Kalki 2898 AD release trailer breakdown: Prabhas to feature in a double role? Supreme leader Yaskin adds further mystery

The release of the highly-awaited Kalki 2898 AD is upon us and the excitement is unstoppable. Check out the complete breakdown and some fan theories of the release trailer of the Prabhas starrer.

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Kalki 2898 AD trailer complete breakdown: Decoding hidden details and missed references
Kalki 2898 AD trailer complete breakdown: Decoding hidden details and missed references (PC: Kalki 2898 AD, X)

With less than days left to go for the release of Kalki 2898 AD, the makers have dropped the film’s release trailer. The new trailer offers a lot more information about the world of Kalki, raising expectations higher than before.

The jam-packed second trailer has many hidden details and multiple possibilities to explore. So, as Bhairava would say, get ready because we have come prepared.

Exploring the Kalki 2898 AD fan theories from the release trailer

The trailer’s first shot features a Shiva Linga with Ashwatthama uttering the line, “The time has come.” It is written in many scriptures that Ashwatthama was a fierce Shiva devotee and prayed to him for salvation from his curse. The line might indicate that the time has finally arrived for the end of Kali as the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu, Kalki has descended. But, where has Kalki descended? 

The trailer immediately answers this question with Ashwatthama uttering the lines “They say the whole universe resides within God but, God himself resides in your womb” to Deepika Padukone’s character.

Is Prabhas playing a double role as Bhairava and Kalki?

The theory of Deepika playing Kalki’s mother adds up as her name appears as SUM-80 on Bujji’s (Prabhas’ robot car) screen. SUM-80 clearly translates to Sumati, who is believed to be Kalki’s mother.


But if Prabhas is Bhairava, then who is Kalki? Well, there are multiple possibilities. Firstly, maybe Prabhas is playing a double role in the film as Bhairava and Kalki, which is the most possible scenario. The other scenario is that Kalki will be played by another actor, who will feature in the film’s second part.

In the first part, Prabhas plays Bhairava, a bounty hunter with a hunger to reach the Complex, a heaven-like place potentially designed by supreme leader Yaskin. More on this later.

As seen from the trailer, Bhairava and Ashwatthama are involved in many faceoffs. The most reasonable logic behind this is that Bhairava has been offered significant bounty points to hunt down SUM-80 but Ashwatthama is hellbent on protecting the child in her womb.

Kamal Haasan makes the most impact with just one scene

The trailer predominantly features Prabhas and Amitabh Bachchan and very little of Kamal Haasan, perhaps an indication of the film’s treatment as well. The actor himself has mentioned that his role in Kalki 2898 AD will be limited but he will have more to do in the film’s second part.


However, speaking of Kamal Haasan, the actor plays supreme leader Yaskin in what is a never-before-seen avatar of the actor, and that is saying something! There is certainly an outer-worldly look to his role with the bright red aura and the golden levitating balls around him.

His line, “How many ever chances you give man, he will never redeem himself” is symbolic of the Kali Yuga. This also goes back to the presence of the Complex, a heavenly place made to lure the common man.

Another interesting aspect of Kamal’s character is the name itself. Yaskin. Out of all the characters in the film, his name stands out. Is Yaskin of Indian origin? A simple Google search would reveal that Yaskin is a common Russian name. But, this might be a reach.

However, it is likely that many of the characters in the film are not Indian in their origin. Shobana’s Mariam character, Anna Ben’s Kyra, and Deepika’s SUM-80 (which we’ll discuss later) are all indicative of a broader spectrum of worlds.


Kalki 2898 AD’s Mahabharata flashback episodes

On many occasions, the trailer cuts to flashbacks of the Mahabharata episodes during the Kurukshetra War. There is one brilliant moment where Ashwatthama is on the ground and the scene cuts to a dead elephant. 

For the unaware, Ashwatthama is the son of Dronacharya, one of the most skilled fighters in the Kurukshetra war. Realizing that Dronacharya cannot be defeated through ordinary means, Lord Krishna devises a plan. He instructs Bheem to proclaim that Ashwatthama (elephant) is dead, which catches Dronacharya off guard, leading to his death.

Upon hearing that his father Drona was tricked into believing the news of his death, Ashwatthama decides to take revenge by attempting to kill an unborn child. An angered Lord Krishna curses him to live an immortal life until the end of the Kali Yuga.

Did we just see Project K in Kalki 2898 AD?

Remember how Kalki 2898 AD was initially called Project K? The film’s trailer showcases a particular scene where a boy is being put through some sort of treatment. One fan theory is that Project K is a project devised by Yaskin to recreate the powers of Kalki. Hence, Deepika, a creation of Project K is referred to as SUM-80. When she escapes, she is hunted by Bhairava.


Final thoughts on the Kalki 2898 AD trailer

All in all, the second trailer of Kalki 2898 AD has definitely amped up the curiosity regarding the project. The final moments with Santhosh Narayanan’s vocals and music, the lines about Madhava, a name given to Lord Krishna, and of course, Bujji’s insane transformation are all things to marvel at.

Kudos to Nag Ashwin for not only ideating such a complex world but also executing it with such finesse. Catch the film exclusively in theaters on June 27th, 2024.

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