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Kaathal – The Core Movie Review



23 Nov 2023 | U/A | 114 Mins

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Kaathal The Core Review: Mammootty's latest film dives into society's perspectives on LGBTQ+ relationships

Planning to watch Jeo Baby’s social drama Kaathal The Core? Read Pinkvilla's review and let us help you to decide.

Updated on Nov 23, 2023   |  06:21 PM IST  |  711.7K
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Kaathal - The Core Review

Kaathal - The Core Review (PC: Mammootty X)

Name: Kaathal – The Core

Director: Jeo Baby

Cast: Mammootty,Jyothika

Rating: 4

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Jeo Baby is famous for making movies that talk about important social topics. He works to make subjects that were seen as embarrassing or not talked about before, seem normal. When a skilled director like Jeo Baby teams up with a veteran superstar like Mammootty, people hope for a groundbreaking movie. The recently released Kaathal-The Core tackles a sensitive subject like LGBTQI+. Does the movie meet the expectations? Let's find out.

Plot of Kaathal-The Core:

Mathew, played by Mammootty, used to work in a bank and now lives in his hometown, Theekkoi, Pala, with his wife Omana (played by Jyothika) and father. They are a simple Roman Catholic family who lead a straightforward life. Mathew and Omana have a daughter named Femi, who is a college student living in a hostel. One day, just before Mathew is about to enter the local election in his area, Omana files for divorce. She claims that Mathew is gay and is in a relationship with a driving school instructor Thankan in Theekkoi (played by Sudhi Kozhikode). Mathew's political party sees an opportunity to benefit from the situation, showcasing their progressive image. On the other hand, the opposing party uses Omana's accusations against Mathew for their own advantage. In response to Omana's claims, Mathew decides to fight back in court because he doesn't want to break up his family. The story also explores how their daughter Femi is affected by this situation. Additionally, it delves into the challenges faced by Thankan and his teenage nephew Kuttayi, who depend on Thankan. All these emotional aspects and more unfold in the movie Kaathal.

What works for Kaathal-The Core?

The captivating essence of Kaathal lies in the compelling storyline meticulously crafted by Adarsh Sukumaran and Paulson Skaria. Despite ample opportunities for melodrama, the writers exhibit finesse by delivering a screenplay that is both mature and concise. Director Jeo Baby skillfully elevates the script, unveiling Mammootty, a 72-year-old superstar, in a role never before explored. What sets this film apart is not just the stellar cast but also the freshness of its storyline, the thought-provoking subject it addresses, and the innovative narrative pattern chosen by the director. All these elements come together seamlessly, making Kaathal a cinematic experience that is undoubtedly a must-watch for audiences.

What doesn’t work for Kaathal-The Core?

While there may be minor criticisms, such as a slight lag in the first half, there isn't much to detract from the overall quality of the movie. Some viewers might point out this small pacing issue, but the deliberate slow-paced narration in the initial part is justified by the extraordinary developments in the second half, as demanded by the story.

Performances in Kaathal-The Core

Mammootty's portrayal of Mathew, a homosexual character, is a standout moment in the film, showcasing his remarkable talent. The appreciation extends to Mammootty, a legendary actor, for taking on such a role in his 70s. His exceptional acting prowess is evident, and Mathew is poised to become one of the finest characters in his extensive filmography. Jyothika's depiction of Omana is equally praiseworthy, with the audience forming a deep connection with her emotional journey. This marks Jyothika's powerful return to Malayalam cinema after a decade. Sudhi Kozhikode's performance as Thankan is a highlight, bringing depth and nuance to the character, and significantly enhancing the overall narrative.

Verdict of Kaathal-The Core

In conclusion, Kaathal stands as another masterpiece from Jeo Baby and Mammootty. With a compelling plot and a poignant subject, the movie succeeds in establishing a strong emotional connection with the audience throughout its two-hour runtime. Kaathal, at its core, emerges as a clear winner.


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