What are BTS' representative animal emojis and what do they mean? EXPLAINED

Using emoticons to represent K-pop idols is not uncommon among fandoms. So let's explore the emojis representing each BTS member and the reference behind it. Read on!

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BTS; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
BTS; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
Key Highlight
  • About the practice of using emojis to represent idols in K-pop fandoms
  • Understanding emojis representing BTS members and their relevance with them

In the colorful world of K-pop fandoms, emojis have become a unique way for fans to express their love and admiration for their favorite idols. From Twitter to Instagram, these tiny symbols represent more than just words, they encapsulate the essence of each member. Let's dive into the world of BTS and explore the emojis chosen to represent RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, and the significance behind each choice.

Using emojis to represent K-pop idols on social media 

In K-pop fandoms, using emojis to represent idols has become a popular trend. Fans often select specific emojis that they feel best encapsulate the personality, characteristics, or signature traits of their favorite idols. Once chosen, these emojis quickly gain traction across social media platforms like Twitter, where fans use them to express their love and support for their beloved idols. Over time, these emojis may even be adopted by the idols themselves, further solidifying their significance within the fandom. It's a creative and fun way for fans to connect with their idols and showcase their admiration through digital expressions.

BTS, one of the most prominent groups in the industry, has garnered a plethora of emojis chosen by their devoted fans, ARMY, that serve as endearing symbols that reflect the distinct traits and characteristics of each member. Moreover, this emoji representation of idols was recently used by BTS themselves in their enigmatically announced upcoming project MNCR Logistics.



BTS members and their emojis

Let's delve into the world of BTS and explore the emojis chosen to encapsulate the essence of each member.

1. Jin

Jin, the eldest member of BTS, is often symbolized by two adorable creatures: the hamster and the alpaca. Fans affectionately associate Jin with the hamster emoji due to his endearing habit of puffing out his cheeks when he eats, reminiscent of a cute hamster enjoying its food. Additionally, Jin's love for alpacas inspired the creation of his BT21 character, RJ, leading some fans to use the alpaca emoji to represent him.


SUGA, known for his sharp wit and cool demeanor, is likened to a cat. Much like a cat, SUGA exudes an aura of independence and mystery, with eyes that gleam fiercely. Despite his quieter nature, SUGA's interactions with fans are cherished, akin to a playful cat frolicking around. Interestingly, SUGA has revealed his fondness for watching cat videos as a means of relaxation, further solidifying the association with the feline emoji.

3. J-Hope

J-Hope, the sunshine of BTS, is symbolized by the squirrel or the horse emoji. Fans see J-Hope's cheerful personality and lively energy as reminiscent of a cute squirrel, while his oval-shaped face and remarkable stamina led to the initial association with a horse emoji. Additionally, J-Hope's BT21 character, Mang, initially wore a horse face mask, further reinforcing this connection.

4. RM

RM, the charismatic leader of BTS, is represented by the koala emoji. Known for his calm demeanor, introspective nature, and love for nature and plants, RM's personality aligns perfectly with the gentle and composed koala. Moreover, RM's BT21 character, Koya, is a koala, further solidifying the association with this adorable marsupial.

5. Jimin

Jimin, with his charming visuals and endearing personality, is often symbolized by the baby chick or the puppy emoji. Fans adore Jimin's plump lips, which often resemble a baby chick's beak, while his playful and affectionate nature evokes images of an adorable puppy. While the baby chick emoji is more commonly used for Jimin, the puppy emoji occasionally makes an appearance, especially in reference to his BT21 character, Chimmy.


6. V

V, with his captivating stage presence and enigmatic aura, is represented by the tiger or the bear emoji. V's affinity for tigers, evident in his use of the tiger emoji in the past and his penchant for clothing with tiger motifs, initially led to the association with this majestic feline. However, after releasing his 2019 English song Winter Bear, V sparked a debate among fans over whether he resembled a tiger or a bear. In a recent Instagram poll, the majority of fans voted for the bear emoji, solidifying its status as V's representative animal.

7. Jungook

Jungkook, the multi-talented maknae of BTS, is often symbolized by the bunny emoji. From his endearing eating habits to his round eyes and infectious smile, Jungkook exudes a bunny-like charm that fans find irresistibly adorable. Additionally, Jungkook's versatility and intense competitive spirit have earned him the playful nickname 'muscle bunny' among his fellow members, further reinforcing the association with the rabbit emoji.

In conclusion, emojis serve as delightful symbols that encapsulate the unique personalities and characteristics of each BTS member. From Jin's cheeky hamster cheeks to Jungkook's lovable bunny-like charm, these emojis reflect the deep connection between BTS and their devoted ARMY, adding a touch of creativity and affection to their interactions. As BTS continues to captivate the world with their music and charm, these emojis serve as playful reminders of the bond shared between the members and their fans.

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