EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Shroff opens up on relationship with Disha Patani, says "I want to take it slow motion mein"

Although the Baaghi star has maintained silence on his affair with Disha for years, when we interviewed him, he had a funny take on the same. Watch the video to find out.
Tiger Shroff breaks silence on his relationship with Disha PataniTiger Shroff opens up on relationship with Disha Patani, says "I want to take it slow motion mein"
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For the longest time, there have been rumours about Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani. The two lovebirds have never really accepted their relationship in public, but they have also not shied away from making appearances together. Clearly, they are in love and it shows. There might have been several rumours about them facing issues in the relationship and calling it off, but we can tell you none of it is true. In fact, they are going really strong and are considered to be the it couple of Bollywood today. 

But each time, Tiger is asked to speak about the same, he's usually reticent. Except for this one moment when he finally decided to open up on his bonding with Disha. The actor, who was promoting Student Of The Year 2, sat with us for a small interview where we quizzed him about the same. 

His co-stars Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria have been quite vocal about their crushes. While Ananya keeps showering love over Varun Dhawan and Kartik Aaryan, Tara has maintained that she had a crush on Sidharth Malhotra. But Tiger has always dodged the question. 

When we prodded if they are more than just friends, Tiger tells us, "Disha is very good friend yaar." But we asked if the reason behind his chuppi on the whole affair and he eventually gave in. "I like to take it slow, slow motion mein," he laughs adding, "it's also a nice plug in for Disha." Isn't that cute?


Ya ohk buddy. This relationship won’t last eventually. Tigi will end up marrying someone outside the industry like Mira Rajput and Disha will end up marrying an NRI. So there’s no need to give this so called relationship so much importance. End of story!!!

Sorry young man. Relationship trajectory takes orders from no one. You commit or don't commit..All this fast/slow business is theoretical. Relationships are work, even the fairytale ones. Anyone saying otherwise is either in a dominant relationhip set up (ask their partner in secret) or in denial. But I always love to see love triumph. Good luck.

Wait wait! Aren’t they engaged or something? I saw on their respective insta that they hinted ?

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