Hailey Baldwin confronts Justin Bieber about his ex-girlfriend; says 'Why is it always about Selena Gomez'?

Updated on Nov 03, 2018 09:27 AM IST  |  7.1M

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's reconciliation in May 2018 was questionable as the two were involved in serious relationships before, with Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendes. While Hailey and Shawn had displayed major PDA during the MET Gala 2018, Justin and Selena had a Jelena 2.0 moment after the Taki Taki singer had a life-threatening kidney transplant. Justin and Hailey are now reportedly married and Selena had an episode of consecutive mental breakdowns, owing to complications from her Lupus disease as well as the kidney transplant. 

When news broke out of Selena's mental condition, Justin was captured breaking down in front of Hailey worried about his once upon a time true love. Another recent emotional breakdown took place for the What Do You Mean singer at a bar in Orlando, Florida when Hailey confronted her man about his famous ex-girlfriend. According to Radar Online, Justin was in shambles and was weeping during the confrontation with his wife. "Hailey was saying, ‘Why is it always about Selena?," an eyewitness told Radar Online.



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Meanwhile, it was originally reported that Justin is taking a break from making new music as he wants to spend quality time with the Drop The Mic host. JB is keeping Hailey as his number one priority, but it looks like Selena will always be looming on his mind.

Even for Selena, it's not just Justin but even ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd who has gone back to his ex-girlfriend, supermodel Bella Hadid and rumours are rife that they recently got engaged.



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The plot thickens indeed!


Anonymous : It's not all Hailey's fault, Justin did propose to her during his on and off relationship with Selena Gomez
REPLY 0 2 years ago
Anonymous : Hailey has let Justin make out with others in front of her and did not make waves. She should have waited after his break up with Selena and not accepted the ring. She’s too passive with Justin and loves him to a fault....almost as an obsession.
REPLY 3 2 years ago
Anonymous : congrats hailey and justin
REPLY 1 2 years ago
Anonymous : she want the fame from justin to improve her almost non exist carier ..whoops
REPLY 5 2 years ago
Anonymous : manipulative hailey..dont we all think that?? :)
REPLY 6 2 years ago
Anonymous : She was understanding first but now I think she reallllyyy hates selena
REPLY 6 2 years ago
Anonymous : dont think he can ever really get over selena..she always be in his head..& hailey will have to live with that..
REPLY 21 2 years ago
Anonymous : True love Can Nevers die so easily. It take times
REPLY 18 2 years ago
Anonymous : If I married someone a few months after they broke off a long term, off and on again relationship.... well what did she think she would get? Regardless of how much she loves him she should have been smart enough to Give it enough time to see if this really would last. Or maybe she knew exactly what she was doing...
REPLY 18 2 years ago
Anonymous : We all know why she rushed it.
REPLY 5 2 years ago
Anonymous : Totally understandable and a valid question being his wife
REPLY 8 2 years ago