'It's Totally Organic': Bob Saget's TV Daughter Jodie Sweetin Shares How Late Actor Influenced Her Stand-Up Comedy Career

Jodie Sweetin shares how Bob Saget's influence inspired her stand-up comedy career, crediting his encouragement and humor as crucial to her journey. She fondly remembers Saget's legacy.

Published on Jun 29, 2024  |  10:13 PM IST |  49.1K
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Jodie Sweetin (Image via Instagram)
Key Highlight
  • Sweetin began standup comedy around the time of Bob Saget's death
  • Saget and Dave Coulier significantly influenced Sweetin's comedic style

Grown-up Jodie Sweetin, who portrayed little Stephanie Tanner on the sitcom Full House, recently disclosed how her onscreen father, Bob Saget, influenced her stand-up comedy career. Sweetin spoke about this in a recent episode of the Full House Rewind podcast with Dave Coulier on June 28. She happened to start doing stand-up comedies around the period of the demise of Bob Saget in January 2021.

Comedy as coping mechanism

Sweetin hailed Saget and Coulier for allowing her to do comedy. She said, “You and Bob really gave me permission to have unfettered comedy, to just be funny and silly and say it and to use humor to get through some really dark stuff.” 

This support helped her slide into the world of standup comedy without a hitch. Sweetin observed that their influence on her allowed her to deal with life’s challenges light-heartedly.

A continued influence

Before Saget died, Sweetin joined Coulier, among others from Full House, in Netflix’s spinoff series, Fuller House, which ran between 2016 and 2020. In this podcast episode, Sweet talked about what made him think that he was honored for his joke by both Saget and Coulier. 

When they were younger, it made him feel grateful enough to be taken seriously by the stand-up community. Having some of these people, including Bob and Dave, encouraged her to stand up all along while she had always been praised for being funny.


Remembering Bob Saget

When she marked two years after his death early this year, Sweeten nostalgically recollected about Saget during that occasion. In this regard, she took to Instagram with an emotional post explaining how his death still seems so unreal to date. 

Writing about waiting for his texts every time she opened up their group chat as if it was yesterday, she concludes by referring to him as their best TV dad and says, “you will always be missed.”

The journey of Jodie Sweetin in standup comedy represents how Bob Saget has carried on his legacy, inspiring those who knew him best.

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How did Bob Saget influence Jodie Sweetin's comedy career?
Saget encouraged Sweetin to embrace unfettered comedy, helping her use humor to navigate dark times.

When did Jodie Sweetin start her standup comedy journey?
Sweetin began her standup career around the time of Bob Saget's death in January 2021.

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