Treasure's Jihoon says BOYNEXTDOOR's Jaehyun 'should've debuted in YG'; fellow members, ZB1's Hanbin and more panic

Treasure’s Jihoon in a live session said that BOYNEXTDOOR’s Jaehyun should have debuted in YG Entertainment making all the other fellow idols panic. Read on to know why.

Published on May 30, 2024  |  06:48 PM IST |  185.4K
Jihoon (Image Credits- YG Entertainment), Jaehyun (Image Credits- KOZ Entertainment)
Jihoon (Image Credits- YG Entertainment), Jaehyun (Image Credits- KOZ Entertainment)
Key Highlight
  • Treasure’s Jihoon said BOYNEXTDOOR’s Jaehyun should have debuted under YG Entertainment
  • This bold statement caused panic among other idols who were on the live session

In a live session, Treasure's Jihoon stirred up some fun by suggesting that Jaehyun, leader of the boy group BOYNEXTDOOR, would have done well if he had debuted under YG Entertainment. This playful remark likely had other idols in stitches including fellow Treasure members and ZEROBASEONE’s Hanbin, considering Jaehyun's background as a former trainee with YG Entertainment.

Treasure’s Jihoon talks about BOYNEXTDOOR's Jaehyun debuting in YG Entertainment

During the live session, Treasure's Jihoon showered praise on BOYNEXTDOOR's Jaehyun, highlighting his admirable trait of always being straightforward. Jihoon revealed that even during his trainee days, Jaehyun was determined to excel, regardless of the challenges. Despite the intimidating prospect of seeking feedback from seniors or others, Jaehyun fearlessly sought out advice to gauge his true capabilities. This willingness to confront his fears and seek improvement without hesitation impressed Jihoon.

During the monthly evaluations, Jihoon revealed how Jaehyun consistently sought him out, asking for feedback to enhance his performance. This proactive attitude made Jihoon realize Jaehyun's potential for future success. Jaehyun's unexpected remark, "This guy should've debuted in YG," left everyone stunned. 

His fellow Treasure member, Haruto, reacted in a panic, urging him not to say such things. Other idols joined in, nervously laughing it off. ZEROBASEONE's Hanbin too jumped in to clarify, explaining that Jihoon meant he was exceptionally talented and Jihoon agreed. Despite their efforts to explain, everyone remained visibly stressed and panicked on this sudden remark.


Jihoon's remark about BOYNEXTDOOR’s Jaehyun debuting in YG sent shockwaves through the room, considering his current affiliation with KOZ Entertainment, a subsidiary of HYBE. Given the long standing rivalry between YG Entertainment and HYBE, and Jaehyun's past as a trainee at YG, his statement carried weight. Treasure being under YG only added to the tension. Haruto's panicked response reflects the sensitivity of the situation, especially with the ongoing conflicts between HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin which has negatively affected the company. Other idols quickly joined in, trying to diffuse the situation.

More about HYBE’s ongoing feud with ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin

On May 7, ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin took legal action, filing for an injunction to halt HYBE from wielding its voting power to oust her from her CEO position at ADOR during the upcoming shareholders' meeting on May 31. With the court granting her request, HYBE's ability to vote on her dismissal is now suspended. This development ensures Min Hee Jin's continued tenure as ADOR's CEO. Had the injunction not been granted, HYBE's significant stake of 80 percent in ADOR would have likely resulted in Min Hee Jin's removal.


On May 30, the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of Min Hee Jin's injunction request, preventing HYBE from utilizing its voting rights to remove her from ADOR. The court highlighted that HYBE's justifications for Min Hee Jin's dismissal or resignation lacked adequate substantiation. It further noted that while her actions might be perceived as disloyalty to HYBE, they did not necessarily amount to breaches of trust concerning ADOR. 

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