EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Bacon Reveals What Made Him Chose Beverly Hills Cop 4; 'I Love The Franchise'

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Beverly Hills Cop star Kevin Bacon talked about his experiences working on the acclaimed franchise. Here is why he chose to be a part of the movie series. READ.

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Image via Getty Images and IMDB
Image via Getty Images and IMDB

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, the legendary Kevin Bacon described his experience working on the latest movie from the action franchise, Beverly Hills Cop 4. Touching upon a range of topics, Kevin also mentioned what made him finally choose his role in the movie. Along with this, he also shared some of the most challenging parts of playing this character. Read on for more details from the complete interview. 

Kevin Bacon on what made him choose Beverly Hills Cop 4

Upon being asked about his decision to be a part of the popular franchise, Beverly Hills Cop, Kevin Bacon responded by clearing out that he is a fan of the franchise too. "I love the franchise," the actor started off.

"I watched them when they came out. Eddie is, you know, an iconic force of an actor. Has been doing such great stuff for so many years," Kevin went on to praise his co-star. 

"He's done so many great characters, but it’s (the franchise) clearly the one that has stood the test of time. I mean, the fact that you wanted to see four movies that have Axel in them. And this one is called 'Axel F' also. So that's an indication that you know what he created with that character really has a lot of resonance."

"So to be a part of that was thorough," Kevin concluded.


You can check out the entire chat right here: 

More from Kevin Bacon's experiences

When asked about the obstacles that he faced during the shoots, Kevin Bacon explained that he found his role in Beverly Hills Cop: Alex F to be quite challenging. He mentioned that a particular scene with Eddie Murphy in an interrogation room was especially tough. Bacon explained that balancing menace, connection, and understanding in the scene was tricky. However, he enjoyed the challenge and found it fun to film.

The latest installment of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise will be streaming on Netflix from July 3, 2024 onwards. At last, keep an eye on this space for more exclusive content like this. 

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