Guess Who? The big shot photographer, known for his annual calendar shoots, might face legal trouble soon?

Can you guess the photographer in question?
Guess Who,guess who,Blind
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With all the on-going Me Too movement gaining momentum looks like there are a lot of old skeletons that are ready to jump out of the closet. This time, the man in question is a famous photographer who is known for his yearly sensuous calendar shoots. The case goes back to 2011 and 7 girls who are out to find a legal route to make him pay for his deeds. One hears that the girls were asked for sexual favours by not only the ace lens man but also the business tycoon who owned the yearly project.

The girls were also sent for high profile parties. But once the girls refused to do so, they clearly were dropped and were not given work at all. Now that the girls have threatened to take a legal route, we hear the photographer is right now sitting across the table trying to crack a deal with them to not take legal action nor tweet about it. Wonder if his deals will click or not?


Dabbu only do calendar with established actors. This will be kingfisher calendar.

I doubt DP faced exploitation on the way up. She has a celebrity father and a recognized name even when she was new. Besides she looked really good. Kat is a different story. She is not a victim. She is exploiter. Though she is beautiful, she acted horrible and spoke bad hindi for years. Now she has improved. But many of the initial movies , she did not deserve it. Some Indian girl with beauty and talent deserved it, but Kat got them by dating Salman, then rejected his marriage proposal once she was established.

Atul Kasbekar , Vijay Mallya (the wife became very religious) & the Kingfisher girls . Bhandarkar's movie was supposed to be based on this .Always thought Mallya sort of got DP to put Siddharth on the map . Mallya in any case has made a career of evading justice.

It is not Daboo. He is known for Celeb calenders. Not sensous calenders. This one is Mallya and Atul Khasbekar who was famous for his Kingfisher annual calender

Everyone from Bangalore knows about Mallya and DP, Calendar girls have to go through the same as movie actors.

Don't forget Katrina is too a calender girl. Everyonevkniws about mallaya and Katrina.
Post it

as a dp fan, she should talk about her experience. Don't like kat, but I feel sorry that she had to face issues she faced in her career too. These two should speak up. #isupportyouladies. p.v plz post.

I believe Most of the calendar girls including dp are from financially good family background. so they have a choice whether or not to offer sexual favour for work. They could have easily walked off from working with them or make a complaint about it. Dp and kat may or may not slept their way to climb ladders.that's up to them. But if they have slept I believe it's a consensual thing and there is no reason for them to confess this to public. Cause they have a lot to loose their respect, image, reputation. ... More over the usage of girls in films says a lot about how the industry works off screen

Why were they given that choice? It’s exploitation plain and simple. Maybe they felt at the time no one would believe a nobody model over the word of an established photographer. Lots of women were silent before this started for same reason.

Mallya has something for deepika...she most probably what jaqueline was to sajid at that time to Mallya

Deepika was the calendar girl and she should know a few stories too. She was so outspoken about Depression, why not women's harassment? I think in this industry they have been brainwashed to believe that outside world rapes/harassment are intolerable, but within industry it's absolutely 'work ethics'. Gross.

Katrina too is a calendar girl. She worked with atul kasbekar for kingfisher .Why is she silent? Dp got troll and still trolled whenever she spread awareness and talk about depression.

Why would she come out in open and have her clean image tarnished? You'd be novice to not think that she has compromised way too much over her stints as a model and actress. She has been used way too many times

atul kasbekar&vijay mallya obvio

Not Motu-turned-patlu Dabboo, but that sleazy Atul Kabzikar and Vijay Mallaya

daboo ratnani

daboo ratnani

Dabba Dabboo

Atul kasbekar

Dabboo Ratnani?

Atul Kasbekar

Oh no! Not Atul Kasbekar :( Thought he was one of the decent ones
Although Vijay Mallya had it long time coming

Dabboo Ratnani?

Dabbo Ratnani

Atul Kasbekar for Kingfisher

Atul Kasbekar

atul kasbekar and vijay mallya

Daboo Ratnani and Kingfisher tycoon Mallya

Is this Vijay mallya and atul kasbekar

Dabu ratnani and vijay mallaya

Kingfisher calendar

Dabbu Ratnani

Tycoon = Malya but the photographer might be Daboo or Atul Kasbekar

Daboo ratnani

Daboo Ratnani


Atul and mallya

Atul kasbekar and vijay Mallya

About time!

Dabboo Ratnani

Dabbo Rantani

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