Fancy Dance Ending Explained: The Search For Tawi

Jax struggles to gain official custody of her nice Roki due to her criminal record, and eventually, Roki is sent to live with her grandfather Frank and his wife Nancy, away from her cultural roots.

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Fancy Dance Ending Explained
Fancy Dance Ending Explained (PC: Fancy Dance /Official Trailer/ Apple TV+)

Fancy Dance, the latest film on Apple TV Plus delves into the lives of indigenous people and the challenges they face in modern America. Directed by Erica Tremblay, the film stars Lily Gladstone as Jax and Isabel DeRoy-Olson as Roki. The story dives deep into the lives of Jax and her niece Roki as they face numerous challenges.

The story revolves around their desperate search for Roki’s missing mother, Tawi. The film’s ending is both heartbreaking and poignant, as it reveals the fate of Roki’s mother Tawi. Let’s take a closer look at this feature film and learn what happens at the end.

The disappearance of Tawi

Fancy Dance centers on Jax and Roki, who live on the Seneca-Cayuga Nation Reservation. The reservation is meant to be a safe haven for its residents, offering protection and assistance from the FBI. The film begins with Tawi Goodiron’s mysterious disappearance. For two weeks, her sister Jax and daughter Roki have searched tirelessly, but there’s no sign of Tawi.

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Jax gives hope to Roki

Despite Jax’s relentless search, including involvement from Tawi’s half-brother JJ, they are not able to find Tawi. JJ works for the Tribal Police Department. Jax takes on the role of Roki’s guardian and gives her hope that her mother will return for the annual powwow.


However, Jax struggles to gain official custody of Roki due to her criminal record. And, eventually, Roki is sent to live with her grandfather Frank and his wife Nancy, away from her cultural roots. Despite this setback, Jax is determined to reunite with her niece.

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The heartbreaking discovery

Jax continues her search, gathering clues and piecing together information about Tawi’s recent activities She learns from Sapphire, a stripper, and friend, that Tawi was last seen near the camps where oil rig workers reside. To gather more information, Jax takes a risky job running drugs. She discovers that Tawi has been involved with a local drug dealer.

Jax also finds out that Tawi met a man driving a red truck, shortly before she disappeared. The man in the red truck, with whom Tawi had a violent encounter, killed her. After killing her he dumped her body in a nearby lake. The police eventually find her remains, which confirms her death.


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Does Roki return to her grandparents?

Initially, when the FBI sent Roki to her grandparents, Jax was desperate to reunite with her. So, she sneaks Roki away from Frank’s house, leaving a note for her father. As Jax and Roki leaves the house, the FBI launches a manhunt for them. During their journey to find Tawi, Roki begins to doubt Jax’s promises of her mother’s return. She overhears a conversation revealing that Jax believes Tawi is dead.

The situation becomes more complicated when Roki, feeling the pressure, steals a gun for protection. At a gas station, Roki pulls a gun on the owner, accidently shooting him. This leads to a heated argument between Jax and Roki. Feeling betrayed, Rocky leaves Jax and returns to her grandparents.

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The powwow and the final dance

Despite the heartbreak, Jax and Roki’s story does not end there. Roki, longing for her mother and the comfort of their traditional dance escapes the powwow. Jax who had given up dancing after her mother’s death, finds Roki at the event and joins her in the memorial dance. The memorial dance was happening for missing and murdered Indigenous people.


The dance scene is crucial as it brings the story full circle, emphasizing Jax and Roki’s relationship. Despite various plot twists and turns their bond remains the film’s core. The dance represents their fight for family and heritage. Like this Fancy Dance ends the story on a note of love and unity.

You can watch Fancy Dance on Apple TV+. It is currently streaming on this platform, so enjoy the entire film from the comfort of your home.

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What is Fancy Dance about?
Fancy Dance explores the challenges faced by indigenous people in America, focusing on Jaxx and her niece Rocky as they search for Rocky's missing mother, Tavi, revealing the hardships and resilience within their community.

When was Fancy Dance released?
Fancy Dance was released on June 21, 2024, in the United States.

Who are the main characters in Fancy Dance?
The main characters include Jaxx, played by Lily Gladstone, and Rocky, portrayed by Isabel DeRoy Olsen.

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