Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoilers: Upcoming Week Focuses On The Aftermath Of The Baby Switch, A Chaotic Wedding And More Troubles Brewing

For the week of June 3 – June 7 on Days of Our Lives, Rafe takes action against Melinda for her role in the baby switch, while EJ confronts her about knowing Jude's parentage, causing trouble for him.

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Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives.

For the week of June 3 – June 7 on Days of Our Lives, spoilers focus on the aftermath of the baby switch, a chaotic wedding, and characters in tricky situations.

The baby switch story continues with more to uncover, including Jude's true paternity and dealing with the criminals involved.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights

Rafe takes action against Melinda for her role in the baby switch, while EJ confronts her about knowing Jude's parentage, causing trouble for him. Leo starts figuring things out, leading to more bribes from EJ. Kate consoles Roman over losing Jude, and Eric and Nicole have an emotional talk about him.

Brady, who has been single for a while and focusing on being a better parent, starts feeling something for Theresa again. Their relationship heats up, and Alex finds them in a compromising position. Despite Alex’s own romantic entanglements, he shouldn't feel betrayed by Brady and Theresa's hook-up. 

Chad receives life-changing news that might be related to Abigail. He has been thinking about her a lot, and this news could involve her memory or journal. It might also be about Abby's murderer, Clyde Weston, being recaptured. Rafe, busy with the baby switch, is also focused on proving his sister Gabi's innocence. He and Stefan brainstorm ways to help Gabi.


Xander's life seems perfect with Sarah and Victoria, and they plan to marry again. However, Sarah has a secret wedding surprise that Xander isn't thrilled about, possibly involving someone from his past. Additionally, Maggie's wedding to Konstantin promises drama, as she knows Konstantin is a conman.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights

Previously on Days of Our Lives:

In Friday's Days of Our Lives, in the Square, Leo is reading The Spectator on his laptop, criticizing its decline. He hints that Lady Whistleblower will improve things. Eric approaches Leo, accusing him of blackmailing Sloan over Jude. Leo denies knowing Sloan's whereabouts. As Eric presses him, Leo insists he tried to do the right thing. Eric grabs him, warning that Leo now has to deal with him since Sloan and the money are gone.

In her office, Melinda angrily tells Sloan to stop calling her. She assures Sloan that Rafe is clueless despite his questions. Rafe arrives, suspecting Melinda knew about Jude’s kidnapping. Melinda confidently denies it, claiming Sloan cut her out. Rafe reluctantly leaves, and Melinda feels relieved, thinking she handled it well.


Meanwhile, EJ tells Jude that his true paternity will be their secret. Nicole enters, and EJ suggests renaming Jude. Nicole hesitantly agrees. After EJ leaves with Jude, Sloan sneaks in to confront Nicole. Stephanie visits Marlena, feeling anxious about Everett’s intervention. Marlena promises support.

Everett dreams of Stephanie finding Bobby and Jada together. Later, Jada and Stephanie visit Everett, explaining that Dr. Evans suspects he has DID due to childhood abuse. Everett becomes defensive, yelling at Stephanie. He insists that Everett doesn’t need to know his past, and he will ensure it stays buried.

EJ runs into Marlena with Jude outside the Pub. Marlena gets emotional, thinking Jude is her grandson. EJ apologizes, but Marlena assures him they are all victims and praises EJ and Nicole as parents. She leaves in tears. At the mansion, Nicole argues with Sloan, who insists she didn’t plan to kidnap Jude. Nicole becomes furious and hits Sloan. Sloan reminds Nicole of her past misdeeds, asking for the same forgiveness Nicole once received. Nicole refuses.


In the Square, Eric grabs Leo again as Leo yells for help. Rafe arrives, and Eric explains that Leo wasn’t helpful. Rafe reassures Eric they won’t give up. Eric mentions that Melinda was at the adoption handoff, contradicting her earlier claim. At the Salem Inn, Bobby calls Jada his wife and reminisces about their past. Marlena arrives, offering help, but Bobby insists he will protect Everett from his past.

Bobby collapses in pain, and Marlena checks his pulse, urging him to get treatment. Stephanie fears she may never see the real Everett again. A panicked Leo seeks Melinda’s protection. She reassures him that Rafe is off her back and that Sloan, the only person who can prove the blackmail, is gone. Later, Rafe returns to arrest Melinda. Leo realizes it didn’t make sense for EJ to pay him to keep quiet about Jude.

At the mansion, Nicole calls the cops as Sloan tries to escape, but Eric blocks her path.

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