NET Movie Review: A sketchy tech drama that forgets to move the audience

Updated on Sep 11, 2021 08:12 AM IST  |  190K
NET Movie Review: A sketchy tech drama that forgets to move the audience

Title: NET

Cast: Rahul Ramakrishna, Avika Gor and others

Director: Bhargav Macharla

Rating: 2/5


The trailer for 'NET', a ZEE5 Original film, suggested that it had all the trappings of a well-structured tech thriller with emotions at its core. Laxman (Rahul Ramakrishna) came across as a troubling and perverted character, while Avika Gor's Priya is an unsuspecting woman who doesn't know that her intimate activities have been watched via a spying website by voyeurs. Writer-director Bhargav Macharla, in telling a 90-minute tale, forgets to subject the viewer to emotional pangs even when a creep is harassing his wife and an innocent woman is being exploited by the faceless villain.

Laxman runs a mobile shop in the small-town Nalgonda. A lower-middle-class man, his equations with his wife Suchitra (Praneeta Patnaik of 'Care Of Kancharapalem' fame) are severely strained. In parallel, the track of Priya and her boyfriend Ranjith (Vishwa Dev) is narrated. While Priya is not on talking terms with her father, Ranjith has a dirty secret of his own. How the two tracks converge when Laxman ends up committing a series of slip-ups in getting rid of his sins of voyeurism is the crux of the story.

There are quite a few flaws that the script commits but none is more glaring than Laxman's characterization. The character establishment works fine, but the character arc cries for both coherence and believability. If Suchitra doesn't mean anything to him, another character, too, shouldn't. Fine, a lot of us are oblivious to the wounds we inflict on our family members while being compassionate towards a stranger. But this characteristic should have been brought out in a compelling manner.

The love track between Priya and Ranjith should have been absorbing, considering the traits it acquires as the story progresses. Their romance looks natural on paper but when it comes to the execution, the conversations look somewhat staged. In the final portions, the background music overpowers the dialogues and the emotional impact is thoroughly lost.

Speaking of Naresh Kumaran's BGM, it submits itself to the director's muddled vision, which sadly stonewalls the potential intensity of the storyline. While the attempt seems to be to stylize the mood, the music ends up feeling like an endorsement of Laxman's prying ways. Rather than building up tension, it has the effect of going too far in playing to the gallery.

Rahul Ramakrishna, who is otherwise a decent actor, somehow fails to show his character's thrill while invading a young woman's privacy. Despite the not-so-durable writing, he looks the part of an unpleasant creep who runs a ramshackle mobile shop in the day and runs down his tyrannized wife at night. Avika Gor, whose 'Uyyala Jampala' is the most remembered movie in Telugu, doesn't rise above a superficial script that reduces her to a helpless soul who is condemned to wailing. Vishnu as the all-weather well-wisher and 'bamardi' is a revelation. Abhiraj Nair's cinematography could have enhanced the visual quality thoroughly. 

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