The Real Reason Jennifer Lopez's Nannies Keep Leaving Despite High Pay And Benefits

Jennifer Lopez faced challenges retaining nannies for her twins due to demanding 16-hour shifts and a hectic work schedule despite high pay and benefits.

Published on Jun 30, 2024  |  07:50 PM IST |  76.7K
Find Out Why Jennifer Lopez’s Nannies Kept Quitting Their Job
Jennifer Lopez with her twins Emme and Max (PC: Instagram/jlo)

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most renowned figures in Hollywood, yet in the past, the superstar faced her fair share of problems in hiring caretakers for her twin kids. Lopez shares twin kids with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, namely Emme Maribel Muñiz and Max Muñiz. As per the reports despite offering high compensation and benefits, Lopez struggled to find a long-term nanny for her kids. 

Jennifer Lopez’s nannies kept quitting because of work overload 

After the birth of Emme Maribel Muñiz and Max Muñiz, back in 2008, Lopez faced her fair share of struggles in hiring a caretaker for her then newly born twins. During that time J.Lo herself was pretty occupied with her professional pursuits, making it extremely difficult to take care of her kids.

The source close to the superstar revealed to the National Enquirer, as retrieved via Marca, that unlike others Lopez wanted to hire only one nanny for both her twins, with the working hours lasting up to 16 hours. Further, the nanny would have to work seven days a week, making the work schedule extremely hectic with no sufficient breaks. 

The source shared, "Normally, people who make large sums of money and have a lot of professional and social obligations hire a nanny for each child, especially newborns. But it's as if Jennifer expected a single nanny to not only take care of both twins but to work 16 hours a day, seven days a week!" 


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Jennifer Lopez’s first nanny resigned within a week 

Because of the hectic working hours, multiple nannies quit, making Lopez’s search for a nanny even more tiresome. As per reports, the first nanny hired by Lopez quit her job within a week, forcing the superstar to hire a second nanny. The second nanny apparently was extremely good at her job but was unable to deliver the demanded hectic hours, resulting in her eventual resignation. 

"They hired a second nanny, who was wonderful with the twins, but couldn't handle working so many hours without a break,” the source added. This forced Lopez and Anthony to begin their search for a third nanny. Finally, the couple found a nanny who stuck around for a long time to take care of their twins. 

Now Lopez’s twins, Emme Maribel Muñiz and Max Muñiz have grown up enough and no longer need a nanny for themselves. The twins turned 16 years old this year as Lopez shared a heartwarming reel of their birthday celebration trip to Japan.


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How many kids does Jennifer Lopez have?
Jennifer Lopez has two children, twins Max and Emme.

How many times has Jennifer Lopez been married?
Jennifer Lopez has been married four times, most recently to Ben Affleck.

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