EXCLUSIVE: Salman Khan’s next after Tiger 3 could be Tiger vs Pathaan with SRK; Few more directors in line

Vishnu Vardhan, Sooraj Barjatya and Ali Abbas Zafar are among the probables who could team up with Salman Khan in the near future. Read detailed report

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EXCLUSIVE: Salman Khan’s next after Tiger 3 could be Tiger vs Pathaan with SRK; Few more directors in line
EXCLUSIVE: Salman Khan’s next after Tiger 3 could be Tiger vs Pathaan with SRK; Few more directors in line
Key Highlight
  • Tiger vs Pathaan will keep Salman Khan busy in 2024
  • Vishnu Vardhan film will require atleast 4 to 5 months of pre-production
  • Sooraj Barjatya still working on the script, Ali Abbas Zafar expected to meet Salman soon

Salman Khan is among the biggest superstars of Indian Cinema. Over the years, Salman has been consistent in delivering at-least one film a year with the only exception being 2013. However, it has been over 2 years since one has heard about the next venture for Salman. According to sources close to the actor, Salman is now taking things slow as far as script selection is concerned. “Salman has been approached by a lot of filmmakers, which includes some from his own camp. But for the first time in his 30-year career, there isn’t a film lined up to start any time soon,” revealed a source close to the development.

Salman Khan is excited for Tiger vs Pathaan with Shah Rukh Khan

The dearth of good scripts made Salman a little concerned at one point in time, but following his visit to the US, he seems to have made up his mind to sign on for films with substance, mostly outside of his home productions. “Salman is committed to shooting for Tiger vs Pathaan from the first quarter of 2024 with Shah Rukh Khan. The film is planned as the biggest cinematic event of Indian Cinema, and he is excited about this visual spectacle with his friend, Shah Rukh Khan. 2024 will entirely be invested in shooting for Tiger vs Pathaan film,” the source informed, adding further that the exact timelines are yet to be locked but the film will tentatively go on floors from February/March 2024.

Now, Salman isn’t exactly excited by any of the scripts that have come his way, apart from the Vishnu Vardhan film produced by Karan Johar. “Lot of meetings have taken place and another one will take place soon. But the catch here is the time required for pre-production, as given the scale at which Vishnu has envisioned his subject, it would require 4 to 5 months of prep before taking it on floors,” the source shared, quick to add that all the modalities can be figured only once the stakeholders arrive at a decision. “There’s also a possibility for the Vishnu Vardhan film to be a follow up to Tiger vs Pathaan. But it’s all in the ifs and buts space at the moment as the most important factor is a yes from Salman for the film.


Vishnu Vardhan, Sooraj Barjatya and Ali Abbas Zafar have a script for Salman Khan

Apart from Tiger v/s Pathaan and Vishnu Vardhan, Salman is awaiting a narration from his mentor, Sooraj Barjatya for Prem Ki Shaadi. “This is a film which can be fast-tracked to go on floors this year. The script has been in development for the last few years and if Sooraj is ready with his draft by July, there is a minor chance for Prem Ki Shaadi to kick off from October and go on till February for a Diwali 2024 opening. However, Salman and his team are still waiting to hear an update from Sooraj Barjatya and they are not willing to pressurize him to complete his writing just for the sake of taking the film on floors,” the source explained.

There’s also chatter about Ali Abbas Zafar in the Salman Khan camp now with whispers of a probable meeting soon. “However, the Ali Abbas Zafar film is not one that could start before Tiger vs Pathaan, as Salman is yet to even hear the subject that Ali has for him. Just the hygiene conversations have happened between the two with a formal meeting expected soon,” the source shared.


It will basically boil down to Sooraj Barjatya and Vishnu Vardhan, if things meet the timelines, and if not, Salman will proceed with Tiger vs Pathaan and then dive into one of the three films, based on when they materialize. “He is clear, he doesn’t want to start a film for the sake of it. If nothing exciting comes his way or if things do not materialize at the right time, it’s going to be Tiger vs Pathaan next for SK followed by all the other films, which will be locked and ready to unleash by the end of 2024. The deadline to start a new film before Tiger vs Pathaan is October,” the source concluded. There is also Sajid Naidadwala, who is trying to crack Kick 2, but if not for the present timeline, the Kick sequel might be on the backburner for good.

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