EXCLUSIVE: Rhea medicated Sushant; alienated him from his family, threatened him: Lawyer makes SHOCKING claims

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EXCLUSIVE: Rhea medicated Sushant; alienated him from his family, threatened him: Lawyer makes SHOCKING claims

Sushant Singh Rajput's death on the 14th of June sent shockwaves within the industry and the nation at large. With over 50 days to the unfortunate incident passed already, there has been huge debate and furore about the whole case. While the family has booked an FIR against girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty alleging theft, cheating and abetment to suicide, the case has taken a different turn ever since. 

The family also shared that they had sent out texts fearing danger in Sushant's life back in February itself and have now called for a CBI probe on the whole case. Sushant's family lawyer Vikas Singh (Former Additional Solicitor General & Senior Advocate) who joined us for a conversation has revealed some shocking details about the case. He speaks about how Rhea Chakraborty took complete control of Sushant's life, alienated him from his family and friends, medicated him and alleged that he was depressed to finally duping him of over Rs 15 crore just in a year's time. In an exclusive tell-all with Pinkvilla, he narrates bit-by-bit of how they feel Rhea broke Sushant. Vikas Singh shares, "An offence of abetment to suicide doesn't happen in a day. It has a bundle of facts involved and for Sushant, it all started when Rhea completely cut off his access to his family members. She didn't let the father to the son and cut down on that frequency. Then, when the father tried to contact Sushant through the bodyguard, that also wasn't allowed. That was the first step."

The second step was to remove all the servants, bodyguards and cook from the house. Third was to take over the bank accounts, credit cards and PIN numbers, etc. Fourth step was when for the first time, Sushant Singh Rajput had started taking medicines
Vikas Singh, Sushant Singh Rajput's family lawyer

He adds, "The second step was to remove all the servants, bodyguards and cook from the house. Third was to take over the bank accounts, credit cards and PIN numbers, etc. Fourth step was when for the first time, Sushant Singh Rajput had started taking medicines. The family was completely unaware of this - what medicines he was taking, which doctor she was taking him to. She completely conjured up a situation where she could make film there's something wrong with him."

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Not just that, The lawyer also shared how Rhea was the one who took control of his professional choices as well. "She was using him to further her own career. She would sit in all the meetings with production houses and would say, 'He will do it only if you take me opposite him in the lead'. She slowly took control of his mind and his affairs in such a way and started dominating him. The medicines that were administered on him made the control go from bad to worse," he tells us. 

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It was on the 8th of June that Rhea vacated Sushant's house at Mont Blanc and never returned. "Sushant finally told her that he wanted to do organic farming and take a break from movies. She realised he's of no use to her anymore and she left. From what the family has told me, I feel this could be the trigger point. She walked out of the house, took all his medical records and would keep threatening him that she would make all the reports public. That was one threat he couldn't take strong actions against her. She walked out of that house with the files and blocked him, which made him even more anxious." Six days later, Sushant was found dead in his apartment. While the investigation is on, find out what all the family's lawyer had to share. 

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Anonymous : Rhea chakraborty you killed him slowly
REPLY 0 2 months ago
Anonymous : Even after that creepy sleezy of photo of hers with her Sugar Daddy didn’t stop Sushant from dumping her . He was under her spell ? May be she was threatening to go to the media about his non existent health condition ! Greedy woman... first enjoys his wealth for her personal luxuries. Lives in his house conveniently . Gradually takes control of him and his finances. Threatens him. Finally after she achieved her evil goals, she dumps him. How could she not feel guilty after living off his wealth ? This is seriously beyond my belief. Any decent human will have some gratitude. But not this b****.
REPLY 5 11 months ago
Anonymous : i feel Sushants family is in for a huge shock when truth is revealed.
REPLY 4 11 months ago
Anonymous : Sushant's family is also responsible for his death to some extend. His sister who lives in Mumbai should have stayed with him when they came to know all Rhea's intentions. Then the loss would have not became so huge.
REPLY 10 11 months ago
Anonymous : What did she threaten and blackmail him of? That he was hearing unknown voices? Why was he so scared coming out with his mental illness? Severe depression can also cause one to hear voices in the head, it is not always schizophrenia. I don't think Rhea had any intention to blackmail him. I think his mental condition really freaked her out and instead of being there for him she just escaped. She probably felt that she already has all his money so no more pyar ka dhong nexessary.
REPLY 6 11 months ago
Anonymous : SSR case is getting tougher & tougher, it’s making us restless.. Disha Salian’s family is tight lipped, she was engaged but frustrated due to Covid 19 related financial crisis, I read Disha had one of ad contracts was with SSR as well that got cancelled.. was SSR afraid that he might get involved in her suicide case or he came to know some truths about her death and wanted to come public?? Or he realized about Rhea’s evil plans and just to teach her lesson he hastily gave up by suiciding?? @Rhea- no point in hiding, SSR fans have already cursed you, no escaping
REPLY 6 11 months ago
Anonymous : She's the devil. I hope she dies a very painful death. Aaaak thouuu
REPLY 27 11 months ago
Anonymous : Rhea and Kangana like women are Dayans ... I believe in Kaala Jadoo
REPLY 3 11 months ago
Anonymous : It’s really sad for family.. wish they knew of his medical condition. Why would Rhea not inform his family of his medical Condition? She was only going out with Sushant for a year , it’s not like they were together for years ! Something is definitely shady considering family was left out and Rhea took His money . That angle definitely is shady
REPLY 23 11 months ago
Anonymous : because there wasn't any medical condition. The family probably thought he is just in love and turning blind. But in reality in the name of depression she was drugging him.
REPLY 16 11 months ago
Anonymous : #CBI4SSR
REPLY 15 11 months ago
Anonymous : Rhea is a cunning bi@%$ and hope she pays the price!
REPLY 25 11 months ago
Anonymous : Rea is a f***ing w**re
REPLY 20 11 months ago
Anonymous : This Rhea must be a satan worshipper, it's unbelievable how cruel and evil someone can be!Even if she is not the killer, she must rot in jail untill death comes, she and her family for torturing sushant.
REPLY 24 11 months ago
Anonymous : Why wasn't his friend Disha not be investigated
REPLY 9 11 months ago
Anonymous : Can we have the call records of Rhea, Sushant and Disha. That will solve if these murders are linked.
REPLY 29 11 months ago
Anonymous : They can't because Sushant kept on changing his SIM card. Or Rhea was making him paranoid and making him change his sim so Pithani can keep a tab on him.
REPLY 9 11 months ago
Anonymous : The only way someone as intelligent and loving as Sushant would fall for a crazy witch like her is black magic. There is no way he would fall for someone like her of his own free will. She ruined his life. She must pay. PV please post
REPLY 31 11 months ago
Anonymous : OK So....He is was not a baby
REPLY 9 11 months ago
Anonymous : But you are for commenting with gibberish.
REPLY 13 11 months ago
Anonymous : Sushant was mentaly unstable. His family doen’t want people to belive it. Thats why they are targeting poor rhea by blaming her.
REPLY 12 11 months ago
Anonymous : poor U, go to sleep
REPLY 7 11 months ago
Anonymous : Mahesh buddhe we know you are mentally unstable so are your gfs alia and shaheen also they are going parveen babi way .Jake dekh kahi suicide na krlia ho depression ki wajah se
REPLY 17 11 months ago
Anonymous : You always comment this and I always laugh very well said ...Mahesh old c**p is b***ard after all
REPLY 11 11 months ago
Anonymous : even if this claim is true then RHEA IS DOUBLY IN TROUBLE because she was abusing someone who was not in a good condition..
REPLY 8 11 months ago
Anonymous : He was not mentally unstable. Open your eyes and look at Rhea mahesh etc. they are mentally abnormal
REPLY 1 11 months ago
Anonymous : Ruined a poor soul . Heartless Witch!
REPLY 50 11 months ago
Anonymous : Responsible officials will never give out details this is not a movie or a tv show that public should get a detailed account. Police in India or abroad do not give detailed information during the investigation. It compromises the case. It’s sad that people professionally malign people who may be doing their job. When it happens to them it will hurt. Is that not justice too.
REPLY 5 11 months ago
Anonymous : Responsible officials will never try to protect the criminal as well if not letting all information out!
REPLY 38 11 months ago
Anonymous : But do they take over 50 days to complete the investigations
REPLY 4 11 months ago
Anonymous : If there is justice in this world, I hope for heaven's sake , Atrocities this innocent soul faced be avenged. I f Rhea really cared for him, she should have kept family in loop and if not, Why did she leave him at his worst state. First she cut him off from his family n friends, even changed his associates. I cannot believe how evil this women turned out to be. If she is innocent why is she running away from CBI inquiry , why isn't she cooperating with Bihar Police?? God may justice prevail and those who inflicted pain to Sushant, meet their right end
REPLY 65 11 months ago
Anonymous : How did Sushant like this d grade flop actress and horrible person...I really don't understand... Ankita and Kriti are so much better looking , more successful and even more loving...he left such good girls and found this b**** good.??.. what is so good in her?? Before Sushant's death, she was infamous for her sleazy pics with mahesh bhatt...was Sushant so dumb..I thought he was an intelligent and we'll read guy...why and how did he fall for this whore I really can't understand... instead of jumping from one girl to another he should have concentrated on his career and took care of his dad...and get married to a simple girl who is not an actress...it's so hard to see his aged father fight for his son's justice... seriously his old father didn't deserve this pain.
REPLY 70 11 months ago
Anonymous : When crime happens Follow the money. Rhea was doing all this for Sushant money. Rhea took all his money,
REPLY 49 11 months ago
Anonymous : Clearly Rhea is involved in some manner why else will all figuress point at her ?
REPLY 51 11 months ago
Anonymous : I pray that ssr and his family are either able to have full control over fir or have case at cbi. The criminals are working on technicalities right now
REPLY 45 11 months ago
Anonymous : Why mumbai cops never let these details out?? Their stance had been ‘nothing sensational’ came out! What else did they want to label it sensational?
REPLY 53 11 months ago