Loki Star Ke Huy Quan Shares The One Moment That He Could Time-Skip In Life

Ke Huy Quan shared a personal experience about a time in his life that he could skip. Read on to learn more about it in detail.

Published on Jun 19, 2024  |  08:05 PM IST |  42.2K
Ke Huy Quan (Image via Instagram)

Ke Huy Quan, Loki's star, recently revealed his thoughts on his personal and professional lives. The actor acknowledged that, when reflecting on the challenges and turning points in his career, he would "time-slip" back in time to a specific day in his early years.

Quan recently shared his desire to reprise his role as Loki's Ouroboros in future Marvel films in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. During a conversation with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, this idea was alluded to. Feige had once said, "Ke, we always give the fans what they want," which Quan remembered as an optimistic sign that his character would make a comeback.

Ke Huy Quan: From childhood stardom to adult resurgence

Quan made his mark in Hollywood at an early age. This was done with prominent parts in films like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and The Goonies. He overcame several obstacles despite his early success. This includes a particularly depressing experience in his twenties. Quan recalled one of his worst days, when he went to an audition with thirty other Asian actors and was turned down for a little part.

The blow of rejection struck deep, and he pondered acting as a career while waiting for a call that never materialized. In hindsight, Quan stated that the incident was fortunate since it motivated him to enroll in film school, where he ultimately gained knowledge of the business.

Quan had a heartbreaking notion of giving up acting, but it also caused him to make a big decision in his life. His decision to enroll in film school not only broadened his skill set but also reignited his enthusiasm for the business. Looking back on that trying period, Quan now views it as a pivotal moment.


Ke Huy Quan found himself reuniting with an old acquaintance from his acting career as he took on the part of Ouroboros in the Marvel television series Loki: Data from The Goonies. This similarity between his most recent character and his well-known childhood part highlights Quan's careful attention to his work.

Quan revealed in an interview that his role as the mysterious TVA agent O.B. in Loki was inspired by Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. He explained that he had realized Ouroboros was a variation on Data. He went on to say that all he needed to do was go back in time to 1985, when he was a child, and try to remember how he dealt with that character and his energy.

He clarified that in order to play O.B., he thought back to his early years and recalled how he dealt with Data's enthusiasm and love of technology. He was able to give O.B. a similar vigor and excitement. This was done by drawing on his early experiences. This helped the character come to life on screen.


A closer look at Quan's acting journey

Quan's revelation sheds light on the preparation that went into his performance. It demonstrates how artists may get inspiration in a range of places. They draw on their personal experiences to produce original performances. 

Quan's professional journey has not been typical at all. His performance as Waymond Wang in Everything Everywhere All at Once was a spectacular comeback, reviving his career in acting after he had taken a break from it in 2002. In addition to bringing him back into the spotlight, this comeback has reignited his love for acting.

He said that every time he walked on a movie set, he tried to remember what it was like when he was really hungry for a role. He wanted to hold onto the appreciation and excitement he had when he stepped onto a set for the first time. He explained that's what he wanted Ouroboros to resemble; after working alone for so long, he still approached his profession with gratitude and a great deal of passion.


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