Anna Kendrick opens up about her role in Twilight; 6 interesting things you must know about the franchise

Anna Kendrick, the popular actress recently opened up about being part of Twilight, and what it was like being associated with the much celebrated film franchise.

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Anna Kendrick, Twilight
Anna Kendrick (Credits: Getty Images)
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Anna Kendrick is currently on a high with the excellent reviews received by her latest release Alice, Darling. The talented actress has reportedly delivered a moving performance as a woman who escapes from an abusive relationship with the help of her two girlfriends. Meanwhile, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Anna Kendrick opened up about her journey in the film industry, and most importantly, being associated with the much-celebrated Twilight franchise. The 37-year-old had played the role of Jessica Stanley in the series.

Anna Kendrick about being a part of the Twilight series

In her interview with Rolling Stone, Anna Kendrick revealed that her being a part of the Twilight series very much feels like a 'fever dream', years later. "At that time, I was this satellite figure in those films. I could still walk down the street totally fine, even though some of them did still recognize me from them. I wasn’t playing a character that made people fantasize about vampires," said the actress. 

Anna about the plight of Twilight stars

Interestingly, Anna Kendrick also opened up about the plight of the Twilight stars and revealed that even the most famous faces of the franchise never had it easy. "At that time it felt like, ‘Oh, these people have become the most famous people on planet Earth, and it’s going to stay this way forever.’ Then they became the butt of every joke. It was very funny to me that that’s happening. That’s very wild," added the popular actress in her interview with Rolling Stone.


Anna Kendrick (Credits: Getty Images)

Now, have a look at the 7 interesting things you must know about the Twilight franchise...

1. The first choice to play Edward Cullen

For the unversed, Robert Pattinson was not the initial choice to play the central character, Edward Cullen in the film adaptation of Twilight. According to director Stephanie Meyer, Henry Cavill was the original and only choice to play Edward in the film adaptation, initially. "The only actor I’ve ever seen who I think could come close to pulling off Edward Cullen," the filmmaker wrote about the Superman actor in a blog post. However, the team finally had to let go of Henry Cavill, as the production of the film took a long time to finish, and the actor ended up looking too old for the role. Later, Tom Sturridge, Logan Lerman, and Orlando Bloom were also considered for the project, before Robert Pattinson eventually bagged the role.

2. The actresses who were considered to play Bella Swan

Interestingly, the director initially wanted to cast popular actress Emily Browning in the role of Bella Swan in the much-loved film. After that, popular actresses including Elliot Page, Danielle Panabaker, Alexis Bledel, Rachel McAdams, and Anna Paquin were also considered to appear as the leading lady in the Twilight franchise. Some other sources suggest that Jennifer Lawrence and Lily Collins had also auditioned for the role before Kristen Stewart was eventually roped in to play the part.

3. Robert Pattinson was unaware of Twilight 

Yes, you read it. Leading man Robert Pattinson had absolutely no idea about Twilight before he was cast for the role of Edward Cullen. If the reports are to be believed, the talented actor learned about the novel series and its film adaptation for the first time when his agent informed him about the casting call for it. However, he later went on to play the much-loved character to near perfection and emerged as the face of the film franchise.


Twilight (Image credits: IMDb)

4. The secret behind Kristen Stewart's brown eyes

As you may know, Kristen Stewart naturally has green eyes in real life. The talented actress had to wear contact lenses in every part of the Twilight film franchise, as her character Bella Swan is described as a young lady with beautiful brown eyes. 


The leading man initially had no idea to create his own songs for the Twilight series. But Nikki Reed, who played Rosalie in the franchise, was highly impressed with the songs written and composed by Robert Pattinson. She even recorded him singing the songs during the breaks secretly, and send them to the makers. The director was highly impressed with the same and asked Pattinson to record songs for the film.

6. The second part of the franchise

For the unversed, the second part of the Twilight franchise was greenlit just a day after the release of the first installment. The first part of Twilight, which was released on November 21, 2008, made a massive opening at the box office by making a whopping collection of $35.7 million.

7. The prom costumes

Interestingly, the leading man Robert Pattinson had the most expensive costume for the prom scenes in the first part of the film. On the contrary, Kristen Stewart's dress for the sequence was so inexpensive, that it just cots $20.

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