BTS Week: Touching on SUGA's role as star producer, ace rapper, tsundere hyung, and more

We are celebrating BTS Week as their 11th debut anniversary is closer than ever. Let’s look closely at SUGA’s role as an ace rapper, star producer, tsundere hyung, and more.

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SUGA, also known by his birth name Min Yoongi, is the rapper of one of the biggest boy bands in the history of K-pop, BTS. SUGA rose to immense fame as a rapper and member of BTS. As a member of BTS, he has other responsibilities as well; being the second oldest, he is ‘hyung’ (older brother) to RM, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, and V, while his only bigger brother is Jin. 

SUGA went on to become more than a rapper in  BTS, taking on the role of star producer for the team. Moreover, he has been called introverted at times; however, he is warm and open whenever he is with his band members. 

Looking closely at SUGA’s role as BTS’ hitmaker producer

SUGA has been creating hits with BTS not only as a rapper but as a producer, too for a long time. SUGA in BTS, putting his producer abilities to work, has given memorable, once-in-a-lifetime hits, creating a perfect synergy with his bandmates. 

SUGA’s journey as the group’s producer dates back to the Skool Luv Affair and Dark & Wild era with hits Jump, Tomorrow, and Let Me Know. 

It was taken ahead in the HYYH (Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa) or The Most Beautiful Moment in Life era. Autumn Leaves from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2 with Autumn Leaves.


Taking it ahead, with gems First Love, Ddaeng, Outro: Her, Trivia: Seesaw, Interlude: Shadow, Respect. Moreover, BTS' collaboration with Coldplay for the worldwide hit song My Universe was also produced by SUGA only. 

It does not end here. BTS’ FESTA song of 2023, Take Two, was produced by none other than SUGA, making it extra special. His producing genius took another leap when he created a masterpiece in just minutes while working on an OST for their show In The SOOP. The moment remains one of the most iconic, a true testament to SUGA’s ace-producing skills.

SUGA’s remarkable genius when it comes to producing songs has been appreciated not only by fans worldwide but also by many K-pop artists like PSY, IU, Halsey, and Epik High, to name a few. He has also collaborated with them and produced their songs. 

Moreover, SUGA has produced numerous solo hits, such as his alias Agust D, like Daechwita, Haegeum, HUH?!, Moonlight, SDL, and many more. 


SUGA aka stellar rapper

SUGA, as a rapper, has always pleasantly surprised fans. Additionally, his tuning with J-Hope and RM has given birth to one of the best hip-hop tracks, namely, Cypher. 

SUGAs unmeasurable talent can be perfectly explained by his track Agust D’s lyrics ‘tongue technology.’ His rapping skills literally have the power of taking one’s breath away while hotting emotional and powerful points. 

Looking back at his iconic raps in BTS Cypher 4 (and 3, 2,1), UGH!, Silver Spoon, Spine Breaker, and so many more, one can not help but fall in love with his ‘tongue technology.’ 

It should be noted that SUGA’s rapping style becomes more special as it has the unique ability to tear down walls and speak to one’s soul directly. He uses vulnerabilities, painful pasts, problems, obstacles, and other issues and ends up creating something unfiltered, hip-hop, and meaningful. 

SUGA: BTS’ ‘tsundere hyung’


SUGA is truly BTS’ ‘tsundere’ (a Japanese term for character development or a person seen initially as a harsh or cold personality but gradually revealed to be warm and friendly over time) ‘hyung.’ Being an introverted person, SUGA is mostly seen as a quiet and shy person, but in reality, it was revealed that he has his own quirks and warm personality, which opens especially with BTS members. 

As the quintessential ‘tsundere hyung’ of BTS, SUGA does not express his feelings out loud. Once noted by RM himself in Bon Voyage season 4 that SUGA is a person who does not get emotional or moved easily and shows them even less. But time and again, he has shown his other lovable personality when he expresses his love and feelings towards BTS embers. 

In one of the FESTA lives a few years ago, he said ‘I love you’ to Jimin and others. And the reverse once happened when BTS said ‘I love you’ to him again, bringing his ‘tsundere’ to the brim. 

SUGA’s role as tsundere hyung of BTS is special as the part brought about by his members is hardly seen anywhere else. Most recently, he carried the guitar signed by the BTS members at his D-DAY concert, displaying his special bond with them. He even said that without them, doing the concert would have been even tougher.


SUGA: BTS’ personal celebrity chef

It is said that some people’s love language is cooking food, and so is SUGA’s love language. SUGA has been seen cooking food for the members a lot of times through the years.

Notably, in season 4 of Bon Voyage, SUGA transformed into BTS’ chef for the whole show, and he used his time as a chef to create new and delicious dishes for them every day. From noodles to chicken, SUGA, aka BTS’ skilled personal celebrity chef, left no stone unturned. He later continued his skilled chef role for BTS in In The Soop, too.

As an ace rapper, star producer, tsundere hyung, and personal chef of BTS, SUGA has always won hearts and continues to do so. His introverted yet warm and loving personality with cute and, at times, savage quirks continues to shine.

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