Top 10 Fan Favorite Characters From The Boys: Hughie Campbell to Queen Maeve

The Boys flips the superhero genre with characters like Hughie Campbell and Queen Maeve, impressing fans worldwide.

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All You Need To Know About The Top 10 Fan Favorite Characters From The Boys
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The Boys offer a darker view of humanity that appeals to fans by turning heroes into antagonists, turning the superhero genre on its head. Its combination of dark humor, intense action, and complex characters has earned it a devoted following. 

Viewers are drawn to its well-crafted characters, which range from shocking villains to relatable figures such as Hughie and are captivated by each character's unpredictable journey. 

Whether loved or hated, each character in The Boys adds complexity and excitement, resulting in a captivating and thought-provoking series that deviates from superhero story conventions.

1. Hughie Campbell

Hughie Campbell, played by Jack Quaid in The Boys, exemplifies the tenacity of an ordinary person. This is found amidst the super-powered figures. Despite his lack of superpowers, his courage is demonstrated by his unwavering determination. 

Following the tragic death of his girlfriend at the hands of a Supe, Hughie joins Butcher and The Boys. He is motivated by a desire for justice against Vought and The Seven, highlighting the systemic challenges he experiences.

2. Black Noir

Vought's mysterious assassin, Black Noir, is portrayed by Nathan Mitchell in the film The Boys.

Quiet and lethal, he stands out due to his knack for murder and peculiar past. He adds a fascinating layer to the plot with his calm yet dangerous presence in a universe full of larger-than-life characters.


3. Billy Butcher

In The Boys, Karl Urban plays Billy Butcher. He is a resolute leader motivated by an unwavering pursuit of justice against the Supes. His hard exterior and razor-sharp humor belie a deeply disturbed mind that isn't afraid to cross moral lines. 

Butcher plays a crucial part in the show. His unwavering pursuit of justice and the truth makes him a unique character who is revered for his complicated motivations and unvarnished honesty.

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4. Mother’s Milk (Marvin)

Mother's Milk, a major member of The Boys, chooses allegiance to Butcher and the team over family bonds. His sound judgment and voice of reason are critical in the face of Butcher and Frenchie's impulsive behavior. 

Despite his irritation with their pranks, his reality adds humor and relatability, such as breaking up a sing-along. M.M., as a kind father, guides the team through risky decisions, particularly with Season 3's new obstacles.


5. Queen Maeve

Dominique McElligott portrays Queen Maeve. She is a multifaceted figure who strikes a balance between power and fragility. Although she is well-known for her fighting skills, she also handles personal issues that show her humanity. 

Maeve's portrayal becomes more complex as she struggles to balance her public persona with her personal issues. She is unbreakable on the battlefield, but her emotional struggles and inner turmoil show how complex she is. 

6. Stormfront

Stormfront, played by Aya Cash, is a prominent supervillain from Season 2. She's the newest and oldest villain, and she frequently offers surprisingly good counsel. Her unrelenting resolve, even in the face of ludicrous scenarios, is what draws me in. 

Despite losing an eye and suffering to move, she remained committed to her nefarious goals. Her commitment and tenacity make her fascinating to watch and easy to root against. 

7. Becca

Butcher's missing wife, Becca, was discovered in Season 2 to be alive and hiding after giving birth to Ryan, Homelander's son. Her dedication to keeping Ryan safe from his evil father was admirable. 


Becca's selflessness in putting her child's safety before her own happiness made her character truly admirable. Fans were deeply moved by her death, as she sacrificed herself to save Ryan and never blamed him, demonstrating her true worth.

8. Starlight

Annie January, also known as Starlight, joined The Seven with the sincere intention of becoming a true superhero committed to using her abilities for good. She had been raised to believe in saving the world, so the reality she encountered within The Seven took her by surprise. Nonetheless, she stood firm in her morals.

Her friendship and eventual relationship with Hughie and his group, The Boys, helped her realize the true nature of The Seven. Annie, determined to be a positive influence despite Vought's ulterior motives, refused to compromise her values.

9. Frenchie

Frenchie's transformation from troubled to beloved has really resonated with viewers. His growing bond with Kimiko, also known as "The Female," has played an important role in this. 

He shows loyalty and protects her, demonstrating that he cares and has learned from his mistakes. His actions, while sometimes unexpected, stem from a strong sense of care and commitment.

10. Kimiko

Kimiko is a quiet but powerful member of The Boys, having grown significantly since joining the group. She has demonstrated unwavering loyalty, even opposing her own brother at times and later seeking vengeance on him. 


Along with Annie, she brings important superpowers to the team that will be useful in their battles against The Seven. Her pivotal role in defeating Stormfront in season 2 cemented her as one of the show's most powerful characters, beloved by fans eager for more of her onscreen presence.

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