EXCLUSIVE: Priyanka Chopra's brother Siddharth's wedding mutually called off, CONFIRMS mom Madhu Chopra

In 2014, Siddharth Chopra's wedding with his then girlfriend was called off, for unknown reasons. This year, he got engaged to Ishita Kumar amid much fanfare and in the attendance of his sister Priyanka Chopra Jonas. But now, mom Madhu Chopra has revealed the wedding isn't happening anymore.
Priyanka-Chopra-s-brothers-wedding-called-off-againPriyanka Chopra's brother Siddharth's wedding mutually called off, confirms mom Madhu Chopra
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Priyanka Chopra's brother Siddharth Chopra had announced his engagement to Ishita Kumar earlier this year. The actress, along with husband Nick Jonas, was here in the country for the roka ceremony as well. The marriage was supposed to happen around the last week of April.

But the date passed by and the wedding didn't happen. In fact, when PeeCee came back to Mumbai for a few days, everyone thought it's for her brother's wedding. Right after, speculations were rife that the wedding has been pushed ahead. A leading tabloid also reported that it was postponed because of the bride-to-be's emergency surgery. She even posted a picture on her Instagram from the hospital.

While there were reports claiming that the families were looking for another mahurat, we can now inform you that the wedding is not happening anymore. Madhu Chopra confirms the news and tells us, "They (Siddharth and Ishita) have mutually called it off." When asked about the reason behind the decision, PeeCee's mom remained tight-lipped. Ishita also deleted all the pictures of her roka ceremony from her social media handles. 

This isn't the first time it has happened with the family. Reportedly, in 2014,  Siddharth was engaged to his then girlfriend Kanika Mathur. The couple had even planned a destination wedding in Goa the following year. Even then, the wedding was called off. We wonder what went wrong now.

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His last ex fiance called him gay. And I mean it’s obvious he is ..

They have given a new statement.Which is contradictory to the statement about mutual decision . First they said postponed , then mutually cancelled, now Siddharth wasn't ready to get married. Are they stupid? All 3 statements are so random.

Irrespective of what people here have to say, we don't know what actually transpired between the two families and most of the information we have is speculative hearsay. It's sad that we all indulge in such shameless mudslinging and hate against people we don't know personally.


Both engagement were broken off he has been living with shrishti rishi (rishi family have ensured he doesn't marry anyone but their daughter) they even have bought apartment in same building and live there. Ask hiten tejwani and his wife who are extremely close to rishi family and are helping them to ensure siddharth marries their daughter only

If someone has the full scoop please publish it. Thanks!

We dont know what transpired? Just to blame the brother is not cool and he is not into the bollywood scene.. Lets not hurl jibes at him..

Arrey PC thoda sa plastic surgery bhai ko kara deti. Take inspiration from Jackson family atleast.

Maybe he is not normal.

Came across an article that stated her medical condition is the reason behind their break up. Apparently some of the bride friends also commented ' That guy is a jerk" in her Instagram or Twitter account. I think Creepy Chop family ditched the bride due to the surgery. What kind of selfish human being would do that? True love is being with the person you love no matter what happens.

To the point who would do that - my sis in law sent divorcee notice to my brother as he was getting diagonosed for a life long illness. There is a lot of shit in people's head and hearts!

What is wrong with like and dislike buttons..soo unfair.. and in such sad situations..people are trolli ng him..who gives u the right to call him ugly or fat..show ur face n speak if u have guts.

You people all sound mental. Who cares who marries who in the 21st century? Get a life!

he was engaged to another girl before as well

Typical mentalities left right and center! Just listen to all the judgment and finger pointing. They aren’t the first or the last couple to call off an engagement. Get over yourselves and take a closer look at home. You’ll are far from perfect

How can we integrate very complex function using partial fraction method ? Thank you in advance

Find the factors

"mutually called off" lmao sure we'll go with that

You people are nasty with the comments..leave that family alone and start obsessing with your own!!!

I think they ask for loads of dowry and the wedding gets called off.

that doesnt make any sense. They are much richer than the girl, and dowry is frowned upon

I am still shocked Priyanka ended up marrying a good person. She deserved a horrible husband, where is her karma?

She will get her Karma. Sooner or later. For now, a tharki person like PC getting a gay husband is good enough Karma.

For all we know reason could be interference by mom in law and sis in law. Because there was one more breakup in the past in a similar way.wedding was called off at the nth moment. It's certainly looks like in law woes.i hope everyone finds peace.

there is something wrong with her brother. What does he even do for a living?

I was born in India and lived there until I was 10, parents moved away to Chicago. I never really liked Priyanka... but I am a huge JB fan and watching Nick talk about her is just heart warming, perhaps I was wrong in disliking her. Nick loves her so much and beams when he speaks of her...

2nd time wedding called off. What's the real reason. Smart girls..who knows how many skeletons the pc family has in the closet...

reduce weight. money wont buy good females

They come across as very money minded family and Ma Chopra supposedly mentored her daughter in all her pursuits. Her previous manager had a lot to spill but their issues legal notice to him to hold his tongue

Nobody is interested in marrying an ugly loser.

So much hate ? My God. Not cool. Not cool

Ishita seems to belong from a decent family. Ofcourse she doesn't deserve these chopras!

such negative comments shows how big time trollers v can b even in such situations !

You can troll ranbir Alia rishi kapoor kareena in their personal matters. When someone troll Priyanka then you came with excuses like it is their personal matter or we don't know anything about them etc. Double standard

Too bad, his sister Priyanka married a good person, I hope he finds happiness as well.

These girls know they won’t be happy with him, good for them.
His sister made enough money for all their comfort, but the guy doesn’t look after himself, needs to eat right and exercise and lose some weight

The Chopras are the shadiest families. Their business and private affairs have always been so creepy right from Prakash Jaju to these to Jonas

Iam actually amazed how he actually gets girls with that ugly ugly face and haggard personality.

Money Money Money

Yeah right! Creepy chopras !

That pic used for the article looks candid but is completely deliberate. Just shows how conniving this family is.

This mother-daughter duo reminds me of kris Jenner- Kim Kardashian wannabes. Seriously those girls are lucky to have escaped these in laws

Poor guy its a sad situation

Mo one is interested in getting married to PC brother.

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