usha.

Hire some talented actrrss please

Hi there, i hope this msg reaches the nitwits who think that katrina or Jacqueline can play PT USHA , it would be a grave insult to such an esteemed sportsperson who is our national pride !! Maybe they vl tan these heroines like they did with hrithik ..rofl , but are we also supposed to hear an indian sportsperson mouthing dialogues in english accented hindi ??? Only priyanka will look appropriate in this role .

Omg both are bad actresses !!

The only actress who could portray such a great role would have been Smita Patil. What an insult that a great achiever is being portrayed on screen by such horrible actresses.

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