EXCLUSIVE: I'm single but not averse to a relationship: Kiara Advani opens up about love and dating an actor

Kiara Advani opens up on her longest relationship, how she handled her break-up and still being friends with her ex, in this candid conversation. Watch video inside.
Kiara Advani opens up on love, heartbreak and being friends with her ex

Kiara Advani is making rapid strides when it comes to her career. The actress, who started off with some small roles, has become of the top heroines in Bollywood today. Specially after her terrific portrayal in Karan Johar's short in Lust Stories, she managed to get the much needed recognition. Now that she readies herself for the big release of Kabir Singh, we cornered her to discuss matters of the heart. 

Ask her about the time she was in love with someone and Kiara admits, "In my head, I believe I've only been in love once. It was the only person I had a proper longish relationship. We grew up together so it was a different kind of equation. Today also, that person is still a friend and someone I'd call for anything good or bad." She further explains, "In school, I remember having a relationship in the 10th grade. My mum caught me on the phone and she was like, 'You have guts to be in a relationship during your board exams. You can't talk to boys now.' But my boyfriend was a nerd so it helped me improve my grades." 

In Kabir Singh, Shahid Kapoor's character goes through a phase of self-destruction. When prodded whether she's been in a similar situation in life, Kiara admits, "I have been there myself, we have all been there. I have felt like I don't want to get out of bed, I want to stay in. My friends told me, 'You gotta get out and not cry over someone.' It's okay to cry and let it out. But then move on and allow everyone in." 

There have been several speculations about her and Sidharth Malhotra, who she shares screen space with in Shershaah. But she tells us that she isn't in a relationship at the moment. "I just told you I'm too single. We were promoting in Chandigarh and they called me chhadi which means a single girl. It doesn't sound so right anyway. But I'm not averse to a relationship." But will she ever date an actor? Pat comes the response, "Never say never. I don't want to say that because who knows some years down the line, I end up with someone from the industry. Initially when I started off, I used to think that I can't date an actor. But now, profession doesn't matter." 

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How does nepo papa find so many celebrities children and distant relatives of celebs?

tara is a plastic makeup dukaan

She looks so average, has no striking features whatsoever. How did a plain looking girl like her get a career in Bollywood.

It's called nepotism!!

hoe eyeing on Sid , she is nothing in front of Tara , ugly piece of shit

She’s not a top star yet, however she has it in her to be a big star.

She sounds like a humble, sensible woman

Out of all these girls she has all the quality to become a big thing in Bollywood

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