Top 5 ‘Own It Now’ Moments That Left Us Inspired!

Updated on Nov 10, 2021 12:54 PM IST  |  440.6K
Top 5 ‘Own It Now’ Moments That Left Us Inspired!

Breaking stereotypes and skipping queues, Gen Z is all about creating moments that outlive the clock’s tick and tock! Instead of simply waiting for their “right time” to come, today’s generation is not holding back when it comes to giving their best shot at what they are most passionate about. And thankfully, they are inspiring millions to hop on the bandwagon for a bigger surprise! We totally agree that opportunities to make your dreams come true should not be a wait-in-the-line process; it’d rather be a “do it now” thing! If you are wondering how you can channelise your potential and make it big in the world right away, fret not because these influencers will tell you how they made it big! 

To encourage Gen-Zers and millennials in living their dreams and following their passions, some of our favourite and famous digital creators have inspired us with the biggest “Own It Now” moments so that we just don’t stand there waiting for the right moment to come! 

A fierce and honest journalist who started her streaming her own news clips, Faye D’Souza is an icon to many! Faye resigned her full-time job at Mirror Now and in the year 2020, she teamed up with an online video platform, to produce and release short video clips in which she speaks about the current news. Her “own it now” moment has inspired many young journalists to follow their passion no matter how tough the situation gets!  

One of the popular young dancers in the country, Sushant Khatri belongs to a small town in Nepal. However, this small-town boy chose to pursue his dreams and participated in the dance reality shows like “India’s Dancing Superstar” and “Dance Plus”. With his hard work and dedication, he earned a role for himself in the popular Bollywood movie “Street Dancer 3D”. Today, Sushant has a huge fan following on different social media channels and people from small towns look up to him with high regards! 

Belonging to Odisha, Lisa Mishra took over the internet with her fusion song “Tareefan” from Bollywood’s big hit “Veere Di Wedding”. Unlike many popular singers, Lisa doesn’t have a huge band, but she is a solo artist who composes her own song. Formerly a Chicago-related data analyst, Lisa moved on to become one of the biggest singing sensations in today’s time! Lisa rightly believes that all it takes to become a star is realizing your true passion and owning your moment when no one tells you to!

Daughter of actor Jackie Shroff, Krishna Shroff is a popular fitness icon and an excellent martial artist. Krishna, unlike her brother Tiger Shroff, did not join the Film Industry but still made it big in the world by owning her moment like a true queen! Krishna had revealed that it took a lot of hard work to create her identity and she did not want to continue the legacy of acting. Today, she owns a chain of mixed martial arts gyms along with her brother as co-owner.

A famous YouTube influencer as well an actor, Prajakta Koli was once given her first show, Call Centre, which sadly flopped and made her quit her job. However, she decided to start her own YouTube channel and did not let one failure define her! In 2019 she was part of Forbes’ magazine list of 30 under 30 and in 2020, she was one of the most influential women! Prajakta has also acted in the famous OTT series ‘Mismatched’ and is one of the popular actors in the modern times!

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