EXCLUSIVE: Not just Madhur Bhandarkar’s, Shah Rukh Khan is busy reading 10 scripts post Zero's debacle?

Shah Rukh Khan is reportedly reading at least 10 scripts currently. Read on.
EXCLUSIVE: Not just Madhur Bhandarkar’s, Shah Rukh Khan is busy reading 10 scripts post Zero's debacle?EXCLUSIVE: Not just Madhur Bhandarkar’s, Shah Rukh Khan is busy reading 10 scripts post Zero's debacle?
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After the unfortunate debacle of Zero, it is well known that superstar Shah Rukh Khan has been taking utmost care to take up a reliable project. While rumours have been rife that he has been approached by Madhur Bhandarkar for his movie Inspector Ghalib, we hear from reliable sources that not just his film's script, Shah Rukh has been reading at least 10 scripts at the moment.

A source informed, 'Shah Rukh is reading around 10 scripts currently. While the one with Madhur Bhandarkar is already known, he has also been approached by Andhadun director Sriram Raghavan, Amit Sharma, Amar Kaushik, Sanjay Leela Bhansali among others." The film with Bhansali is based on poet Sahir Ludhianvi and is in the talks for the longest time and looks like it might just be SRK's next film. Earlier, it was speculated that Abhishek Bachchan has been approached for the role, but nothing officially has been announced so far. 

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Shah Rukh might begin work on Don 3 by mid-2019. The third installment of the movie directed by Farhan Akhtar is one of the most hyped films but no official announcement on the same has been made so far despite innumerable speculations. 

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He was also to begin shooting for Rakesh Sharma's biopic Saare Jahan Se Achcha this year, but rumours suggest that he has backed out of the project. But, when Aamir Khan was asked to react on the same, he had said that "let's wait for an official announcement." Reportedly, an irked producer Ronnie Screwala even tweeted his displeasure in this cryptic post regarding the same. 

We tried contacting the above-mentioned directors for a confirmation but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh last shared screen space with Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif in Zero. The movie was directed by Aanand L Rai. 


He has made movies that touched millions of hearts that is what we all will remember all over the world. I have never known any movie star that loves their fans as he does. He is so generous and kind. That's what matters the most.

Exactly what I was saying before, he has to get dozens of scripts, directors NEED stars and why would they settle on unknowns when they could get famous people, even ones that are flopping. For Pete's sake, Vivek Oberoi still gets movies, of course Shah Rukh Khan will! The real question is, does he read them? He should pick a perfect script instead of a director he can boss into editing the script which he often does. If the script is ALREADY good, there is no need to edit it Dilwale style. Finally, NEW PAIRING. I don't care if you have to pluck a brand new girl and launch her, I mean that always works well for SRK, and would've made Mahira a big star were it not for timing... or better, pick a girl who hasn't acted with SRK before.

Sure - pick a girl for SRK, but only if they are going to act as grown-up daughter and father. He looks stupid with his twentysomething or thirtysomething love interests. That's actually part of the problem - his arrogance, his thinking he can pull off such roles when in reality he's an uncle with a decent hair transplant.

Until he learns to stop hamming, all his movies will flop.

Work with a director who can actually direct you.. Not with people who just nod their heads to your commands and eventually your persona dominates the character's!

He's used to yes-people and will never change his ways.

His ego dug him his own grave

I don't want to see the whole arm out anymore, disappointed he did that in Zero. Plus the hair colour did not suit him. Be with Directors who are not scared to say things as they are.

Bro, do a movie with a well-rounded cast and a good story that people can relate to. He'll always be big but if he wants to stay current, he really needs to evolve.

What SRK needs are good scripts handled by good directors.

Have a feeling that SRK has lost his charm in films. Saddened by the feeling that he might never have a hit film again and end his leading man career eventually. Lost the grace, I must say!

He can do a web series or a Netflix film. There's always light at the end of the tunnel. Would like to see him paired opposite Manisha Koirala, Juhi, Vidya Balan, Tabu, Kangana ranaut etc. If he's worried about Box office then he should work on digital platforms like Netflix.

SRK should work with age appropriate actresses rather than working with anushka or Katrina continuously.

SRK should do a film opposite Manisha Koirala, Vidya balan, kangana Ranaut and Tabu

lol Hollywood. The only part he could ever get in HWood is some caricature old Indian. The man is in his mid 50s, surely not attractive.

He’s actually reading over 20 scripts including some from Hollywood.

Very hard to believe

He should do sanjay leela bhansali next opposite Aishwarya and don 3 opposite Priyanka. After those 2 movies, Srk should retire gracefully.

It doesn't matter with whom he works.he needs to do better film with better scripts. Charm is there but problem is ego and overconfidence comes on his face in the film which spoils everything.we want to see him do a journey of a character .instead he keeps doing is romance type stupid things just standing tall.last time his romance was good was k3g.it was nicely conceived character.same pair in dilwale was stupidity.he needs to give space to other character artists apart from heroines.

He should look into retirement. The man is old.


he should do a jingoistic movie.
thats what sells nowadays

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