EXCLUSIVE: Hrithik Roshan to explore Time Travel in Krrish 4; Jadoo returns to the franchise after 2 decades

Updated on Jun 24, 2021 10:03 PM IST  |  513K
EXCLUSIVE: Hrithik Roshan to explore Time Travel in Krrish 4; Jadoo returns to the franchise after 2 decades

Krrish is India’s maiden superhero franchise, and there has been an anticipation around Hrithik Roshan’s return to this world with Krrish 4 for a while now. Last year, it was revealed that the makers are toying around with the idea of bringing the iconic alien of Indian cinema, Jadoo from Koi Mil Gaya, back to the Krrish universe. Hrithik Roshan too had cryptically confirmed the news to this author back then saying, “The world can do with some Jaadu now.”

Hrithik celebrated 15 Years Of Krrish by announcing Krrish 4 on June 23, and he seems to have given a hint about the films’ plot too. “The past is done. Let’s see what the future brings. #15YearsOfKrrish #Krrish4.” The tweet led to a lot of theories on social media about the film's timeline. Given the fact that there is always something hidden in Hrithik’s tweets around films, Pinkvilla tried to get some dope on Krrish 4 and a source revealed that the fourth installment of this superhero franchise is set against the backdrop of time travel.

“The makers are trying to build the universe in a way that the world of Koi Mil Gaya, and Krrish come together. While the idea of bringing Jadoo back is in place, the makers have zeroed in on the concept of time travel for this one. Krrish as a franchise has a strong sci-fi backdrop and there has been a gradual significance of time through all the films. In Koi Mil Gaya, Rohit Mehra uses his father’s equipment to communicate with Jadoo, whereas in Krrish, Rohit himself develops a Time Travel Machine, the object of interest. Time travel will be key to the story of Krrish 4,” revealed a source close to the development.

Tracing back to Krrish, Rohit Mehra had pioneered a machine that can transport one in the future to control the past and present. It remains to be seen if this premise is taken forward in Krrish 4. Other details of the plot as to how exactly the element of time travel comes into play has been kept under wraps. Talking about the present status of Krrish 4, the film is in the prep stage.

“Rakesh Ji (director, Rakesh Roshan) and Hrithik, with their team of writers, have been working on the script for a couple of years and a lot of it is already locked. The duo has also been in conversations with visual effect experts from the West. Krrish is a dear franchise for the Roshan's and they are keen to deliver a full proof film, close to the reality yet larger than life,” the source added. Interestingly, Hrithik as Krrish, is the only actor in Bollywood to have succeeded in the superhero space. Apart from Krrish 4, Hrithik also has Vikram Vedha, The Night Manager and Fighter in his kitty. The superstar is also in talks for Ramayana.  

With the time travel element and the return of Jadoo, Krrish 4 seems to have gotten even more exciting.

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Anonymous : Okay I don’t care about anything and how crappy the movie is but I am excited to meet jadoo
REPLY 1 2 months ago
Anonymous : The Krrish films are a joke. Always inspired (read copied) from Hollywood, these films have been utter failures. The Robot series from Rajinikanth are much better films in my opinion.
REPLY 1 2 months ago
Anonymous : The third one was definetly a cheap ripp off of X MEN. But the first two were actually good... The first one was the best... Let's Hope the 4 th one is not a copy of Hollywood SciFi movies
REPLY 1 2 months ago
Anonymous : Hope not inspired from X Men ,, All the very best to the entire team and specially Hrithik
REPLY 0 2 months ago
Anonymous : He is gonna kill it , His next line up is on fire
REPLY 3 2 months ago
Anonymous : Time travel and tele transportation raises the intriguing quotient of Krrish4 to another level.... He's gonna hit the buys eye for sure.
REPLY 7 2 months ago