The Bachelor Season 28: Here's Who Joey Graziadei Sent Home During Episode 5

Catch up on The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 5 as Joey Graziadei sends four contestants home, including Edwina Dorbor, Allison Hollinger, Autumn Waggoner, and Madina Alam, in a dramatic rose ceremony.

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Disclaimer: The article contains spoilers for episode 5 of The Bachelor Season 28

In the latest installment of Season 28 of The Bachelor, leading man Joey Graziadei faced some tough decisions as he bid farewell to four contestants in Episode 5. The episode featured two rose ceremonies, each resulting in the departure of two women, ultimately narrowing down the field as the journey continued in exotic locations like Malta and Spain.

Edwina Dorbor finds out Joey Graziadei is not her future husband

Edwina Dorbor, a 25-year-old entrepreneur hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, captured hearts with her vibrant personality and entrepreneurial spirit on Season 28 of The Bachelor. Throughout the season, Edwina showcased her talent and ambition, running her own crochet business with clients from around the world. Despite her success, she remained humble and down-to-earth, expressing a desire to learn new skills like playing tennis and embarking on spontaneous adventures, such as a day trip to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.

“Edwina is a woman of the world. She was born in Liberia and moved to the United States with her family when she was 11 years old. Edwina taught herself to crochet when she was a child living in West Africa, and now she runs her own crocheting business with clients across the globe. While it might take a little time for Edwina to come out of her shell, once she does, Joey will learn that she's creative, nurturing and loyal. She's looking for a man who is honest, self-aware, funny and supportive of her passions. Edwina's close-knit family has her excited to start a family of her own. She is serious about finding love on this journey,” her bio stated, as per ABC.



In her interactions with Joey, Edwina's authenticity shone through, as she opened up about her upbringing and the challenges she faced as the first girl child in her African household. She shared with Joey the pressure she felt to care for her family from a young age, emphasizing that failure was never an option for her. Edwina tearfully revealed her vulnerability to Joey, expressing her fears and aspirations with raw honesty. Joey, touched by her sincerity, assured Edwina that she was making her family proud every day, culminating in a heartfelt exchange of a rose and a kiss.

Despite forming a strong connection with Joey, Edwina's journey on The Bachelor came to an end at the rose ceremony. In her confessional, she expressed sadness at leaving behind the potential for a future with Joey, whom she saw as a husband. However, Edwina departed with a feeling of pride as she poured her 100% into the show. 

Allison Hollinger has been eliminated from The Bachelor Season 28

One of the contestants bidding farewell in Episode 5 was Allison Hollinger, a 26-year-old realtor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Despite sharing a sweet connection with Joey and even sharing a kiss on premiere night, Allison never had the opportunity for a one-on-one date with him. Her warmth and friendship were evident throughout the season, but unfortunately, her journey on The Bachelor came to an end at the rose ceremony.

Her bio as released by ABC, read as follows, “Allison is ready for her rom-com level love story. The real estate agent has had multiple serious relationships but still hasn't found Mr. Right. She's looking for a man who is loyal, positive, mature and kind, so she's excited to see if Joey is her perfect match. There's one catch though ... Allison will be looking for love alongside her older sister and best friend, Lauren. The two have dated the same guy before (at different times).” 

Reflecting on her departure, Allison expressed a mix of sadness and gratitude, acknowledging the bond she felt with Joey and the other women. While her time on the show may have ended, Allison's journey in the pursuit of love is far from over.

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Autumn Waggoner’s journey at The Bachelor came to an end

Autumn Waggoner, a 26-year-old account executive from St. Louis, Missouri, also bid farewell to Joey in Episode 5. Although Autumn showcased her charm during a group date contest in Malta, where she won some alone time with Joey and shared a kiss, their connection didn't reach the depth seen with other contestants. 

“Autumn is a small-town girl ready for her big love. She comes from a loving family where she's part of one of two sets of twins. The account executive is extremely passionate about her job and is proud of her career-driven mentality. When she's not working, Autumn loves going to college football games, enjoying live music at her favorite bars, and listening to Coldplay. Her life is full and happy, and all she's missing is her one true love by her side. Autumn hopes to meet a loyal, fun family man,” ABC stated. 

Despite her disappointment, Autumn left the show with grace, recognizing that sometimes the journey to find love takes unexpected turns, admitting her connection with Joey was not as strong as other contestants. In her last words on the show, she proudly admitted that despite realizing Joey was his prince, she still gave her best till the end.

Madina Alam didn’t receive her rose from Joey Graziadei

Madina Alam, a 31-year-old mental health therapist from Charlotte, North Carolina, also bid farewell to Joey in Episode 5. Madina found herself at the center of some drama earlier in the season, centring her feud with Maria, but remained focused on her connection with Joey. However, as the competition intensified, Madina's journey on The Bachelor reached its conclusion at the rose ceremony.

Her bio as shared by ABC stated, “Madina is a beautiful catch with a huge heart. She comes from a close Bangladeshi family and describes herself as ambitious, loyal and caring. Madina is passionate about her work as a mental health therapist and loves helping people change their lives. When she isn't working with clients, Madina loves exercising, dancing and watching The Great British Bake Off.”

Despite her disappointment, Madina left with her head held high, proud of the courage it took to open her heart to Joey and the experience she gained along the way. “You know, obviously, I wish the cards were different for me. I would love to be loved. That's why I'm here. I'm proud of myself for coming here and opening my heart to Joey. But, there was so much drama. I don't feel like we got to know each other. Oh, I don't know,” she expressed in her concluding remarks. 


As Season 28 of The Bachelor unfolds, Joey Graziadei's journey to find love will undoubtedly feature more twists and turns. With the eliminations of Edwina, Allison, Autumn, and Madina, the remaining contestants will vie for Joey's heart as they embark on new adventures and romantic encounters. Episode 6, set to be released on February 19, 2024, promises to take viewers to Montreal, setting the stage for new connections, heartfelt conversations, and perhaps even more eliminations as Joey narrows down his choices in the pursuit of true love.


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Where can I watch The Bachelor Season 28?
The Bachelor Season 28 can be watched on ABC.

Who is The Bachelor 2024?
Joey Graziadei is the new lead in The Bachelor 2024.

How many contestants are in The Bachelor Season 28?
There are 32 contestants introduced on September 16, 2023 for the 28th season of The Bachelor.

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