EXCLUSIVE: Is THIS the reason behind Imran Khan and Avantika Malik's separation?

Amid rumours of an impending divorce between Imran and Avantika, who were at one time, one of Bollywood's loved couples, a source reveals inside details about the issues that cropped up between the two.
EXCLUSIVE: Is this the reason behind Imran Khan and Avantika Malik's separation?EXCLUSIVE: Is this the reason behind Imran Khan and Avantika Malik's separation?
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Imran Khan and Avantika Malik's rock steady marriage has now hit troubled waters after it was reported that the couple have been living separately for sometime now. Due to growing differences between Imran and Avantika, the latter left the actor's home with daughter Imara. Since then, both of them have dodged the media and not answered the boiling question - what caused the split? But Imran's mother-in-law Vandana Malik responded to rumours and dismissed them completely.

But now, a source extremely close to the couple, revealed shocking details behind their break up. The source tells us, "Imran has not faced much luck as an actor. After Katti Batti failed, offers started drying up and soon enough, he was left with no work. It's been four years that the actor is at home, doing absolutely nothing. He wanted to turn a director but that also has not taken shape the way he envisioned. He just did a small short with Dharma 2.0 and that's it."

So, it was the frustration that creeped in. "He became really irritable and would react at the littlest of things. All their savings were getting used up and Avantika had to finally rely on her side of the family to support them. There were regular arguments between him and Avantika and their house became a debating platform each day. Avantika couldn't take it anymore and realised that all these regular tiffs and fights were affecting their child Imaara. She called her family and told them everything. They tried various ways to reconcile but to no avail. Both Imran and Avantika were fuming and they decided to take some time off their marriage and she moved out with the kid." They haven't yet filed for divorce but are definitely living separately. What needs to be seen is whether the couple is able to mitigate their differences and get back together stronger or they decide to call their marriage off completely. 

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Money is the most important thing in life..And when the rich becomes poor that is the most sad thing in their life because they have lived a lavish life all this time. Even your partner leaves you if you sit at home for 4 years without any money. You have to go out, use your contacts and do anything which is necessary to earn.

Really..When will the woman start sharing financcial responisbility in this country!!!

This is kind of sad, I guess Aamir is no Karan or Salman to give a bailout at all times. Of course it matters whether he's actually trying in his career or not. Sometimes you can sense if someone doesn't actually want to really get back to work right now. Frustrating for your spouse, husband or wife, if your significant other stops caring entirely.

I don't know why someone is insulting a self made talented actor like Sushant here who worked damn hard to earn his place in the industry without a godfather. I thought he was very good and sincere in both Sonchiriya and Chhichhore regardless of box office fate. You don't need to put or pull Sushant down to praise Imran.

Imran is good looking talented actor. Don't know why Aamir Khan didn't help him out. He deserves second chance. Also start doing web series or tv. If acting world doesn't work out then maybe start your own small business.

He won't be an actor...or in Bwood...time to move on.

He can do the web series. Lot of chances are there for the. Instead of fighting with family he has to compromise and looking for some chances.

He can do the web series. Lot of chances are there for the. Instead of fighting with family he has to compromise and looking for some chances.

In this modern age when men and women are supposed to be equal why is it a mans job to be financially responsible for the family. I am sure he can easily take care of household chores and kids with the help of house help like a woman does. If Imran' career didn't click maybe Avantika should have taken up some work...It is so unfair on imran!

Amir has ton of money. He can help him out. Also, Imran should not shy away from working in digital platforms. It is really sad that a family gets ruined like this. If Sushant Singh can get work then Imran can definitely be OK.

Stop insulting Sushant like this. He acted well in both Sonchiriya and Chhichhore regardless of the box office. No one say Sushant doesn't deserve leading roles. He's far talented than the star kids

Its unfair the wife is expected to deal with all this anger. Being a mother it easy juggling house hold chores and then a bitter husband who isnt in a good mood because of failed career. Having time out is for a sure a good thing, but how quickly will his situation change while being home for 4 years...?

Imran is so good looking and talented, Amir khan should make a movie for him. I can imagine his frustration of not being able to work. Its hard . Hope he makes his comeback to bollywood soon. They should give him a chance. PV please post this, and request some directors to take Imran for any series.

This is the time when you need you family the most. How sad that they chose to desert him in his hour of need. Where is HE supposed to go?

It is not the failure of his career that frustrates a spouse but his lack of effort to do something about it. 4 years is a long time without a game plan.

Aamir please bail him out as you can do it. He is talented n just needs a second chance. I would love to see him on screen again.

Family support during the lowest period helps one deal with all the stress. As life partners we enjoy the success and adulation but find it embarrassing to stand by the partner when his career is down.

For how long? The negativity starts to creep in to the person who provides support and destroys their piece of mind too. Its better to give such person some space so they try and figure out what they want, I don’t think Avantika has abandoned him. She is trying and help giving him space he needs.

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