SWOT for Katrina Kaif: Identifying the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats for Kat

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SWOT for Katrina Kaif: Identifying the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats for Kat

Over the years, SWOT analysis has been conventionally used to identify and analyze the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of an organization in the business world. It is among the most accepted principals, alongside PESTLE analysis, used in making a holistic business decision by the stakeholders. As a method, SWOT can be applied in all mediums of work, and in a first, we at Pinkvilla now bring this methodology to application for the top male and female stars of Bollywood. We take this segment forward with Katrina Kaif, and here’s decoding the factors that have worked in favour of, gone against as also, the opportunities waiting to be explored by bypassing the threats for the box office Tigress.


Mass Appeal

If there’s one actress who is well known in the masses today, it’s Katrina Kaif. In-fact, it would not be wrong to say that she is the most popular actresses of Hindi cinema since the start of this millennium in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities, with a reasonable fan following in the metros too. And to her credit, this fan following has come from the superhit discography with chartbusters like Sheila Ki Jawani, Chikni Chameli, Touch Me, Mashallah, Dunki, Teri Ore and many more. That aside, she has a screen presence to die for, which makes up for some of the shortfalls in acting. While working with the top names of the industry has given her the reach in the interiors, one can’t deny the fact that Katrina’s addition to a cast brings in a certain amount of excitement among the audience. Compare the opening day number of an actor with other actresses vis.a.vis Katrina Kaif, and one would find a difference in the numbers, more so on the positive side. She does bring an added revenue to the film with her presence, which speaks of the mass following and popularity. As mentioned above, the recall value of the term “Katrina Kaif” is the highest in the interiors of India as compared to any other actress, probably she would be more popular than number 2 and 3 put together.

Hard working

Staying relevant in the industry as a top female star for over 15 years is not a joke, and as things stand today, Katrina is here to stay for long. And that’s a result of her hard work. Ask anyone to give an adjective for Katrina and the common notion would be “she works really hard” – be it for the character sketch, diction, the dances or the action. She has come a long way from being “just an average dancer” in the early days of her career, to becoming one of the best we have in Bollywood. So that’s hard work for you and it always leads to a positive outcome. If a producer gets Katrina on board their film, they are sure on the part that she respects the project and would not really sleep walk through the role for the sake of it. And this makes Katrina the lady in demand even today.


Language barriers

While no doubt, she is hard working, but she hasn’t really managed to get a hang at fluent Hindi. She finds it difficult to mouth the heavy-duty dialogues and at times, the attempt to get her lines right results in a negative impact in her acting. The emotions get lost in translation in her rehearsed effort to mouth the dialogues in Hindi as that doesn’t result in the organic expressions. With a 15 year plus career in Bollywood, one expected her to be a pro in the language considering there have been so many foreign talents who learnt and got fluent with the language, overcoming the barrier. She has shown her acting potential in films like Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, New York, Tiger Franchise, Namastey London, Zero (Well, her track was the best in the film, portrayed with perfection), hope, she grows and gets more consistent in this aspect. While she is a likeable personality always lively on the screen, the acting aspect does act as a barrier when it comes to casting her in a role driven by performance, curtailing her reach as an actor. 


Utilization of mass appeal

A well packaged Katrina Kaif film can easily compete at the box-office with most of the names in the industry barring the top 7 actors. Given Kat's hold in the mass belt, her films in the action, dance or even the slice of life and romantic space would open a lot better than the other female counterparts, competing with just one or two names. It’s time for Kat to carry a film on her shoulders and bring in the numbers, and thankfully, a glimpse at her line up suggests that she is slowly taking a step in that direction. PhoneBhoot, Merry Christmas or Super Soldier – Katrina is undoubtedly the star of these films, who will bring in the audience or grab the eyeballs. Katrina should chase a female led action film, or well, given her effortless dancing ability, it wouldn't be a bad idea for her to spearhead India’s maiden female led dance franchise. A fluffy chick flick with her is also sure to attract the audience, particularly the women, who look upto her as a fashion icon. Dance, Action and Chick Flick are the three genres audience would love to see Katrina spearhead on her shoulders, and hope it happens soon.


Short roles

With a 15 year plus career, it’s time for Katrina to take a back seat from the “short” roles in a top star film. She should avoid being the “song and dance” actress in this phase of her career, as with that, there lies a chance of being redundant. She has definitely improved as an actress over the last 5 years, shining against all odds in a film like Zero, making her presence felt in a big way in Tiger Zinda Hai, and was rather sincere in Bharat. Here line up suggests a step in right direction with her chasing the “meaty” and "effective" roles, irrespective of the names attached to the project. There’s not much left to prove about her standing in the industry, as she is among the biggest female stars of last 20 years, and it’s time to take up projects that play a role in expanding her portfolio. When she can easily be the cop in a universe of action films, why opt for a rather shorter role. (Pun Intended).

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