Happy Kim Go Eun Day: Goblin, Exhuma, Little Women and more; Exploring talented actress’ versatile roles

Versatile actress Kim Go Eun turned 33 today. A master at everything she does, let’s explore some of her top roles across various Korean dramas and movies.

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Kim Go Eun (Image Credits- BH Entertainment)
Kim Go Eun (Image Credits- BH Entertainment)

Since she started acting in 2012 with A Muse, Kim Go Eun has shown her talent in a variety of roles in K-dramas and movies. Born in South Korea in 1991, Kim Go Eun stumbled into acting by chance but has since become a versatile and respected actor in the industry. 

Kim Go Eun's dedication to her roles over the years has propelled her to stardom in the South Korean entertainment industry, consistently pushing her boundaries and evolving with each new project, be it K-dramas or films. 

From her beloved role in the fantasy K-drama Goblin to her recent success in the South Korean horror hit Exhuma, Kim Go Eun's career is marked by captivating performances that reveal new dimensions of this seasoned actress. On the occasion of her birthday, let’s check out some of her versatile roles.


Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) is a K-drama gem, and Kim Go Eun plays a pivotal role in its charm. Her portrayal of the upbeat Ji Eun Tak is irresistible, bringing joy to every scene she graces. 

Her chemistry with co-stars Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook is seamless, making their interactions a pleasure to watch. Kim Go Eun's comedic flair shines brightly, particularly in the hilarious and awkward moments shared with Gong Yoo's Kim Shin. Her expressive performance adds layers of humor to the series, making her a standout in Goblin's stellar cast.

Yumi’s Cells


Yumi (played by Kim Go Eun) is an office worker who once harbored dreams of becoming a writer. She is reserved and lacks confidence, leading a predictable life shielded from love. Everything changes when she meets Woong (played by Ahn Bo Hyun), a video game creator. Their relationship blossoms, but they part ways as Woong focuses on his career struggles. 

However, love finds Yumi once more, this time through her confident coworker from the marketing team, Yoo Babi (played by Jinyoung). With Babi's encouragement, Yumi rekindles her passion for writing and embraces a newfound openness to love.

Yumi's Cells cleverly integrates live action with 3D animation across both seasons. Narrated from the perspective of Yumi's cells, such as love, pride, hunger, and rationality, which govern her thoughts, actions, and emotions, the series resonates deeply. It explores how we are all influenced by our ideas and feelings. Kim Go Eun delivers a highly relatable portrayal of Yumi, capturing the complexities of being a human.



Kim Go Eun once again shines in the spotlight with her compelling portrayal of shaman Lee Hwa Rim in the South Korean horror sensation Exhuma, which has captivated global audiences and dominated the year's box office in South Korea. Her performance earned her the prestigious Best Actress award at this year's Baeksang Arts Awards, showcasing her profound dedication to the craft honed over years in the industry. 

In Exhuma, Kim Go Eun excels during the shamanic rituals, particularly in the mesmerizing first ritual, where her commanding presence holds viewers spellbound until the intense climax, making it a must-watch for horror lovers.

Little Women

Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hu portray the Oh sisters, entangled in a complex web of political power, money laundering, and murder. Their enemy? The strong Park family known for their wealth in South Korea. Much of the drama unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of Singapore, which becomes a character in its own right. 


Renowned for its breathtaking skylines, serene beaches, and lush gardens, Singapore serves as a striking setting for the unfolding suspense. Critical scenes between Wi Ha Jun's Choi Do Il and Kim Go Eun's In Joo take place at the majestic Fullerton Hotel, with other pivotal moments set against the dazzling expanse of Gardens by the Bay and the allure of Sentosa Island.

Little Women is an interesting drama, a contemporary retelling of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel. It delves into the profound bonds of sisterhood and explores the lengths one will go to protect their family in a world consumed by greed and ambition.

Cheese in the Trap

In their university days, Hong Seol (played by Kim Go Eun) and Yoo Jung (played by Park Hae Jin) find themselves in a complicated and emotional relationship. Hong Seol works tirelessly at multiple jobs to pay for her education and strives to excel academically. On the other hand, Yoo Jung comes from a wealthy background and is incredibly smart, but he also has a mysterious and aloof personality that initially intimidates Hong Seol. Despite her fears, Yoo Jung is inexplicably drawn to her and constantly looks out for her.

Cheese In The Trap transcends typical campus romance by delving deep into its characters, particularly the atypical male lead, Yoo Jung, portrayed by Park Hae Jin. Kim Go Eun, as usual, shines as Hong Seol, a spirited character unafraid to uphold her beliefs.


The King: Eternal Monarch

Lee Gon (played by Lee Min Ho), the King of Korea, struggles with haunting memories of his father's tragic death, yet the only clear recollection he retains is an identity card belonging to a woman named Tae Eul (played by Kim Go Eun). His search leads him to a portal that transports him to modern-day South Korea, where he finally meets Tae Eul, a dedicated detective in Seoul. Here, Lee Gon confronts parallel versions of familiar faces and witnesses the manipulation of fate and timelines across dimensions.

Lee Gon and Tae Eul's romance is a whirlwind of emotion. Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun expertly portrayed the dramatic intensity and passion of lovers reuniting, capturing memorable romantic moments throughout the series. Despite the drama not achieving the expected success locally, their on-screen chemistry continues to captivate viewers worldwide.

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