EXCLUSIVE: Kajol - I wouldn't be where I am today if Ajay Devgn wasn't as good a father or as good a husband

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, Kajol got candid about her upcoming film Helicopter Eela, Ajay Devgn being a Helicopter dad, her 26-year-journey in Bollywood and why she does not want a biopic on herself.
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Our absolute favourite and the evergreen Kajol is back in the Bollywood scene, after Dilwale (2015) with Pradeep Sarkar's directorial Helicopter Eela. Also starring National Film Award winner Riddhi Sen as Kajol's son, Helicopter Eela is the story of an over-protective mother who tries to find her own identity and enrolls into her son's college. With comedy and a tinge of drama, this film promises to be a complete family entertainer for parents who can relate to Eela.

In an EXCLUSIVE interaction with Kajol, when we asked the actress if her kids Nysa and Yug think that she is a Helicopter mom, the instant reply was, "I don't know what answer they would give you but I definitely think I'm partly Helicopter, partly not. More like a drone rather than a helicopter." On the contrary, Kajol reveals that Ajay Devgn falls into one category. "He (Ajay) is definitely a Helicopter dad! There are no two ways about it. He's very concerned with all the little things where the kids are concerned and he will own up to it quite proudly."



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Does Kajol find similarities with Eela at all? "Ofcourse I do. Every parent will find similarities with Eela. She is just that kind of a character. She's so much a mother that you find yourself relating to her or agreeing with her in a lot of ways. When you see the film, you'll realise that whatever she is doing and saying, however, she is doing it, she's trying to do it to the best of her ability. The reasons behind it are because she loves her son so very much," Kajol shared.

Talking about her hilarious first impression of co-star Riddhi, Kajol narrated, "My first impression of meeting Riddhi was that I told him to calm down. You need a tablet to calm down and then come to work. (laughs) He was literally bouncing off the ceiling. Once he came back down, he was so cool and so correct as far as the scenes and all the connotations of the scenes were concerned, He got everything like bang on. We were really impressed."

What was Nysa and Yug's reaction to seeing their mother play an on-screen mother to Riddhi in Helicopter Eela? "They loved it! They loved the trailer till I was laughing and I was doing the mad stuff. They said, 'Oh, mom! This is just you.' Then, when the part came where the little drama started and I had a few tears in my eyes, Riddhi was looking at me little angrily, they didn't like that at all. So then they said, 'Where is Riddhi? We want to catch him!' (laughs)"

Going back to Ajay, when we quizzed Kajol on who she prefers more - Ajay the husband or Ajay the father, pat came the reply, "They both have their place. I wouldn't be where I am today or even with my kids if he wasn't as good a father or as good a husband."

Many women-oriented films like Raazi and Veere Di Wedding were major commercial successes at the box office which proves that women are taking over the world. On this, Kajol stated, "It's the age of a better-educated audience. Thank God for that! It's the age for better films and a variety of different films, of different genres, doing well. You have an Avengers doing well, you have a Golmaal 4 doing well, you have a Stree doing well and at the same time, hopefully, Helicopter Eela doing well, as well. It's probably the right time for women to stand up and be part of that 50 percent of the population of the world that we are and want to see more of themselves on screen."

We sure do miss the crackling screen presence of Kajol in the silver screen and Kajol promises to be in the movies but with meaty roles. On watching more of Kajol in films, the actress said, "I hope so! I do pick and choose my films very carefully. I feel whatever I do, however little I do of it, it doesn't need to be a film that is completely concentrated on me. It doesn't have to be as the solo character in the film. But, whatever I''m doing in the film has to have meaning, has to have some kind of meat to it. I will not do something meaningless and stupid just for the sake of doing a film. Not anymore, I wouldn't."

Even a mention of a biopic on Kajol is not fathomable to the actress as she stated, "My biopic is not being made! I'm too busy living and enjoying my life to have somebody else enact it. I don't want to play my biopic only. I like my life right now and I'm enjoying the making of it. I'm making my life right not, I'm in the process. Somebody can do it if I'm dead if they feel like it."

Finally, when asked to summarise her 26-year journey so far, the larger than life personality concluded, "I wouldn't summarise it, it's still on its way. The train hasn't reached the station yet and I feel, there is so much for me to do. My mother (Tanuja) has been working for 67 years so God-willing, I will follow in her footsteps and I'll meet you back here at 50."



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Helicopter Eela is slated to release on October 12, 2018. 


What kind of bubble land she lives in, she must think most indians and non indians living in India or outside India are just solid deaf. Lady, everyone knows what a nice husband he is...he cheated you with multiple women...yet you are going on about what a nice gentleman he is...i actually have seen a few people like kajol in real life...they always treat people like trash, always think so highly of themselves and when it comes to personal life, they are so dead inside, but never admit to anyone or face it because they are just in a big mess. No matter how many times he cheats in future, she will always sing along same sad songs.

Ajay is good father but not husband he has affairs with the backup dancers and let’s not forget kangana

How did she become so light? Insecure women is Kajol?

Damage control ?

Umm so where exactly are you today?

I don’t think having multiple affairs makes a good husband. Being loyal is the most important aspect of a relationship, according to me. To each their own. Maybe that doesn’t matter much to her and she is cool about his affairs.. only some were talked about.. by god wonder how many are hidden.
Because of women like Kajol, men like Ajay continues their philandering ways. If only women took a stand and left an unfaithful husband just like how a man never stays with an unfaithful wife then men will think twice before doing it..
PV pls post took long to write..

give yourself some credit too Kajol, after all it takes two to tango

And an womanizer

She was better off without Ajay!!

Wait, did you actually say something nice about Kajol, that she is better off without him? I have to clean my glasses

she is magical!

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