Discover the 5 biggest relationship deal breakers for women

There are many considerations a female has when a woman chooses to date a guy seriously, but the following ones are relationship deal-breakers.

Published on Sep 12, 2022 09:34 AM IST  |  98.7K
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Ever pondered what makes a good guy such a fantastic catch for any girl? The dating game involves a lot of expectations. We all have them. Nevertheless, relationship deal-breakers might be the same even though no two relationships are the same. When you think about it, we are all already under a lot of stress, therefore our relationships shouldn't make things worse. So, there are many considerations a female has when she chooses to date a guy seriously, but the following ones are relationship deal-breakers.

  1. A controlling nature

While popular culture portrays this as a "hot and sexy bad boy" attribute, it is troublesome in real life. No one has the right to compel you to act in a particular way. Although it is common for your love partner to have an opinion on what you do and sometimes even try to persuade you to do something, they do not have the authority to force their beliefs on you. They're meant to aid you in your pursuits and not tear down your defences.

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2. Being a non-feminist

Chance are that your significant other will never view you as equal if they are not a feminist, and that is a major relationship deal-breaker! No, it doesn't mean they shouldn't buy you a nice supper or a gift; it just means they shouldn't regard you as less valuable than them because you're a woman.

3. They are abusive

Abuse of any kind, whether it be physical, emotional, or psychic, is unacceptable. Get out of an abusive relationship as soon as possible. If you can't, talk to someone and ask for assistance. Abuse is painful and terrible, and you should never be putting up with it.

4. Lacking a spine

Being in a relationship with a spineless person is impossible. How can they possibly stand up for you if they can't stand up for themselves?

Adorable litter of pups

5. Hatred of animals

Is it really necessary to elaborate on this? Even while it's not as significant as the issues mentioned above, some people do have this fear. But hatred of animals or animal abuse is a deal breaker! Who could possibly dislike a cute fluffy ball with lovely puppy dog eyes?

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