Friends 25: Best episode ranked from every season that we can never get over

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Friends 25th Anniversary: Best episode ranked from every season that we can never get over
Friends debuted 25 years ago on September 22, 1994.

25 years ago, our TV screens lit up with Central Perk cafe in the spotlight! We saw five friends chilling over a cup of coffee as a young woman, who also happened to be a runaway bride, burst through the coffee shop doors and our lives were never the same again! It's hard to believe that it's been more than two decades since Friends first aired but the prominence of the sitcom is very much valid, even today! We know the dialogues by heart and we still laugh out loud or cry untill there aren't any tears left, every time we relive the show, which is innumerable!

Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross wormed their way into millions of hearts and never left, even 25 years later. Tomorrow, i.e. September 22, 2019, marks 25 years since the first episode of Friends aired and even today, the love remains the same. Friends remains as one of the most binge-watched shows and rightfully so, as the episodes feel like they were shot just now! Whether it be Ross and Rachel being the original OTP or even Joey and Chandler's legendary friendship, Friends will always be a sitcom, unlike anything we've ever seen on television!


The One with All the Poker


Season 1 was prominently known for Ross' affectionate feelings towards his college crush, Rachel. This paticular episode saw Geller's feelings towards his sister Monica's best friend come in full force when he willingly loses a poker game to her because she had an extremely bad day and just wanted a win! The episode was also filled with plenty of laughs as the girls try to beat the guys at poker.

The One with the Prom Video


Ross and Rachel's moments were aplenty in season 2, but the iconic prom video sticks out as one the primary sequences which actually got the couple together for the first time. It was also the episode that penned the iconic Phoebe line of "He's her lobster!" Then there is the hideous friendship bracelet which Joey gifts Chandler, which is equally memorable. "How many cameras were actually on you?," is one of the classic Chandler Bing dialogues as we saw Fat Monica for the very first time!

The One Where No One's Ready


This iconic episode sees a frustrated Ross trying to get his friends and girlfriend ready for an important banquet. It's Joey and Chandler who steal the show with the very iconic "Could I be wearing any more clothes?" fight!

The One with the Embryos


Who can forget the legendary quiz for Monica and Rachel's apartment, which saw the duo duel it out with Joey and Chandler? However, it's Phoebe who eventually steals the thunder as it's revealed that she is now pregnant with her brother's twins, Frank Buffay Jr.

The One Where Everybody Finds Out


While Ross and Rachel were the most iconic Friends pair, they got tough competition from Chandler and Monica. "They don't know that we know they know we know!," stemmed from this episode as Phoebe and Rachel try to trick Chandler and Monica into confessing that they were dating in secret. It's also the episode where Mondler confesses their feelings for each other with heartwarming "I love you," confessions and ends with Ross finding out and exclaiming, "Get off my sister!"

The One with the Proposal


The entire ploy by Chandler to propose to Monica gets weary when Richard gets added to the mix! But, the heartwarming trick played on Mr. Bing by his ladylove as she gets down on her knees to propose, melted millions of hearts. Finally, Chandler and Monica found what they were looking for all these years!

The One with the Nap Partners


While Chandler and Joey are the ultimate bromance, an underrated friendship in Friends is the one shared between Ross and Joey. In this paticular episode, Ross and Joey realise that they are excellent nap partners, which leads to a roller coaster ride of laughter. On the other hand, Rachel and Phoebe fight it out to be Monica's maid of honour while Monica questions her relationship with Chandler after she finds out that he broke up with a girl because she was fat.

The One with the Rumor


Brad Pitt! Do we need another reason?! This iconic cameo came at a time when Brad and Jennifer were the ultimate American Sweethearts. Starring as Will Colbert, Ross' best friend creates a problem for Ross and Rachel, who are expecting a baby, when he reveals that Geller co-founded with him the 'I Hate Rachel' club, while in college. On the other hand, we have Phoebe fangirling over Will as Joey takes up the task of eating an entire turkey.

The One with the Lottery


Monica's overzealous attitude comes full force when all the friends buy lottery tickets to win a lot of money. The friends get into an ugly argument when Monica buys some extra tickets without their knowledge and ends with Phoebe accidentally throwing all the tickets, out the window. On the other hand, Chandler finds out that he has finally got a dream job at an advertising firm while Emma says her first word, gleba, much to the excitement of Ross and Rachel!

The Last One


Friends' last episode will always be amongst the iconic finales in sitcoms history! Whether it be Rachel's iconic dialogue of "I got off the plane," which led to the epic Ross-Rachel reunion or even the last sequence, where the friends leave their keys to Monica and Chandler's apartment and visit Central Perk, one last time. There were many underrated moments as well, from the destruction of the foosball table which was filled with so many memories to even Chandler and Monica, being blessed with twins. It was truly an ending that loyal fans deserved!

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