EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The Last Hour’s Shahana Goswami, Raima Sen & Shaylee share their real life eerie experiences

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Raima Sen talks about The Last Hour

Amazon Prime Video’s supernatural crime-drama, The Last Hour, is just round the corner, and Pinkvilla recently got into an exclusive conversation with its actors Shahana Goswami, Raima Sen and Shaylee Krishen to talk about the show, and much more. During the interaction, when the actresses were asked if they have had any supernatural or eerie experiences in real life, here’s what they had to say. “Yes I had, but not supernatural. When I was growing up in camps, we had this granny who was very mysterious and would always sit and have hookah because of the cold in Kashmir - we call it Chillum,” says Shaylee. 

She further adds, “So she used to keep smoking, and one day she died. So everyday I used to pass her tent, I used to see her sitting there having that. Now I don’t know if that was an imagination or she actually was there. But that really scared me and stayed with me for a very long time.” Raima shares her experience too. “I think when we were kids, my father’s elder sister, we used to all do a lot of planchet. Now I don't know whether it really worked then or not, but we were always trying to call like dead spirits and dead souls. That used to be our favourite game when we were growing up,” says Raima. 

Shahana says that she hasn’t had any supernatural experience per se. “But certain spiritual experiences are also kind of supernatural in a sense. Recently I have had bees come and sit all over my face, and pick on my face after meditation. And I had no explanation as to why that happened, I was walking around and they were just on me. Then I looked up what the significance might be, and it says you know whatever… awakening of the divine feminine. These are all like strange things that happen, which are equally supernatural as seeing a ghost or talking to a spirit or a dead person,” Shahana informs.

The actors also play a fun game called ‘Guess these horror/supernatural movies by their plots’. To see the entire interview, watch the below video.

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