Dhadak Movie Review: Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor are a complete Zingaat package

Ishaan Khatter is the genuine star of Dhadak. Janhvi Kapoor is still very much a work in progress when it comes to emoting but you can see shades of a true blood star in the making.
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When you take the mammoth task of recreating a young classic like the Marathi film, Sairat, which tugged at our heartstrings, you know you have to face the burden of constant comparisons. But, Dhadak perseveres and passes the litmus test with flying colours.

For those, who have not watched Sairat, Dhadak is about a classic Romeo in Madhu (Ishaan) who is madly in love with the unattainable daughter of a deathly hotelier cum politician, Parthavi (Janhvi). It's the classic case of Romeo-Juliet and their tryst with the problems of young love.

Besides the comparisons, another hurdle to be passed was the introduction of the latest "nepotism products" - Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor. 

Ishaan is the genuine star of the movie. In the pre-interval part, his comic timing is ingenious and towards the second half, you buy into his emotions and genuinely feel bad for the lad, who is just a youngling in love. On the other hand, we have Sridevi's daughter Janhvi who has to bear the brunt of the most judgements. But, Janhavi pleasantly surprises! Yes, she is still very much a work in progress when it comes to emoting but you can see shades of a true blood star in the making. On a positive note, Janhvi's screen presence is undeniable and she has the old world charm attached. One thing's for sure, we have two new stars in Janhvi and Ishaan, nepotism be damned. Their chemistry was near flawless and your heart beats for them. 

A quick shoutout to the supporting characters of the movie including the always reliable Ashutosh Rana, Kharaj Mukherjee and Ankit Bisht. A special mention to Sridhar Watsar who plays Madhu's sidekick Purshottam with utmost perfection and is reminiscent of Poplu (Sahil Vaid) from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania.

Coming back the comparisons, Dhadak is simply an adaptation with the perfect flavours of tried, tested and successful methods by romantic movie expert Shashank Khaitan. The story of Dhadak may be the same, but the perspective is very different and welcoming.

And if you were wondering whether the ending of Dhadak will leave you as numb as Sairat did? The answer is a big fat YES.

We rate it a 60% on the movie meter.

Don't miss out on the super cute moments between Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor during the promotions of Dhadak.

If you loved Sairat's Zingat, you will instantly groove with Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor in Dhadak's Zingaat.

Haven't watched Dhadak? Check out the trailer of Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor's movie below.

Fall in love like Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor with Dhadak's title track.


acting skill and casting reminds me of Prem qaidi

IMDB 2.3 .. lol

liked the film

dhadak super-hit everybody acted well cinematography very good, music good Blockbuster film

Stop making remakes

small shahid and a super star of tomorrow

ishaan is a sparkle with his twinkling eyes

nice movie

ok film but being new comers jhanvi and ishaan are quite awesome especially ishaan

both have done above average in dhadak but ishaan stands out as a better performer

ishaan with his bright expressive eyes is fantastic he sure will reach great heights ,one say he will surely become a big star

ishaan has picked up acting from shahid and he is really awesome

ishaan eyes are very emotive an janhvi has proved that she will continue in this industry though she is not so good as ishaan film has its good and bad , choreography great

on the whole ok movie but ishaan has his acting skills naturally

ishaan and janhvi chemistry was good though second half ws tiring

nice movie , ishaan was too good ,he is a born actor

Watched the movie and have to say that Neelima Azeem sons have acting in there blood , Ishaan is a fantastic actor he owns the movie . Janhvi has awesome screen presence . She is actually better than what Alia , Shraddha , Kareena and Deepika were in there first movie not as fantastic as Priyanka , Kangana , Anushka and Parineeti in there first movie . Janhvi is better than Sonam and Katrina anyday. Movie is awesome must watch.

I feel if there was some other actor cast in place of Ishaan, the movie would be much better. The chemistry is missing between the leads, and Ishaan is UGLY. His acting is also weak and he has no X factor to be in Bollywood. Maybe he should take some makeup tips from his brother Shahid who is always caked up.

Let the paid reviews begin! Nepotism at its peak... Jhanvi could not emote in her dialogue delivery even in the trailer.. usually the best scenes are plugged into the trailer for newcomers.. I could only imagine her acting in a nearly 3 hr film!! If Karan paid me to watch it I still wouldn’t waste my time. I suggest no one watches this film in the cinema to not promote nepotism which will be the demise of Bollywood.

Hate to another level... you didn’t watched the movie but I have, she is going to rule.

You are wrong dear, I have seen the movie, she is great and she was like a rose and in the ending she just reminds of sridevi and coming to trailer.. all the worst portions of janhvi are in trailer. Don’t watch the movie in theatre, watch it when it streams online and then give your comments.

As if the big pr sponsored kids were going to get any other reviews!! All their reviews are biased and preplanned, just like any other big star movie which is declared Superhit even before it hits theatres!
No one gave this kind of bombastic review for Sairat unless they actually saw the content.

agree! also if you watch JK in her recent interviews looks like all these interviews including rapid fire was scripted and trained...nothing looks natural about her. Anupama looked so bored with these both kids but end of the day she gets paid for what has been told her to do ya.

soty did not receive good reviews....and that was karan's own child.....
neither did tiger shroff's first film heropanti. neither did salman's launch of athiya shetty and sooraj pancholi.
lets give janhvi and ishaan the credit they deserve ya? Everything aint paid.

janhvi has been through such a big loss this year, she has withstood it strongly and i think she deserves a win now.
glad that dhadak is that win for her.

yas! expecteed reviewers to be in favour of ishaan but seeing them unanimously appreciate janhvi is such a welcome surprise!
that too despite the even subconscious comparisons with sridevi!

I dont like ishaan but he is an amazing actor going by dhadak and beyond clouds reviews.Happy for jahnvi and its her first movie.she will surely improve after .

8 don't understand... This seems clearly sponsored lol.

I Think that Janhvi has a long way, eg emoting and dialogue delivery, but the reviews of her are great. Ishaan, I mean come on, if you have watched beyond the clouds then you would know what a great actor he is. Will watch it tomorrow.

But dear star is not who does acting well, then salman would never become a star and all method actors would be stars, A star is who pulls public and we know who is the star of the movie and we also know collections of beyond the clouds.

I have seen a review of dhadak and it’s mentioned, promise yourself that you don’t look for sairat in dhadak and promise yourself that you don’t look for sridevi in janhvi..... hahaha hilarious, people are gonna watch this movie for these two reasons and reviewer said not to look for them.

I think janhvi needs another movie to become smooth infront of camera and we really expect sridevi’s kind of performance for a first timer, that’s unfair and janhvi might be happy after seeing this review because reviewer mentioned she has that old world charm, janhvi is dying to act like 60’s actresses and I’m gonna watch this movie tomorrow and will experience their journey.

Would you ever say that about an outsider??? Let us wait for them to improve in a few more movies. Sick of people justifying and making excuses for her mediocrity and laziness to take acting classes. Such biases are disgusting. Sad thing none of you will show even a fraction as much love for an putsider's movie like Vishal Bhardwaj's Churiyaan. There are better more nobler ways to pay your respects to Sridevi ji than supporting weak non-talented actors

oye hold on.. first watch the movie.. you just can’t say she is plain or like katrina she is a surprise.

Oh boy, here we go....Can PV calm down now as the movie is released ?

Wow.. I knew Janhvi is going to do really well. Happy for Ishaan too. Both of them really worked hard and people are so ruthless and judgemental even before watching the movie- just because they are from film families. Now where will they put their heads..

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