‘It's Never Personal': Sunny Hostin Reacts To Former The View Co-Hosts Who Speaks Negatively Of Show

Sunny Hostin addresses the surprising negative comments from former co-hosts of The View, emphasizing the strong off-camera sisterhood and respect shared among the show's co-hosts.

Published on May 27, 2024  |  07:15 PM IST |  34.3K
Sunny Hostin Addresses The Negative Comments Of The Former Co-Hosts Of The View
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Sunny Hostin, the co-host of the American TV show The View, recently talked about the negative comments of the former co-hosts of the show, who expressed their bad experience during their time on the show. Hostin revealed that she always felt shocked by these remarks by her former castmates, because as per her all the hosts of the show share a common sense of sisterhood, and a strong bond, despite their on-air heated arguments. 

Sunny Hostin is shocked by the former co-hosts' negative experience on The View 

Sunny Hostin joined The View back in 2016 and has ever since been a part of the show. Talking about the negative experiences of the former co-hosts of the show, Hostin expressed pure shock at their comments. Hostin further noted about the special sisterhood among all the co-hosts of the show, revealing that their bond is unique in itself.

She shared, as retrieved via US Weekly, “I’m always surprised when people speak negatively about our show if I’m being honest. You are part of a sisterhood. It’s really special.” Though Hostin refrained from taking any names, she did reveal that she is still in touch with many former co-hosts including, Sherri Shepherd, Paula Faris and Candace Cameron Bure. 

The View (PC: IMDb)

Hostin further added that their heated arguments on the show were limited to in front of the camera and they never made it personal. So specific hate comments to any member of the show is something that made little sense to her. “We are all close, regardless of our personal views. We leave all of that at the table. So I’m always surprised when someone says, ‘I don’t like that person.’ Because it’s never personal,” she added. 


In the past, the former members of the show, Meghan McCain, Michelle Collins, and Rosie O’Donnell, have opened up about their negative experiences on The View. McCain, who hosted the show from 2017-2021, revealed that during her contract for the show, she was not informed that she would have been constantly subjected to bullying and abuse on the show. 

“The thing about The View is that I didn’t know when I signed my contract with ABC that this is forever, that, for the rest of my life, I’m going to be bullied, yelled at, abused, and brought up for years. I haven’t been on that show in years. And I’m just trying to live my life,” McCain stated during her appearance on Your Welcome podcast. 

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Sunny Hostin on the off-stage bonding between the co-hosts of The View 

Hostin remarked that their intense debate on-screen has never sidelined anyone’s respect in actuality, and it was something that was ensured since the very beginning by the show’s creator Barbara Walters. “Barbara Walters made sure I knew that when I joined,” she shared. Further, Hostin revealed that Whoopi Goldberg always reminds her of the same and the myth adopted by the viewers of the show regarding the actual relationship between the co-hosts is false.  


“Whoopi [Goldberg] says that all the time. I’ve said that to Alyssa [Farah Griffin]. I’m going to argue you down to the ground, and then we’re going to go out for martinis and it’s going to be okay. It disappoints me when viewers think that we don’t like each other because we do.”

Giving a sneak peek into their behind-the-scenes conversation, Hostin revealed that all the co-hosts spend quality time with each other, discussing their life’s concerns. “We’re talking about our families. We’ve had co-hosts talk about struggles with mental health. We’ve had co-hosts talk about weight loss and weight gain. We’ve had co-hosts talk about divorce. Imagine if you get off that stage and it’s not a safe space. It would be an impossible job.” 

Sunny Hostin’s comments about the genuine relationship between the co-hosts do contradict those who have previously spoken negatively about it. However, it still elaborates a lot on the off-camera dynamics of the show. The View airs its live episodes each weekday on ABC. 


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What is Sunny Hostin known for?
Sunny Hostin is known as the ABC News Legal Analyst and co-host of The View.

Who is Sunny's husband?
Sunny is married to orthopedic surgeon Emmanuel Hostin. They have two children.

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