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Bloody Daddy Review: Shahid Kapoor & Ali Abbas Zafar's thriller starts solid but ends up being a middling fare

Shahid Kapoor starrer Bloody Daddy, directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, is an interesting film that loses its way somewhere in the second hour. The film can be streamed for free on Jio Cinema.

Published on Jun 09, 2023   |  12:20 AM IST  |  426.3K
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Shahid Kapoor

Bloody Daddy is now streaming on Jio Cinema and can be watched for free (Credit: Jio Cinema)

Key Highlight

  • Bloody Daddy is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and stars Shahid Kapoor.
  • Bloody Daddy can be streamed for free on Jio Cinema.

Name: Bloody Daddy

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Cast: Shahid Kapoor,Sanjay Kapoor,Ronit Roy,diana penty,Rajeev Khandelwal,Ankur Bhatia

Writer: Ali Abbas Zafar

Rating: 2.5

Where to watch: JioCinema

Narcotics officer Sumair (Shahid Kapoor) cracks down a drug deal, resulting in the drug lord Sikandar (Ronit Roy) to kidnap his son in exchange for retrieving a bag full of cocaine seized by him earlier. With no other option left, Sumair agrees to retrieve the bag from the NCB headquarters, and trade it with his son Atharv, who is in Sikandar's custody. Upon entering Sikandar's hotel where the exchange is planned to happen, he uncovers the moles in his department and also earns the suspicions of his colleagues.

What works:
The comic portions in Bloody Daddy, especially the scenes featuring Sikandar (Ronit Roy) and Hameed (Sanjay Kapoor) work wondrously. There are several laugh-out-loud moments in the first hour of the film but as the film starts to get serious in its second hour, the absence of the same is felt immensely. Watch out for the scenes where Shahid's character Sumair interacts with the staff members in the hotel because they are very hilarious. The action choreography is laudable. The action scenes have been masterfully shot by Ali Abbas Zafar throughout the film and to add to that is the solid choice of songs and background music that make these sequences more immersive. The combat scene featuring Shahid Kapoor and Rajeev Khandelwal is shot with utmost finesse. The unique approach to the story is probably the film's greatest strength. The fact that it doesn't look routine is a reason enough to give it a try this weekend.

What doesn't:
The screenplay of the film dips considerably in the second hour. Films like Bloody Daddy have a very little margin for error and unfortunate for the film, it just doesn't hold up as the story progresses. The father-son equation is not explored too well and that makes many actions by both parties through the course of the film, unjustified. The cinematic liberties and plot conveniences also pull the film down a fair deal. Finally, action, which is one of the film's biggest strengths, becomes one of its weaknesses towards the business end because it just feels overdone.

Shahid Kapoor as Sumair delivers a very good performance as a narcotics officer with grey shades. He is excellent when it comes to action and he also excels in emotional and confrontational scenes. His comic punches land and overall, he is just a very pleasing actor you can't get enough of, onscreen. 

Rajeev Khandelwal as Sameer is very solid in his role of a narcotics officer. He also commands a great screen presence.

Diana Penty gives a subdued yet effective performance.

Ronit Roy and Sanjay Kapoor as Sikandar and Hameed respectively have the most fun. They look very menacing throughout the film. They have the best comic punches and they deliver it with ease too. Sequences featuring them elevate the film.

Every other supporting actor in the film makes their presence felt.

Final Verdict:
Bloody Daddy is a very new kind of film for Indian movie viewers. The fun and engaging first hour of the film is followed by an underwhelming second hour, which makes the film ordinary and strictly a one time watch. You can watch Bloody Daddy for free on Jio Cinema now.


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